Burgundy Hair Color Ideas – 32 Fabulous Shades to Try

Updated on September 25, 2023
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    Burgundy Hair ColorPIN

    Burgundy Hair Color Ideas – 32 Fabulous Shades to Try

    Maybe it’s the change of the season. Maybe it’s the ending of a relationship. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life.

    Whatever the reason, we’ve all felt that familiar itch. And we’ve known, deep within our souls, that it’s time to change our hair.

    One color that can be a nice change, especially for the coming autumn season, is a lovely burgundy. You won’t necessarily need to bleach your hair first if you’re a brunette.

    Now, maybe you’re looking at our suggestion and thinking huh, that’s limiting.

    And that’s where you’re wrong.

    We’ve gathered a list of 32 burgundy hair color ideas to prove it.

    But first. The eternal question. How do you know it’s going to look good on you?

    How to Tell What Hair Colors You’ll Look Good In

    When choosing a hair color that’ll look good on you, it’s all about matching tones.

    What does that mean?

    Well, there are three skin undertones:

    1. Cool
    2. Warm
    3. Neutral

    Cool undertones mean the undertones in your skin are pink or blue and silver jewelry looks best on your complexion. Warm undertones mean the undertones in your skin are yellowy and gold jewelry looks best on you. Neutral undertones mean the undertones in your skin aren’t distinctly either or a mixture of both.

    And it means if you’ve got cool undertones, you’ll look better with a hair color with cool undertones. And if you have warm undertones, you’ll look better with a hair color that has warm undertones. And if you have neutral undertones, congratulations, you can have whatever hair you want. But remember that this is just a guideline. Really, anyone can wear any hair color they like!

    If you look at your basic color wheel, the cool colors are:

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple

    And the warm colors are:

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Orange

    Now, this information may not be helpful to you if you’re unsure about your undertones. But don’t worry, there are ways to figure it out.

    We’ve laid out some tells in the table below.

    Undertones Features
    Cool Undertones
    • Blue or purple veins visible
    • Silver, platinum, or rose gold accessories are most flattering.
    • Skin takes on a rosy appearance against white backgrounds.
    • Pink-colored natural nail beds.
    Warm Undertones
    • Green veins are visible.
    • Yellow gold accessories are most flattering on your skin.
    • Skin takes on a yellow hue against white backgrounds.
    • Peach-colored natural nail beds.
    Neutral Undertones
    • Veins are both blue, purple, and green.
    • Both silver and gold accessories are flattering.
    • There’s no noticeable change when you wear white.
    • Nail beds aren’t distinctly pink or peach colored.

    Obviously, there’s more to color matching (and picking a hair color) than tone matching. But tone matching is a good start.

    You may also be able to tell your undertones and what hair colors will look good on you based on the clothes you like to wear.

    If you prefer browns rather than blacks, you’ll probably look better as a brunette than with black hair.

    If your favorite color on yourself is dark royal blue…you’ll probably look good with dark royal blue hair.

    And if that color (or at least one of them) is burgundy, then welcome to our list because you’ll look incredible with burgundy hair.

    Dark Burgundy Hair Color

    Now, here’s a subtle burgundy balayage that’s a great look if you want a dark burgundy hair color that can be a little lower maintenance but still gives a cool look and adds a bit of color to dark hair. The nice thing about a balayage like this one is you can allow it just to grow out if you don’t want to worry about upkeep.

    Deep Burgundy Hair Color

    This balayage may seem similar to the previous one, but rather than a dark burgundy, we have a deep burgundy hair color that’s a little bit more vibrant. Rather than the color being a subtle adage to cool hair, this hair works by having a contrast between the black and the vibrant burgundy color. But, this is still a cool girl look with some edge.

    Burgundy Brown Hair Color

    And just like that, we’re back to subtlety with this burgundy brown hair color. The color here is almost used as a highlight (although probably a balayage) to add overall brilliance and vibrance to the hair as a whole, rather than to add a funky color. This style can be a good choice for those looking to add some interest to their hair but are unable to go full out with colored hair (maybe due to your job or lifestyle requirements).

    Burgundy Plum Hair Color with a Dark Base

    This burgundy plum hair color with a dark base is giving a Disney villain vibe but in the best way. It continues our theme of the cool girl with an edge. Here, rather than a balayage, the burgundy is used more as highlights, which makes it both less subtle and less contrasting than other burgundy hairstyles. It’s still badass, though.

