15 Trendy Auburn Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    15 Trendy Auburn Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

    It’s impossible to ignore a hair color as distinctive and gorgeous as auburn hair color, a shade that’s a delightful mix of brown and red tones. You’ll likely receive numerous compliments if you give auburn hair color a shot this season.

    Why? Let’s just say that a fiery red hair color like this tends to leave a lasting impression on most. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose an auburn hair color that flatters you the most, such as a softer variation of the shade or dark brown auburn hair color.

    Let’s look at some of the most gorgeous variations of auburn hair color to consider for your next hair makeover.

    Which Is the Best Auburn Hair Color for Me?

    This comes down to individual preferences. Consider your skin tone while selecting your preferred auburn hair color.

    For instance, if your skin tone is on the lighter side, you’d rock a light shade of auburn. Someone with a pale and neutral skin complexion would love vivid auburn hues while darker auburn shades would flatter those with olive skin tones.

    If unsure, experiment with a semi-permanent hair dye to check whether you like the results.

    Auburn Hair Color Ideas

    Let’s get one thing out of the way – auburn hair color is never boring or predictable. Even if you choose an option that’s not too bold, you’ll still stand out because of the stunning combination of colors.

    That said, you’ve got plenty of auburn hair color ideas to choose from. Check out some of the most popular styles below.

    Dark Auburn Hair Color

    If you prefer to flaunt an irresistible shade that’s more brown than red, dark auburn hair color may be an excellent choice for your tresses. Some of the perks worth considering are that it’s a rich shade that is effortlessly sexy.

    Flaunting a dark auburn hair color shows that you mean business and are comfortable in your skin. It’s undeniably sexy and impossible to miss.

    Light Auburn Hair Color

    Do you prefer to rock a light shade of auburn instead? The answer is pretty straightforward. Go for a light auburn hair color that makes you feel like your best self.

    If your hair isn’t naturally light, you may need to get your hair bleached at the salon before you’re able to rock this hair color. However, remember the cardinal rule – if you feel strongly inclined towards a lighter shade of auburn, go ahead and treat yourself to a stunning hair makeover. You deserve it.

    Zohna Tip

    If you get your hair bleached at the salon, ask for product recommendations to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and strong.

    Auburn Brown Hair Color

    Brown hues can look incredibly flattering on everyone. Maybe you’ve always had brown hair or are looking forward to trying auburn brown hair color for the first time in your life.

    Either way, we promise that it’s a rich, deep hue worth considering. You’ll be left with a natural-looking hair color that you cannot help but admire daily.

    Of course, you can ask your hairstylist to increase or decrease the intensity of brown hues based on how you feel.

    The brown hues in your hair color can be:

    • Dark and intense
    • Light and pretty
    • A gorgeous medium shade

    Auburn Red Hair Color

    We get it. You cannot get over how luscious red hair can be and would love to flaunt a bold shade of red. We agree – auburn red hair color can be incredibly sexy, especially when paired with a classic outfit like the little black dress.

    You know what? You should get your tresses dyed to a rich auburn red hair color that will make you feel like a queen every day.

    You’re not alone if you’re concerned about your new auburn hair color fading away too fast. We’ve got your back. Keep some of these tips in mind for longer-lasting hair color.

    Tips to Care For Auburn Hair Color Description
    Don’t rush to wash your locks. You should wait for 48 hours to wash your locks after your hair makeover. Give the hair dye some time to work its magic.
    Stay away from heat. Unfortunately, heat can be bad news for your new auburn hair color. Avoid tools like hair straighteners whenever possible and embrace your hair’s natural texture instead.
    Use the right products. Ask your colorist to suggest the best haircare products in your budget to prolong your auburn hair color.
    Head to the salon for touch-ups. Despite your best efforts to keep your hair color rich and vibrant, seeking professional help is sometimes necessary. Book regular appointments at the salon to prevent your auburn hair color from fading.

    While maintaining auburn hair color can be tricky and slightly irksome, you’ll do great with a solid haircare routine, regular touch-ups, and the right haircare products.

    Auburn Burgundy Hair Color

    Ah, burgundy. A rich shade of red that reminds us of a dark, delicious glass of wine. Imagine coloring your tresses with a gorgeous auburn burgundy color. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

    It’s a pretty shade that’ll probably become one of your preferred colors. Can’t complain when it’s so stunning, huh?

    If you’re getting your hair colored at a salon, do make it a point to:

    • Read online reviews to find out what others have to say about the salon
    • Read up about the specific colorist you’re going to be working with
    • Ask any questions you may have about the coloring process
    • Show plenty of reference photos to your hair stylist to avoid nasty surprises

    Chocolate Auburn Hair Color

    Chocolate Auburn Hair ColorInstagram@juahnnPIN

    Let’s agree that most of us simply can’t say no to a treat as delectable as chocolate. What if we tell you that you can include some delicious chocolate hues in your hair? We know, we know. It’s almost too good to be true.

    Live your dream by choosing a rich chocolate auburn hair color at your next appointment. This is an excellent option if you’re bored with your usual go-to hair colors and want something new and fresh (but not too dramatic.)

    Zohna Tip

    If your hair is naturally light and you're interested in going dark, be prepared to make several trips to the salon to achieve your desired look.

    Warm Auburn Hair Color

    Craving to dye your hair a rich, warm shade of brown and red hues that flatter your best features? You may need to ask your stylist to help you zero in on the perfect warm auburn hair color.

