24 Adorable Peekaboo Hair Colors & Styles

Updated on October 29, 2023
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    24 Adorable Peekaboo Hair Colors & Styles

    If you’re bored of predictable hair colors and want to try a refreshing new hairstyle, you may want to get familiar with peekaboo hair, a cute trend that’s quickly gaining popularity for being unique and eye-catching.

    Peekaboo hair is worth checking out for several reasons. For one, it’s customizable and can be used for various shades. Additionally, it can be as intense or subtle as you’d like it to be.

    Think about it – peekaboo hair lets you try a brilliant new color you’ve secretly admired for a long time. You don’t have to change your base color drastically to see impressive results. That sounds like a tempting option, doesn’t it?

    What Is Peekaboo Hair?

    Peekaboo hair often includes hidden hair color under your base color. It is usually interpreted in several ways. For example, someone could opt for an intense look with bright shades at the back of their head.

    With peekaboo hair, you can:

    • Add new colors under the top layer of your hair
    • Go for colorful face-framing layers
    • Add subtle (or dramatic) changes to your tresses

    Peekaboo Hair Color Placement

    We totally understand – peekaboo hair color techniques can be tricky to master, especially if you’re starting out. That said, it’s crucial to determine hair color placement before applying hair dye to your tresses.

    You have loads of options to choose from, such as:

    • Dyeing the bottom half of your hair
    • Coloring a hidden layer at the back of your head
    • Adding hair color to face-framing layers

    It might be a good idea to talk to your colorist if you need an expert to chime in with their opinions. Don’t rush into the dyeing process; take your time to understand which peekaboo hair color techniques will help you achieve your desired results.

    Peekaboo Hair Diagrams

    Peekaboo hairstyles can feel complex because they need more planning and technique compared to simply switching your hair color. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

    Check out some of these helpful diagrams while trying to figure out placement ideas for peekaboo hair colors.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    If you’re ready to rock peekaboo hair, it’s time to take a closer look at the dyeing process. Before you begin, ensure that you have everything you need to dye your hair without any hassles, such as hair dye, gloves, wet wipes, hair clips, and more.

    Take a quick look at this handy step-by-step guide before coloring your tresses. Good luck!

    Step Description
    Choose which sections you’d like to color. This is a crucial step because you need to figure out where your peekaboo hair color would appear.
    Divide your hair and pin it up using clips. Carefully part your hair using hair clips to ensure that you can easily focus on the right sections.
    Carefully apply bleach (optional.) If you need to lighten your hair before dyeing it, now is the time to apply bleach to your hair. You must wait for at least half an hour before the next step.
    Use hair dye as required. Rinse off the bleach before coloring your hair with a hair dye of your choice. Stay focused and ensure that your color application is even.
    Wait before giving your hair a quick rinse. Wait for the recommended amount of time (as suggested on the product) before washing your freshly colored locks with water.

    Note that while applying hair dye, you may need someone else to guide you if you’re coloring hard-to-reach areas. Ask your best friend for help.

    Peekaboo Hair Blonde

    Blonde peekaboo hair can look striking and spruce up your hairstyle in minutes. If you’ve got dark locks, consider adding blonde peekaboo hair color for extra oomph.

    You can style your hair in several ways to flaunt your new peekaboo hair color, such as:

    1. A cute, elegant bun
    2. A high ponytail
    3. An intricate French braid

    Purple Peekaboo Hair

    If you want your hair color to speak for itself, consider opting for spunky purple peekaboo hair. It’s a fantastic and trendy color that is perfect for someone interested in adding vibrant colors to their tresses.

    Purple peekaboo hair can be customized based on the shade you’d like to add to your hair. Maybe you’d prefer a more vibrant shade or will end up choosing a light lilac color. Either way, this solid pick won’t let you down.

    Unfortunately, purple shades tend to fade much faster than other colors. You’ll need to ensure that you book regular salon appointments for touch-ups.

    Brown Peekaboo Hair

    Want to experiment with a subtle shade that makes your hair look more stunning? Brown peekaboo hair is the perfect solution.

    You see, brown peekaboo hair will blend nicely with your base color without looking outlandish. To sum it up in a few words, brown peekaboo hair is a sexy and understated style.

    If you can’t make up your mind, ask an experienced colorist to suggest alluring shades of brown (such as chocolate brown hair) for your hair makeover. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, consider opting for an ash brown hair color, a bold choice that spruce up your style.

    Pink Peekaboo Hair

    Ready to dive into the world of vibrant hair colors that make you pause and discuss how feisty this shade can be? Pink peekaboo is ideal for someone who wants to have fun with tempting color options like bubblegum pink, coral pink, or pastel pink.

