64 Trending Mullet Haircut Styles for Men + How to Style

Updated on March 1, 2024
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    64 Trending Mullet Haircut Styles for Men + How to Style

    Ever wondered how to balance sophistication with your inner party animal effortlessly? There’s no need to fret because we’ve got something for you.

    It’s our favorite men’s mullet haircuts.

    We’re not just talking about the business in the front, party in the back vibe; we’re talking about the whole shebang! It’s like a hair fiesta where classic elegance meets modern audacity, and the mullet is the life of the party.

    Picture this: the ‘Corporate Casual,’ a mullet that means business until 5 PM, and then it’s ready to boogie. Or how about the ‘Rockstar Rancher,’ where your hair screams, “I wrangle cattle by day, shred the guitar by night.”

    With 64 styles, you’ll find one for every mood, from ‘Boardroom Bravo’ to ‘Weekend Warrior.’

    What Is a Mullet?

    Before we plunge into the diverse realm of mullet styles, let’s establish the basics. The defining characteristic of a mullet is its shorter front and sides, with the back left luxuriously longer. This asymmetrical cut creates a bold contrast that distinguishes it from the ordinary hairdo.

    Originating in ancient civilizations, the mullet gained prominence in the ’80s, famously adorning rockstars and free-spirited individuals. Today, it has transformed into a versatile hairstyle, customizable to match any personality and fashion preference.

    Let’s look at the evolution of the mullet throughout the ages.

    Era Key Developments
    Ancient Times Similar styles found in Egyptian and Roman art.
    1970s Modern mullet begins to take shape.
    1980s Popularized among athletes and cultural icons.
    1990s Decline in popularity, giving way to new trends.
    Resurgence Recent comeback in fashion runways and street style.

    Today, the mullet is not just a historical artifact but a contemporary statement. It has metamorphosed into a hairstyle that accommodates individual preferences, offering various styles from subtle and sleek to boldly dramatic.

    Wolf Cut vs Mullet

    Now that we’ve explored the essence of the mullet, let’s unravel the mysteries of the wolf cut. The wolf cut is not just a variation; it’s a mullet on steroids, boasting a fiercer and more untamed aesthetic.

    But how does it differ?

    Aspect Mullet Wolf Cut
    Focus Balanced length front to back Emphasis on volume and texture in the back
    Styling Process Standard trim with attention to contrast Careful front trim, followed by voluminous back
    Attitude Versatile, suitable for various styles Tailored for those embracing their wild side
    Impact Bold, but with a classic touch Exudes confidence and fearlessness

    How To Style a Men’s Mullet Haircut

    Discover the perfect styling for your chosen mullet variation with these simple steps:

    • Prep Your Hair: Begin with clean, towel-dried hair. Apply a small amount of volumizing mousse or styling product for texture and hold.
    • Create a Foundation: Ensure clean hair; use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Gently towel-dry to remove excess moisture. Evenly distribute volumizing mousse or styling products for a solid foundation.
    • Tease for Volume: Using a comb or fingers, tease the longer back section for volume and height. Backcomb gently at the roots for that ’80s rockstar vibe. Tease in sections, avoiding excessive pulling, and lightly smooth the top layer.
    • Polish the Front and Sides: Comb the shorter front and side sections downwards for a polished appearance. Optionally, use pomade or styling gel for sleekness.
    • Add Flair with Fade or Undercut: Consider a fade or undercut for extra contrast. Consult a stylist for the best style to suit your face shape.
    • Finishing Touch: Apply hairspray for a firm hold and added shine, misting evenly. Alternatively, go for a matte paste for a natural finish, focusing on the back and sides.

    Now, rock your mullet with confidence, showcasing your bold and daring personality effortlessly!

    Short Mullet Haircut

    Not ready to fully commit to the dramatic length of a traditional mullet? This short mullet is a fantastic alternative. This style retains the mullet’s distinctiveness but with a shorter and more manageable length. It’s perfect for fellas who want a subtle nod to the mullet trend without going all in.

    Combining a short back with clean, sleek front sections, this style strikes an ideal balance between professionalism and individuality.

    Mohawk Mullet Haircut

    If you’re the type who loves to push boundaries and challenge norms, this mohawk mullet is tailor-made for you. This bold, audacious hybrid combines the edgy flair of a mohawk with the classic mullet shape and tail.

    Zohna Tip

    Shave or buzz the sides of your head to create a striking contrast with the longer, spiked-up center section.

    Mullet Fade Haircut

    For a modern twist on the traditional mullet, consider incorporating a fade, like this, into your haircut. The mullet fade seamlessly blends the shorter sections into the longer back, creating a smooth and well-executed transition.

    Baseball Mullet Haircut

    Are you a sports enthusiast and want a haircut that reflects your passion? Look no further than this baseball mullet. This unique take on the mullet pairs the classic longer back with a shorter, perfectly shaped, and styled front section. The front resembles the bill of a baseball cap, giving it a sporty, modern twist.

    Asian Mullet Haircut

    The mullet knows no cultural boundaries, and this Asian mullet haircut is a testament to that. It takes inspiration from Asian fashion trends and combines them with a distinct mullet shape. Typically characterized by a full fringe and clean-cut sides, the Asian mullet adds a touch of sophistication to the traditional mullet.

    Mullet Haircut Curly Hair

    If you’re blessed with curly locks and want to enjoy the mullet trend, this curly hair mullet is the answer. Curly hair naturally adds volume and texture, making it an ideal match for the mullet’s playful, lively spirit.

    Zohna Tip

    Opt for longer curls at the back while keeping the front and sides shorter for a more balanced look.

    Shaggy Mullet Haircut

    If you’re into the effortless, carefree aesthetic, try this shaggy mullet haircut. This laid-back variation of the mullet exudes a rugged, undone charm. The back section is left longer and tousled, while the front and sides are kept slightly messy for that perfectly lived-in vibe.