    Believe us when we say this – everyone has an auburn hair color meant for them. When in doubt, always be open with your colorist, who has probably done this plenty of times.

    They can help you get more clarity. Colorists can even offer perspective on other shades, such as burgundy hair color or mahogany hair color.

    Auburn Blonde Hair Color

    Want to add more volume to your hair without using complex styling tools or expensive products? We’ll let you in on the secret – auburn blonde hair color. Ask your stylist to dye your hair a rich shade of auburn with blonde highlights.

    It’s a gorgeous, sexy, and super-flattering style. If you love highlights, you’ll likely rave about this auburn blonde hair color for a long time. You’re welcome.

    Burnt Auburn Hair Color

    Looking for a hair transformation but don’t know where to start? Burnt auburn hair color could be the answer to all your questions.

    It’s a rich, vibrant shade that isn’t too intense or overwhelming. But guess what? It’s also a gorgeous shade that cannot be ignored. This is a great pick if you’re keen on sticking to the red hair spectrum but want to try something slightly different.

    Burnt auburn hair color is:

    1. Rich and vibrant
    2. Stylish and trendy
    3. Stunning from every angle

    Rich Auburn Hair Color

    A rich, brilliant red shade may satisfy you if you like intense shades (and subtle colors don’t work for you.) Rich auburn hair color is as red as it gets.

    Of course, you can expect to find hints of brown hues, but red is the star of this show. This is the color to lust after if you’re a fan of red shades and can’t get enough of them.

    Zohna Tip

    Treat your hair with regular deep conditioning treatments at the salon or home for the best results.

    Medium Auburn Hair Color

    You may enjoy rocking this hair color if you don’t like extremes and want a solution that fits somewhere in between (copper hair color, anyone?)

    Medium auburn hair color is a good mix of brown and red shades and is a flattering pick for most seasons. This is especially ideal for those with fair or light skin tones. That said, everyone can opt for this shade. All you need is to ask your stylist to modify the hair color to complement your skin tone.

    Natural Auburn Hair Color

    Maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers to choose natural-looking shades. The perk of choosing a natural auburn hair color is that most folks won’t be able to figure out that it was a dye job.

    This shade can look beautiful on different skin tones. Also, avoid styles like highlights or lowlights if you prefer a natural auburn hair color.

    By the way, if you choose to color your hair at home with the help of box dye, keep some of these tips in mind for good results. Note that your hair needs to be naturally light or bleached for the best results.

    Tips to Achieve Auburn Hair Color at Home Description
    Cleanse your hair Give your scalp and hair a thorough cleanse before dyeing your tresses
    Use high-quality gloves and apply hair dye Begin at the roots and slowly make your way down to the ends as you evenly color your hair
    Wait until it’s time to wash your hair Follow the instructions on the box and wait for the recommended amount of time
    Give your hair a complete rinse Rinse your hair with water and admire your gorgeous new auburn hair color

    Soft Auburn Hair Color

    A soft, gorgeous hair color could be exactly what you need to kick it up a notch and transform your style. Whether you’re lusting after a subtle chestnut hair color or want to rock a soft auburn hair color, soft colors are ideal if you don’t like having intense shades in your hair.

    You can even ask your colorist to add lowlights to create the perfect soft auburn hair color.

    Zohna Tip

    Add a heat protectant to your routine before using hot tools to keep your lowlights vibrant for a longer time.

    Auburn Hair Color with Highlights

    This is an excellent opportunity to add more dimension to your hair. Plus, highlights allow you to spice things up and experiment with lighter shades. You should explore this possibility if you’re bored of monochromatic shades and want to try something different.

    Auburn hair color with highlights can be universally flattering. That said, your stylist may tweak your hair color to match your skin tone.

    Auburn Hair Color Dye

    Planning to pull off a DIY hair coloring session at home? We are here to help. Always plan in advance and buy the tools you need for a smooth experience. You can also ask your friends for assistance if you need a little guidance.

    Here’s a list of valuable tools you should consider adding to your hair coloring kit:

    1. High-quality latex gloves
    2. Mixing bowls if required
    3. Hair clips and a fine-toothed comb

    Excited to achieve the auburn hair color of your dreams? We don’t blame you. Here are some of the best auburn hair color dyes to pick from.

    L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

    This may be a good pick if you’re aiming for dark auburn hair color. The hair dye includes powerful ingredients, such as golden camelina oil, a UV filter, and Vitamin E. Its conditioner promises to leave your hair soft, shiny, and silky.

    Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Dye

    Clairol Hair Dye
    02/18/2024 01:23 am GMT

    Look no further if you need to transition to medium auburn hair color. This hair dye promises to cover gray hair while offering natural results and includes three different tones and highlights. It is also equipped with a conditioner that keeps hair soft and healthy.

    Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Creme

    This is a popular pick for different hair textures. The product promises to leave your hair with a rich shade of light auburn. It includes nourishing oils like shea, avocado, and olive. Plus, the color stays vibrant for at least eight weeks.

    Tempted to Give Yourself a Hair Makeover Yet?

    Auburn hair color is stunning and guaranteed to make a lasting impression. It’s the perfect mix of red and brown shades and is a fiery color that will effortlessly add to your style quotient. Don’t forget to have fun with your new auburn hair color and style it in different ways.