    Need more perks? Check this out – pink peekaboo hair goes with a broad range of base colors, from blonde to chocolate brown. How cool is that?

    Don’t forget to keep your skin tone in mind while narrowing down your options and choosing a pink shade.

    Red Peekaboo Hair

    It’s time to make way for one of the hottest hair colors that you can pick for your lovely locks. Red peekaboo hair is a bold choice but let’s face it – it’s irresistible and really sexy.

    If you’re hesitant, ask your colorist to ensure that your red peekaboo hair is hidden underneath your base color. This way, you’ll be able to decide if you want to show off your red tresses with a sexy hairstyle or keep the vibrant hues hidden in a corporate work environment.

    Blue Peekaboo Hair

    Imagine walking into a party as you run your hands through your luscious hair, revealing hidden shades of vibrant blue, much to the delight of your friends.

    If you’ve been waiting to test blue shades but have been too afraid to color your hair from root to tip, this is the perfect way to hop onto the bandwagon without making a huge commitment. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, tell your stylist to make your blue peekaboo strands more prominent.

    Either way, we’re confident you’ll look amazing with your new hair color.

    While choosing shades, you can opt for different options like:

    • Light Blue
    • Pastel Blue
    • Navy Blue
    • Electric Blue

    Silver Peekaboo Hair

    Some of us love testing the waters with bold and contrasting hair colors. Well, if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it, right?

    Silver peekaboo hair is edgy, sexy, and an interesting style to go for when you’re in the mood for something entirely different from conventional hair color options. Also, you can tweak this style in many ways, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one or two options.

    Zohna Tip

    Ensure that you've researched before opting for peekaboo hair and have scores of reference photos for your colorist.

    Peekaboo Hair Blonde and Brown

    The options are truly endless when you’re experimenting with peekaboo hairstyles. For instance, you could add blonde shades to ash brown hair for a look that’s straight-up stylish and edgy.

    Peekaboo hair is the opposite of boring and lets you experiment with shades that you wouldn’t have considered in the past. Also, here’s an important tip that’s easy to overlook. Make sure to use hydrating deep conditioning treatments weekly to keep your colored locks in good condition.

    Underneath Blue Peekaboo Hair

    Few things in the world are as cool as blue peekaboo hair hidden underneath the top layer of your tresses.

    It’s an otherworldly and cute look that will brighten up your locks. If you can’t get enough of unconventional hair color styles that make you the center of attention, give this one a whirl.

    Teal Peekaboo Hair

    The perfect combination of blue and green colors, teal is one of the prettiest hair colors out there. Give your hair a complete reset by adding teal shades to certain sections of your hair.

    If you’re scared of trying this color but still want to give it a shot, use semi-permanent dye to temporarily switch up your style.

    Zohna Tip

    Consider changing your haircare regimen after coloring your hair for the best results. When in doubt, ask your stylist for product recommendations.

    Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

    Have you ever met anyone who hasn’t admired the colors of the rainbow, vibrant and so gorgeous that you wish you could keep staring endlessly? Now picture having those same shades in your hair, a combination of vibrant hues that look stunning in nearly every setting.

    Rainbow peekaboo hair works for several reasons because it is a unique style that’ll instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

    Unicorn Peekaboo Hair

    Want a hair color that’s straight out of a fairytale? You must take a look at unicorn peekaboo hair, a magical blend of shades like purple, pink, yellow, blue, and more.

    This style is ideal for someone who enjoys playing with dramatic hair colors. Unicorn peekaboo hair will instantly add a distinct style to your overall look, we promise.

    Hot Pink Peekaboo Hair

    Somewhere between light and dark pink hues, this hair color is ideal for someone who wants the best of both worlds. Rest assured, hot pink is a trendy shade that’ll make your hair look extra pretty.

    However, it’s important for you to know that hot pink peekaboo hair is anything but subtle. But it’s such a stylish (and attractive) pick that you’ll probably end up dyeing your hair the same color again.

    Black Peekaboo Hair

    This is an unusual option that deserves to be on your list because it’s so striking and impressive.

    Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, all you need to do is picture ash blonde hair with strategically-placed black streaks. It’s an unforgettable and memorable look that will have your friends badgering you for similar recommendations.

    With black peekaboo hair, you can:

    1. Add more dimension to your tresses
    2. Choose a contrasting shade
    3. Experiment with placement for a fun and edgy style

    Orange Peekaboo Hair

    This bold pick works well for those looking to add a pop of color to their tresses with peekaboo hair dye.

