17 Divine Dark Green Hair Colors & Styles to Change Up Dark Tresses

Updated on January 1, 2024
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    Dark green Hair ColorPIN

    17 Divine Dark Green Hair Colors & Styles to Change Up Dark Tresses

    “You can change your whole attitude by changing your hair color.”

    It’s very true. The slightest change to your hair color can make all the difference in your level of confidence and the way others perceive you. When it comes to vibrant hair colors, the darker ones offer a subtle change to alluring dark tresses, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.

    Dark green hair is one of our favorite dark unconventional hair colors. It is a bold and daring choice for those who feel their hair isn’t just part of their beauty aesthetic but a fashion statement.

    As bold as it may be, dark green hair isn’t all that ‘unconventional.’ A slight green tint to dark brown or black hair is a gorgeous way to give your hair a luminous glow.

    Dark Green Hair Color

    So why all of a sudden is dark green hair color all the rave in 2023? Well, as our society becomes more welcoming of individuality and encourages self-expression, bold beauty and fashion choices are appearing more and more in pop culture.

    Dark green hair color is popular because:

    • It has a more natural look than light green hair
    • Doesn’t require bleach
    • Is easy to maintain
    • Gives dark hair a touch of vibrance.

    Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner have been spotted rocking the dark green hair color trend.

    The four most popular dark green hair colors are:

    1. Forest green hair
    2. Dark emerald green hair
    3. Juniper green hair
    4. Raven green hair

    When you want to give your hair a dark green glow, you have several options for dark green hair dye or color washes.

    The chart below compares the different kinds of dark green hair dye options.

    Types of Dark Green Hair Dye Description
    Temporary dark green hair dye
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 1-3 shampoos
    • No damage to hair
    Semi-permanent dark green hair dye
    • Penetrates cuticle to deposit color
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 4 to 6 weeks
    • Mild damage to hair
    Permanent dark green hair dye
    • Penetrates cortex to deposit color
    • Strips hair of natural pigment
    • Changes natural hair color
    • Gradually fades
    • Damages hair by stripping color
    Dark green color toner
    • Coats outer layer of the hair with low pigmented color
    • Enhances existing hair color
    • No damage to hair

    Once you’ve determined the type of dye you want for your dark green hair, it’s time to choose the color and style. We’ve scrolled through our social media feeds and sourced our top 17 dark green hair ideas trending right now!

    Black and Dark Green Hair

    Are you a dark-haired goddess looking for a bold new color change? Black and dark green hair is perfect for those with black hair to add a little vibrance to their mane. Jet and midnight black locks look great with many shades on the green hair spectrum, but we particularly love the glow of black and emerald green hair.

    Short Dark Green Hair

    Bobs, choppy layers, and pixie cuts tend to give a more mature vibe. Dying your hair an unconventional color gives shorter hairstyles a bold and free-spirited appeal. Short dark green hair is the perfect balance between professional and playful hair.

    Dark Forest Green Hair

    Calling all eco babes! Dark forest green hair gives some serious earthy vibes. As the name suggests, forest green blends rich, leafy colors like evergreen and pine. This deep shade of green is a refreshing way to give dark hair a green makeover.

    Dark Green Hair Men

    Stop hogging the green hair dye ladies, and leave some for the men! If you search ‘dark green hair men’ on social media, you’ll see a feed of handsome green-haired fellas pop up. Dark green compliments rugged, masculine complexions and defined jawlines.

    The most popular dark green men’s haircuts trending right now are:

    1. Dark green hair crew cut fade
    2. Dark green hair undercut fade
    3. Dark green hair taper cut
    4. Dark green hair side part

    Ombre Dark Green Hair

    Let’s get faded!

    From the French word ombre, which means ‘to shade’ or ‘to shadow,’ ombre dark green hair offers a blended way to transition your base hair color into colorful dark green tips. We love the look of ombre dark to neon green hair for extra vibrance!

    You can also opt for dark green balayage hair; however, ombre dark green hair looks more intentional as it fades.

    The chart below compares dark green balayage to ombré dark green hair.

    Dark Green Balayage Ombré Dark Green
    • Natural or existing hair color base
    • Hand-painted dark green highlights or lowlights from mid-shaft
    • Sun-kissed transitions from dark to light green
    • Natural or existing hair color roots
    • Two or more shades of dark green blended down from mid-shaft
    • Gradient transition from dark to light green

    Dark Blue Green Hair

    Blue, green, aquamarine. When you can’t choose between dark green or dark blue hair, settle for a shade in between.

    Dark blue green hair is a multi-toned mix of vibrant sapphire and emerald hues. It’s a darker shade than turquoise, making it a sophisticated choice for a deep yet vivid hair color. You can keep blue green hair looking vibrant using a teal hair color wash.

