17 Best Low Taper Fade Hair Looks for Men to Look Sharp and Clean

Updated on December 31, 2023
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    17 Best Low Taper Fade Hair Looks for Men to Look Sharp and Clean

    Does your hair feel shaggy sometimes? A bit overgrown, perhaps? Have you ever considered cleaning up those edges and getting a low taper fade?

    If you have some edges that need trimming or want to incorporate a fun, neat twist to your look, we suggest this super simple yet impactful haircut style. This cut suits any event or occasion and those trying to grow their hair out.

    If you decide to get a low taper fade, your barber may use multiple tools, such as:

    1. Scissors
    2. An electric razor
    3. A razor

    What Is a Low Taper Fade?

    A low taper fade is a type of haircut typically worn by men. With a low taper fade, the hair length starts to change below the ear, lower down on the head, as opposed to a high taper fade and a mid taper fade that begins above the ear.

    This hairstyle is also favorable because you can maintain some length on the sides while looking sharp and clean cut. It’s also great because you can do it on almost any hair type, even as a low taper fade curly hair look.

    The fade in a taper fade refers to taking the hair from long to short in a stylish way. A fade can be dramatic, abrupt, or soft and subtle, depending on what suits you best. A taper cut is about a natural-looking decrease in the length of your strands to keep everything looking tidy.

    Aside from the low taper fade, there are other fades, such as:

    1. Skin fade
    2. Mid fade
    3. High fade

    There are a few factors worth considering and consulting your barber about before getting a low taper fade. Check the chart below for a few things to consider before committing to this haircut.

    Things To Consider Before Getting Low Taper Fade Description
    Consider your personal lifestyle This is a huge one because depending on your lifestyle, like being a lawyer vs. a musician, you may want different low taper fade styles to suit your life. You should consult your barber about it; they’ll know what to do.
    Bring photos It’s always a great idea to bring pictures of other low taper fades you like to show your barber so they can see what you want.
    Hair thickness Thicker hair is best suited to a low taper fade and other fade styles. However, if you have thin hair, you are more limited to the types of fades that will suit you.
    Figuring out length Figure out or talk to your barber about the length you want your fade. The shorter the hair, the more visible the fade will be.
    Head shape Choosing a fade that works best for your head shape is essential. The higher your fade, the more head will show. A low taper fade might suit you best if you have a larger head.

    Now that you know a few factors worth considering before choosing your low taper fade style, you can peek at all the different types.

    Short Low Taper Fade

    This short low taper fade is excellent for those who want the hair’s lower layers to be extra short. The short low taper fade creates a cool-looking gradient effect from the longer hair at the top to the very short at the bottom.

    Long Hair Low Taper Fade

    Got long hair and want to clean it up a bit? Giving your head a low taper fade while keeping the long hair at the top is a great way to keep your luscious length while ensuring it doesn’t look messy and unorderly.

    Low Taper Fade Black Male

    Low Taper Fade Black MaleInstagram@z_ramseyPIN

    Want to keep your curls around the edges of your hair at bay? Give them a short trim like a low taper fade to keep them short. Keeping the outer areas around your hairline short will help to accentuate the beauty of your dark coils and curls.

    If you want to know how to keep Black hair and your scalp healthy, there are a couple of tips worth following so your low taper fade can look as good as possible, such as:

    1. Use a hot oil treatment twice a month for moisture and elasticity.
    2. Use caution when using relaxers.
    3. Use a ceramic comb or irons to press your hair.
    4. Ensure that your braids, weaves, or cornrows aren’t too tight – if it hurts getting them done, it likely means there will be some damage.

    Mexican Low Taper Fade

    Want to clean up your mild curls? Head to the barber and ask for a low taper fade to give your luscious locks some shape and structure by trimming the outer edges of your hair to look like a gradual fade.

    Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

    Low taper fades don’t discriminate! You can get a low taper fade on many hair types, long, short, curly, or straight; you name it.

    This low taper fade straight hair look is a great way to incorporate a unique look into your straight hair. Straight hair has limited uniqueness; therefore, adding fading to your locks can elevate your look.

    Low Taper Fade With Beard

    If you have a beard and want cohesion between it and your hair, this low taper fade with beard look will likely tickle your fancy. Adding a low taper fade around the lower edges of your hair and extending down to your sideburns will give your beard and hair a cool gradient effect that screams I have my stuff together.

    Afro Low Taper Fade

    Do you have an afro? No problem, get your barber in there with his trimmers to give you a low taper fade. The fade will clean up those edges so you can show off your afro and all its funk the way it deserves.

    Low Taper Fade Waves

    Don’t fret about cleaning up the edges if you have waves in your hair. You can still incorporate a low taper fade despite having waves. If you don’t know what waves are but are integrated, they are a hairstyle for people with curly or coily hair where the strands are either brushed or combed and then flattened to create a pattern that looks similar to ripples on water.