    Brown Light Burgundy Hair Color

    We love this light burgundy hair with a brownish hue. It’s such a unique, beautiful color we couldn’t help but include it! Probably not everyone can pull this hair off, to be honest, because it’s such a unique color (going back to our color matching)…but as far as we’re concerned all that means is that if you can pull it off, you should.

    Dark Maroon Hair Color

    This dark maroon hair color is almost a deep purple, and we’re loving it. A dark color like this is an example of a color that may not require bleach (depending on the hair color you’re starting with). Instead, this hair looks shiny, healthy, and luscious. And rather than going for highlights, an ombre, or a balayage, this person went all the way with a full head of dark maroon hair.

    Maroon Brown Hair Color

    Finally, we can see what burgundy hair looks like when the hair is straightened rather than waved with this maroon brown hair color. The combination of the two colors playing off each other creates an interesting, and unique look that comes across as a bit playful and spunky with some edge. Although this hairstyle doesn’t use any neon or bright colors, it’s still guaranteed to catch attention due to its bold style.

    Dark Red Burgundy Hair Color

    This dark red burgundy hair color is classic burgundy hair. When you think of burgundy hair, you probably picture this color. It’s just quintessentially burgundy and it’s just quintessentially beautiful. Honestly, we don’t even really have anything else to say. It’s just gorgeous, classic burgundy hair. The color invokes feelings of autumn, or maybe even Christmas if you’re thinking of a less permanent color option.

    Zohna Tip

    With a shade as deep as burgundy hair color, and as funky, you can expect you'll need a touch-up color job about every 4 to 6 weeks. This does depend on the natural color of your hair, but most of the time bold red-based hues can fade faster than your roots grow. That doesn't mean it isn't worth it, but it is something to keep in mind if you're looking for a low-maintenance do.

    Chocolate Burgundy Hair Color

    We’ve come back around to a little more subtlety with this chocolate burgundy hair. It adds a little more interest to an otherwise straightforward lob. And the highlights on this one begin at the roots, which gives the illusion of even more shine to the hair. Using color and highlights to create almost optical illusions with your hair can be a great, and fun, idea.

    Black Burgundy Hair Color

    We’re really cranking the contrast up with this black burgundy hair color. But that’s not all this hairstyle has going for it. It pairs beautiful colors with great contrast in a balayage, with a great haircut and fun styling. A waved, colored bob is such a fun, spunky look for anyone to pull off, and this person is pulling it off beautifully.

    Plum Burgundy Hair Color

    There’s something about plum and burgundy together. It’s the perfect multi-dimensional purplish hair color that we can all get behind. On these long luscious locks, it’s the perfect complement to a fall look or a cool winter outfit. Plus the curls show off the different color variations in this look, which is a nice way to showcase this shade of burgundy hair color.

    Deep Plum Burgundy Hair Color

    If you want hair so dark that it may even look black in the right lighting…or if you want black hair but think the harsh color might wash you out…why not try this deep plum burgundy hair color? The dark color adds shine and luster to what would otherwise be black or dark brown hair…not that there’s anything wrong with those hair colors. They’re simply less colorful. And why be less colorful when you could be burgundy?

    Plum Wine Hair Color

    Next up is … honestly almost the same hairstyle you just saw, it’s just a plum wine hair color rather than a deep plum burgundy hair color. But, this color is a little less dark if it’s not just black hair but really dark colors in general that look too harsh on your skin. This plum wine hair color is beautiful and it gives ethereal fairyland vibes, so what’s not to love?

    Red Plum Burgundy Hair Color

    Now this is some long hair in a beautiful red plum burgundy hair color. What a power move, to have hair this long in this bold color. We were talking about ethereal fairyland hair with the last listing…obviously, this one is joining it there. Imagine this hair, with such an incredible color and length curled, in braids, buns, a ponytail – you name it!

    Ombre Burgundy Hair Color

    Our first ombre on the list! And it’s 15 hairstyles down our list. Let’s talk about this beautiful hair with the brilliant and gradual transition from the natural brown roots to the burgundy hair color at the tips. Ombres done like this have a softness to them that can otherwise be missing in the perceived edginess that sometimes goes along with a color like burgundy. It looks beautiful and beautifully executed.

    Burgundy Hair Color with Highlights

    Here’s another balayage masquerading as something else, but this time highlights. This burgundy hair color with highlights has a bit of rock n roll edge – and maybe it’s just us but we’re also getting Halloween vibes. And as everyone knows, as soon as autumn hits, it’s spooky season, baby. So get your rock n roll monster hair ready by throwing some burgundy highlights in it.