    Edgar Mullet Haircut

    If you’re a fan of the mullet but prefer a cleaner, more structured appearance up front, the Edgar mullet is an excellent choice. The back section is kept longer, while the front and sides are perfectly combed and styled, creating a refined, dapper look that’s sure to impress.

    Reverse Mullet Haircut

    Feeling daring and wanting to flip the mullet on its head? Excuse the pun. With the reverse mullet, you can put a twist on this iconic hairstyle. is a unique take on this iconic hairstyle. As the name suggests, this style features longer front and side sections, with a shorter and more structured back.

    Long Mullet Haircut

    For men who want to fully embrace the mullet’s originality and showcase their rebellious side, this long mullet is a must-try. This style features a longer back section that extends down to the shoulders, creating a bold, eye-catching look.

    Zohna Tip

    Pair it with a beard and rockstar attitude, and you'll be ready to take on the world.

    Mexican Mullet Haircut

    Want to bring out your inner Mexican? Check out this Mexican mullet haircut. This variation is characterized by tapered sides and a longer, fuller back and top section, upgrading from the classic mullet.

    Cool Mullet Haircut

    If you always want to stay ahead of the trend curve, this cool mullet is for you. This style combines the best aspects of the mullet with modern elements to create a cutting-edge, fashion-forward look.

    Wolf Mullet Haircut

    Wolf Mullet HaircutInstagram@astonng__PIN

    We mentioned the wolf cut earlier, but what about the wolf mullet? This hairdo combines the wolf ‘s fierceness with the mullet’s distinctive shape. The result? A mesmerizing hairstyle that exudes confident untamed energy.

    Half Mullet Haircut

    If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to a traditional mullet, this half mullet offers a stylish gateway into the trend. As the name suggests, this style features a partial mullet, where the back section is left slightly long around the nape of the neck while the front and sides are kept shorter.

    V Mullet Haircut

    V Mullet HaircutInstagram@dust_cutsPIN

    Looking for a mullet that adds sharpness and structure to your facial features? This V mullet is the perfect choice. This variation shapes the back section into a distinct V formation, creating a modern, sophisticated look.

    Mullet Haircut 80s

    Mullet Haircut 80sInstagram@theron80sPIN

    No discussion about mullets would be complete without mentioning their iconic presence in the ’80s. This decade saw the mullet rise to prominence, becoming synonymous with the radical, carefree spirit of the times. If you’re a fan of retro styles or simply want to pay homage to this legendary era, try this ’80s mullet.

    Low Fade Mullet Haircut

    This style merges the classic mullet with a contemporary fade on the sides, resulting in a sleek, clean look that adds sophistication to the mullet.

    Check out this table providing an overview of the low fade mullet haircut

    Style Description
    Appearance Classic mullet combined with modern fade on sides.
    Versatility Works well with all hair types, suitable for various styles.
    Styling Options Messy and textured or polished and sleek, offering endless possibilities.
    Dress Code Versatile – suitable for casual or formal occasions.

    Korean Mullet Haircut

    If you’re a K-pop or Korean fashion fan, this Korean mullet haircut will win you over. This style is all about incorporating long, soft layers in the back while keeping the sides and top shorter. The Korean mullet exudes effortless coolness and is perfect for men who are feeling bold.

    Subtle Mullet Haircut

    If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to the mullet trend, a subtle mullet haircut might be the perfect choice. It features shorter layers in the back that blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair. The result is a more understated, versatile look that can easily be styled for any occasion.

    Country Mullet Haircut

    If you’re a country music fan and want to feel like a cowboy, this country mullet haircut can fulfill those desires. This style features shoulder-length hair at the back with shorter, more textured layers in the front and shaved sides.

    Taper Mullet Haircut

    The taper mullet is a modern take on the traditional mullet haircut. Featuring shorter layers at the back that gradually taper towards the nape of the neck, this taper mullet offers a sleek, polished look that is both stylish and versatile.

    Mullet Haircut Straight Hair

    If you have straight hair and want to rock a mullet, you’re in luck! The mullet haircut looks great on straight hair while offering a sleek, edgy look. Whether you have naturally straight hair or use a straightening iron, the straight hair mullet will turn heads.

    Zohna Tip

    Don't forget to shave line designs along your temple to increase the aesthetics of this hairstyle.

    Small Mullet Haircut

    If you prefer a more subtle and understated look, this one’s for you. It features shorter layers at the back that blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair. The small mullet offers a more subdued, versatile look that can be easily styled.

    Clean Mullet Haircut

    If you prefer a more polished, refined look, this clean mullet haircut should do the trick. This style features a shorter and neater cut along the side and front, while still maintaining the signature longer length at the back, except with a red-dyed twist.

    Perm Mullet Haircut

    If you want to add some volume and texture to your mullet, a perm mullet might be your number one priority. This style features curly or wavy hair in the back, adding a unique, eye-catching twist to the classic mullet.

    Middle Part Mullet Haircut

    Dig the middle part trend and want to incorporate it into your mullet, this middle part mullet haircut can help. This variation features a middle part in the front, with longer layers in the back. The middle part mullet offers a trendy look that’ll make you feel dapper AF.

    Hockey Mullet Haircut

    If you’re a hockey fan and want to show off your love for the sport, the hockey mullet haircut is a fun, unique choice. This style has a shorter, more textured front cut, with longer back hair. It exudes a playful, sporty vibe that is perfect for any fan.

    Mini Mullet Haircut

    For those fellas who prefer something a bit more low-key, this mini mullet haircut helps achieve the look. With shorter layers in the back that blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair, this variation has a subtle mullet effect.

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