15 Bright Neon Green Hair Colors & Styles to Try

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    Neon greenPIN

    15 Bright Neon Green Hair Colors & Styles to Try

    Would you like to step away from conventional hair colors and try something entirely different for a change? We recommend experimenting with bright neon green hair for a bold makeover. Think about it – if neon colors can make it to your nails and outfits, why not give your gorgeous locks a fair chance?

    Neon green hair is a sexy and stylish choice showing you’re not afraid to make a solid style statement.

    Neon Green Hair Color

    Celebrities have already approved of green hair. Case in point, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has been spotted rocking bright green locks. Other famous people seen with neon green hair include Kim Kardashian, Chloe Norgaard, and Nicki Minaj.

    The beauty of the neon green hair trend is that you aren’t restricted to a single option. You can get neon green streaks or even combine the shade with a different color, like purple. An ombre hairstyle is also an option. Excited to know more about this feisty trend? Keep reading for all the details.

    Black and Neon Green Hair

    Take a cue from Billie Eilish and dye your roots neon green for dramatic results. Combine bright green with black tresses, and reward yourself with a stylish makeover.

    Black and neon green hair can be interpreted in several ways based on what you’re looking for.

    A few neon green hairstyles that should be on your list include:

    1. Black hair with neon green roots
    2. Black hair with neon green highlights
    3. Black hair and neon green money pieces

    Short Neon Green Hair

    A bob or a lob is the perfect hairstyle to show off neon green hair. This applies to all hair textures like straight, wavy, curls, and more.

    If you’re really feeling it, consider getting a foxy pixie cut and dyeing your hair neon green. You’re bound to take everyone by surprise with your swag.

    Half Black Half Neon Green Hair

    This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s a rewarding look worth considering if you like flaunting unconventional styles. Half black half neon green hair is a fitting choice for a costume party. That said, it’s worth pointing out that temporary dye is a good choice in this scenario.

    You can use hair wax to quickly transform your locks before the big bash.

    However, if you want to dye your hair at home and seek advice, we’ve developed a few helpful pointers. Check them out below.

    How to Get Neon Green Hair at Home Explanation
    Prep your hair Wash your hair a day before you intend to color it instead of right before your session for the best results. Resist the temptation to pick up hot styling tools and give your hair room to breathe before you dye it.
    Create separate sections Divide your hair into different sections before dyeing it instead of going all in. This method allows you to distribute the dye evenly.
    Start dyeing your locks Before you begin, dab Vaseline around your hairline to prevent staining. Use gloves and start applying neon green hair color, focusing on each section one at a time.
    Fix and tweak Once finished applying green hair dye, allow the hair color to process. Meanwhile, get rid of any unwanted stains and clean up if required.

    Switching to a neon green hair color is doable if you have the right tools and know the basics.

    Note that if your hair isn’t light or bleached, you may need to sign up for a bleaching session before transitioning to neon green hair.

    Zohna Tip

    Perform a strand test before dyeing your hair with a new product at home.

    Ombre Neon Green Hair

    We get it. It’s hard to say no to stunning ombre colors that instantly elevate your hair color.

    Ombre neon green hair is worth a shot if you like mixing and matching different hues. And don’t worry; you can ask your colorist for subtle shades if you’re not sold on a brighter effect.

    Neon Green Hair Men

    Listen up, bright neon colors look equally eye-catching on men. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your locks if you’re in the mood for a change.

    If you only want a temporary change, consider trying neon green hair dye like this for a fun makeover.

    Neon Green Hair Extensions

    If you’re not ready to dye your hair, consider getting neon green hair extensions. Hair extensions are a convenient way to switch up your hair color without dyeing your locks.

    You can go as long or short as you want. Hair extensions are available in different styles, so choose something that works for your lifestyle.

    Some of your options include:

    • Clip-in hair extensions
    • Sew-ins
    • Tape-ins
    • Halo hair extensions

    It’s best to talk to your hairstylist before making your decision. Some extensions can be damaging to natural hair and need professional intervention.

    Blue and Neon Green Hair

    Blue and neon green hair will make you look and feel like a total rockstar. This style is an excellent fit if you like the idea of sporting bright and colorful locks.

    Accessorize with a nose ring and choker to complete the look.

    Neon Green Hair Black Roots

    Try sporting neon green hair with black roots for an offbeat style that will make you feel sexy and fierce.

    Don’t forget to take inspiration from the picture above. Style your hair in a half up half down style for bonus points.

    Neon Green Hair Streaks

    Consider getting neon green hair streaks if you want to add subtle neon green hues to your locks.

    This style looks undeniably cool and doesn’t require a long-term commitment. It’s a win-win!

    Neon Green Hair Tips

    This style is for you if you don’t want to dye your hair from root to tip but still want to hop onto the green hair bandwagon.

    Neon green hair tips look pretty distinctive and will easily make you stand out from the crowd.

    Brown and Neon Green Hair

    Subtle but powerful, brown and neon green hair is a great way to switch up your hair color and experiment with your locks.

    Style your hair in loose waves for flattering results.

    Faded Neon Green Hair

    Neon green hair looks even more dramatic when combined with another stunning hue like yellow.

    Rock faded neon green hair with vibrant colors, as illustrated in the example above.

    Blonde and Neon Green Hair

    Make your friends green with envy by combining neon green hair with your naturally blonde tresses.

    You can quickly achieve this look at home by using a semi-permanent dye for a stunning makeover.

    Dark Neon Green Hair

    Feel free to mix up various green hues while experimenting with dark green hair for more drama.

    Want to make a solid impression with dark neon green hair? Elevate your look with a lip stud and bright lipstick.

    Purple and Neon Green Hair

    This unconventional combination of colors offers stunning results, provided you’re willing to take a leap of faith.

    Purple and neon green hair is an awe-inspiring style that will leave you stunned as you graciously accept one compliment after another for your refreshingly vibrant locks.


    • How to Get Neon Green Hair?

      Neon green hair is easy to achieve if you already have light hair. You only need a box of neon green hair dye to get the desired results. However, if your hair is dark, bleach it first.

    • How to Rock Neon Green Hair?

      Rock neon green hair with funky hairstyles like French braids, half up half down hairstyles, and space buns. You can even experiment with accessories like nose rings and statement earrings.

    • What Skin Color Fits Neon Green Hair?

      Neon green hair looks great on different complexions. Consider talking to a professional colorist to zero down on the ideal shade of neon green for you to try.

    • What Does Neon Green Hair Fade To?

      Expect neon green hair to take on light green hues or even yellow-green depending on the dye used. It’s also not unusual to observe blue or turquoise hues. Wash your locks less frequently to make your hair color last longer.

    Look Clean With Neon Green

    Now that you are familiar with various styles associated with neon green hair, we hope you’ll feel inspired to embrace the transformation to green hair.

    Whether you choose a vivid shade like emerald green hair or make a bolder choice like neon green, you’ll find that the transition is well worth it.