    Burgundy Balayage Hair Color

    Is this a perfect balayage, or is it roots that have begun to grow out and were styled after the fact? Who knows? And that’s the beauty of a balayage, it grows out naturally so you don’t need to keep getting touch-ups if you don’t want to. Plus, who wouldn’t want hair this pretty? From the wonderful coppery burgundy color to how soft the hair looks…t’s simply beautiful.

    Cabernet Hair Color

    Wine anyone? Although this picture might be a bit dark, the future of this hair color is looking bright. A cabernet hair color is such a lovely balance between fun and maybe a bit spunky! This is a sophisticated look with a deeper, darker hue that could almost be natural.

    Burgundy Autumn Hair Color

    We’ve been talking about autumn a lot, so of course, we couldn’t ignore a gorgeous burgundy autumn hair color like this one! This lovely color with a face-framing haircut is another bold choice, being almost more red than burgundy. It’s certainly not a natural hair color, and it’s certainly not subtle. But it still has a soft and feminine feel to it, helped by the lovely layers and waves of the style.

    Burgundy Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

    We may have cheated on this one a little bit because really it’s more dark hair with burgundy and blonde highlights. But we thought it was so fun and different we wanted to include it!. This multicolored, striped look adds edge and spunk and boldness, and a raw creative feeling to a person’s overall vibe.

    Burgundy Hair Color Short Hair

    When you’re wanting to serve a little Victoria Beckham with a little I’m-a-rebel attitude, you’ve got this burgundy hair color short haircut to inspire you. It gives spunky. It gives responsibility. It gives business in the back, and party in the front. It gives my-name-might-be-Karen-but-I’m-a-cool-Karen. And honestly, we might be poking a bit of fun, but it’s a practical, interesting, and edgy hairstyle and that’s not easy to find.

    Burgundy Purple Hair Color

    If you’re more of a purple person than a red one, then why not try burgundy purple hair? This lovely, deep color plays with tones of burgundies and purples to create a beautiful look that brings a lot of depth to the hair. If you’re looking for colorful hair, but don’t want to go the popular pastel or neon route, this might just be the color for you.

    Burgundy Magenta Hair Color

    However, if you are looking for a bright color (although still not neon), but still want the essence of burgundy, how about a burgundy magenta hair color like this one? This bright, spunky, and cheerful color is sure to stick out in a crowd. It’s feminine, fun, and eye-catching – and would suit perfectly a person who’s the same way.

    Burgundy Raspberry Hair Color

    This beautiful burgundy raspberry hair color is perfect for someone looking to add a little color to their hair, but who doesn’t want to dive all the way in with fully bright or colorful hair. You could almost get away with wearing this hair to the office without getting any stares. Unless you want stares. Those searching for colorful hair typically have to be fine with being stared at.

    Burgundy Raspberry Plum Hair Color

    If you’re looking for a brighter and lighter version of burgundy, how about this burgundy raspberry plum hair color? The different shades used throughout this hair add a lot of depth and shine to hair, which is something you have to be careful of when dying your hair one unnatural color. But this hair looks happy and healthy in its burgundy color.

    Zohna Tip

    With a bold hair color like this, avoid long sessions in the sun to avoid the color fading too quickly.

    Burgundy Violet Hair Color

    This beautiful burgundy violet hair color will have you living your main character’s dreams. With purple hair like this, you can be the protagonist or the villain of your own story, which is an exciting aspect of picking a darker color for your hair. After all, who doesn’t like being a little bad sometimes?

    Dark Wine Color Hair

    This dark wine color hair is such a gorgeous, expensive-looking color. We absolutely love it! These long, luscious locks look well cared for, and they’ve been colored beautifully. There is so much depth to the color, which paired with the rich color, makes this ‘do look, well, rich. For more mahogany hair color ideas, head over here!

    5RV Hair Color

    This specific color has a lot of browns to it, but you can still see the burgundy in there! It’s another color that is a bit subtler than some others on this list. A bit more office-friendly if you work in a more conservative environment, but still with that little bit of secret rebellion with that hint of color.

    Wella Burgundy Hair Color

    We love a bold look done with bangs like this Wella burgundy hair color. Wella is a brand of hair dye, and in fact, it’s Wella hair dyes that were used to create this beautiful color. The shades of purple and burgundy in this hair, paired with the sharp, angular cut and bangs create such a striking look. It’s confident and beautiful!

    Wella Burgundy Hair Color 5RV

    This hair color is almost red, with much less purple than other burgundy styles. So, if you’d prefer your burgundy to be more on the red side, it can certainly be done. And it’ll look stunning.

    Adore Burgundy Hair Color

    Adore Burgundy Hair Color