    Dark Ash Green Hair

    Baby, you’re a smoke show! Dark ash green hair gives some seriously smokey vibes. Ash green hair blends smokey greys and silvers into muted olive tones.

    Dark ash green hair is a crisp and cool alternative to bright dark green hair colors like forest or emerald. It’s perfect for those with cool complexions or looking to transition ash blonde or brown into dark green.

    Dark Green Hair Highlights

    Blonde highlights were so last decade. Dark green hair highlights are the ultimate way to refresh your mane. We love deep teal highlights on dark brown hair for a sophisticated hairdo with some added spunk.

    Zohna Tip

    Trying out green highlights or peekaboo green hair is a great way to experiment with green hair dye before committing to a full head color.

    Faded Dark Green Hair

    Faded Dark Green HairInstagram@tokyoblaqPIN

    Do you like the appeal of faded hair colors? You’ll love faded dark green hair if you dig the look of vibrant hair after a week of washes.

    Unlike light, neon green that turns to a washed-out greyish green, dark green hair fades to a more natural dark brown with a green tinge. This color works well if you use semi-permanent green hair dye on medium to chocolate brown hair colors.

    Blonde and Dark Green Hair

    Blondes will be blondes! But that doesn’t mean that blondies don’t crave a little color. If you can’t part with your light blonde tresses but want to try dark green, go for a multicolored blonde and dark green hair design.

    Dark Green Hair Weave

    Oh, how we envy girls with weaves! We love the look of full, thick, voluminous hair. Weaves are perfect for girls with thick hair who want full dark green strands for several weeks.

    Hair weaves are:

    • Sewn into braided hair
    • Work on naturally thick hair
    • Last up to four months
    • Come as a single hair piece
    • Provide thick long hair

    If you have thin hair but love the look of a dark green hair weave, consider keratin bonded, nano ring or tape-in hair extensions that work well with finer hair.

    Very Dark Green Hair

    Are you a lover of dark tresses but in the mood for a splash of color? Dark brown hair with a wash of green color creates very dark green hair. You can also choose dark green semi-permanent hair dye colors like Manic Panic Enchanted Forest or Lunar Tides Cerulean Sea for deep forest and hunter green colors.

    Long Dark Green Hair

    Long Dark Green HairInstagram@kravekayPIN

    Long hair is a desire many of us share. There’s something very feminine about long tresses, and they look amazing in so many styles and colors. Long dark green hair is bold and alluring, making heads turn everywhere you go! We love the black-to-dark green ombre look on super lengthy hair.

    Curly Dark Green Hair

    Big voluptuous curls never go out of style. If you have tight, curly hair, chances are, it looks stunning in every color. We love curly dark green hair that gives spirals a playful and vibrant bounce!

    Dark Emerald Green Hair

    Do you desire dark green tresses to make you look like royalty? Look fit for the throne with dark emerald green hair. Deep green has vibrant green and a touch of blue undertones to shine like a precious emerald jewel.

    Juniper Green Hair

    Named after the vibrant blue-green juniper berry, juniper green hair color is a vivid shade of green with cyan blue undertones. It resembles emerald green but contains more noticeable blue hues than green. It’s a luminous hair color for those who love a mane with lots of shine.

    Raven Green Hair

    Black hair gets a vibrant makeover. Raven green hair is almost jet black with subtle yet vibrant turquoise undertones. It’s a hard shade to achieve if your hair is natural or dyed jet black, but the raven green look can also be achieved with a subtle dark turquoise balayage on black hair.


    • What Does Green Hair Fade to?

      Dark green hair usually fades to a minty green color or back to brown with a slight green tinge. If you start with bleached hair and dye it dark green, your hair will turn to a muted lime green tone, whereas if you start with dark hair, the green color will fade to a greenish brown.

    • How to Achieve Dark Green Hair?

      Dark green hair is effortless to achieve on medium brown hair color. You can choose semi-permanent or permanent dark green hair dye to get results close to the perfect color on the box or hair dye.

      If you start with bleached, blonde, or light brown hair, you must dye your hair several shades darker before applying dark green color; otherwise, you will end up with much lighter results than anticipated. If your hair is very dark, you must choose a dark green color no more than two shades lighter than your base color.

    • Who Has Dark Green Hair?

      If you’re wondering what celebrities have worn dark green hair, Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry are the most memorable. Regarding who wears dark green hair who isn’t a star, dark green hair is worn by people of all professions. Dark green hair can be casual for every day and looks professional for business attire.

    Dare to Go Dark Green

    If you’re looking for a vibrant twist on dark tresses, dark green hair color is a posh and sophisticated choice with many options. Whether you want dark black-green hair or vibrant dark emerald, dark green hair is an exciting way to change your hairdo!