    Don’t be mistaken. When done right, orange peekaboo hair can complement several base colors, such as brown, blonde, black, and more. Also, don’t worry – you can control the intensity of the orange shade to achieve your desired look.

    Mermaid Peekaboo Hair

    Mermaid Peekaboo HairInstagram@hexblushPIN

    Like unicorn hair, mermaid peekaboo hair can give you an otherworldly look with a blend of beautiful hues, such as violet, turquoise, light pink, and more.

    Plus, mermaid peekaboo hair makes it for you to highlight certain sections of your hair. If you’re feeling up to it, we suggest giving this style a shot for a unique look that’ll leave you speechless.

    Galaxy Peekaboo Hair

    Ever considered sprucing up your hair color with lively shades like blue, purple, magenta, and green? If the answer is yes, it’s time to say hi to galaxy peekaboo hair.

    This shade is as ethereal as it sounds and is bound to make a long-lasting impression on those who meet you. However, if you don’t already sport blonde locks, you may have to get your bleached at a salon.

    Make sure to use nourishing haircare products like leave-in conditioners and hair masks to keep your mane healthy and strong after the bleaching process.

    Grey Peekaboo Hair

    Grey peekaboo hair can surprise you with how remarkable it looks. Also, a huge plus – this shade can work well on several skin tones.

    It all comes down to how intense you want your hair color to be. You can flaunt grey peekaboo hair in multiple ways, like dyeing a hidden layer of hair at the back of your head or adding the color to the bottom half of your tresses.

    Lavender Peekaboo Hair

    This is a good pick for you if you prefer lighter shades of purple. Lavender peekaboo hair can look especially striking on a blonde balayage.

    That said, lavender peekaboo hair is versatile and can work on several hair colors, including darker shades like brown.

    Dark Red Peekaboo Hair

    Want to make a strong statement with fiery hair color? Dark red peekaboo hair could help you achieve a striking hairstyle that won’t go unnoticed.

    Embracing a red hair color is a bold, sexy choice that makes one thing clear: you’re not afraid to be who you are. In fact, you celebrate your fierce personality every day. Way to go, girl.

    Short Hair Peekaboo

    Who says peekaboo hairstyles are reserved for those with long tresses? They look equally good on shorter hairstyles like bobs, pixie haircuts, and lobs.

    In terms of hair colors, get creative and experiment with vivid hues like pink, teal, blonde, and more.

    Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair

    Rose Gold Peekaboo HairInstagram@marilanaePIN

    Rose gold is another stunning shade that’s difficult to look away from. It’s a classic choice and will look beautiful no matter how you style your hair.

    Flaunt your rose gold peekaboo hair with loose waves, or tie your hair up to highlight your new gorgeous hair color.

    Green Peekaboo Hair

    Green Peekaboo HairInstagram@saloninxsPIN

    This unconventional shade may seem like a bold choice to some, but it is worth exploring if you’re drawn to the color.

    Experiment to your heart’s content and work with your stylist to dye specific sections of your hair a rich shade of green. It’s a refreshing choice and will make you stand out (in the best way possible.) You’ll rock your new hair color, we promise.

    Pastel Peekaboo Hair

    Pastel Peekaboo HairInstagram@kaylakonnPIN

    Last but not least, look up paste; shades if you’re thinking about trying peekaboo hair but can’t quite make up your mind.

    These soft, beautiful hues look lovely on several hair textures and work for multiple colors like pink, purple, peach, coral, and many more. They’re soothing to look at and, quite frankly, stunning.

    Also, you can go a step further and opt for a customized pastel shade like light strawberry blonde hair color.

    Top 3 Peekaboo Hair Dye Picks

    Remember that achieving peekaboo hair at home can be a mammoth task, especially when you’re trying to get hair color placement right. However, it’s worth trying the trend with semi-permanent hair dye. This stress-free option allows you to sport a new hair color for a brief period.

    Semi-permanent hair dye tends to fade completely after a few weeks. This is excellent news for someone experimenting with new hair color who wants temporary results before making a significant commitment.

    Take a look at some of our top peekaboo hair dye recommendations.

    L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Color for Blonde Hair

    10/30/2023 08:16 pm GMT

    This semi-permanent hair color is available in several colors, like hot pink, green, midnight blue, turquoise, and more. The hair dye is formulated without harsh ingredients like ammonia and peroxide.

    This is an ideal pick if you’re looking for a hair dye option that lets you mix several shades to create mermaid or galaxy peekaboo hair.

    SPLAT Semi Permanent Hair Dye