    Low Taper Fade Middle Part

    If you have long hair and need help with what to do with it, we suggest a low taper fade middle part style. The middle part style is something you have to do on your own, and it takes little effort. Just part your hair in the middle of your head.

    The middle parts are significant because they:

    • Complement the symmetry of your face
    • Elongate your face
    • Soften features

    Cleaning up the edges with a low taper fade will help accentuate the middle part’s significant aspects.

    Low Taper Fade White Male

    Anyone and everyone with short hair, no matter their ethnicity or hair type, can get a low taper fade. Low taper fade cleans up the outer layers of hair to give you a crisp and clean look.

    Low Taper Fade Comb Over

    Hair will inevitably begin to thin with age; it happens. If you are experiencing hair thinning in and around the crown of your hair, you have likely adopted the comb-over hairstyle, where you comb the hair forward or to the side to cover the balding.

    If that’s the case, you can accept the comb-over style and accentuate the hair you still got by taking care of it and cleaning up the edges.

    Low Taper Fade Edgar Cut

    If you are searching for a new way to switch up your mop, this low taper fade edgar cut may be your new look. An edgar cut consists of a cropped top, similar to a bowl cut, with the hair sitting in a straight line around the whole head.

    A low taper fade can help the haircut stand out and look even more pronounced.

    Low Taper Fade Textured Top

    This low taper fade textured top haircut is for thick-haired guys or people with thinner hair looking to add the illusion of a fuller head. You can add texture to your hair’s top by cutting some layers into your strands.

    The layers will add:

    • Movement
    • Texture
    • Volume

    Low Taper Fade Long On Top

    If you have slightly longer hair on the top of your head, it could freshen up your look to get a low taper fade. Low taper fade long on top haircut looks young but professional as the edges are clean cut.

    This hair is excellent for someone who loves their hair a bit longer but works in a slightly professional environment where they need to look put together and clean cut.

    Low Taper Fade Slick Back

    If you have slicked-back hair and want to continue with the clean pulled-back look, we suggest the low taper fade slick-back style. This haircut will look great and add cohesion to the out-of-the-way effortless look that a slick back style gives off.

    Zohna Tip

    Using gels and other products to slick back the hair can damage the strands. A moisturizing hair mask once a week will help maintain your hair's health.

    Low Taper Fade Mohawk

    If you have a mohawk, you are definitely someone who likes to show off their personality in their hairstyle choices. While the mohawk shows off your fun side, we suggest adding a low taper fade to show off your mature side.

    Low Taper Fade With Sideburns

    Being different and unique is a great thing we encourage here at Zohna. Even though the norm of low taper fades is to remove sideburns, there’s nothing wrong with keeping them. Sometimes when you have a beard, it may look funny to remove your sideburns; therefore, a low taper fade with sideburns may be your go-to look.

    How To Do A Low Taper Fade

    A low taper fade isn’t non-accomplishable at home. Instead, they should become easy to do in the bathroom mirror once you get the hang of it. Before we tell you how to do a low taper fade, there are a few things worth noting.

    One of the main factors for consideration before any haircut is your hair type. We aren’t talking about straight vs. curly; we are talking about thickness vs. thinness. Check out the chart below to determine which low taper fades best suit your thick or thin hair.

    Low Taper Fades for Thin Hair Low Taper Fades for Thick Hair
    • Short Low Taper Fade
    • Low Taper Fade Comb Over
    • Low Taper Fade Slick Back
    • Long Low Taper Fade
    • Low Taper Fade Edgar Cut
    • Low Taper Fade Mohawk

    If a low taper fade style was mentioned previously and not placed into the chart, it likely means that it works for thinner and thicker hair.

    One last thing you need to know before doing a low taper fade or purchasing the tools you need is electric razor guard lengths. Some products have unique guard lengths, but for the most part, they are pretty similar. Check out the chart below of the most common guard sizes and the amounts of hair they trim.

    Guard Size For Low Taper Fade Inches MM
    #0.5 1/16″ 1.5mm
    #1 1/8″ 3mm
    #1.5 3/16 4.5mm
    #2 1/4 6mm
    #3 3/8 10mm
    #4 1/2 13mm

    Now that you know the different styles, their suitability to hair types, and the guards and the length they leave the hair in inches and millimeters, we can tell you how to give yourself a low taper fade.

    What you’ll need for a low taper fade:

    • Electric trimmer
    • At least two different guard lengths
    • Scissors
    • Hair gel (optional)

    Step #1

    Before you start trimming, we suggest washing your hair. When it’s clean and a bit damp, it’s easier and more pliable to move around. Make sure you comb through your hair, so there are no tangles.

    If your hair is drying too fast, use a spray bottle with water to dampen it.

    Step #2

    The most crucial step is choosing the right clippers. You should have two different clipper lengths – adjusting electric clippers is the best tool for achieving a fade. Ensure you get one with several guard types because different sizes help achieve that gradual length transition – a fade.

    Step #3

    The key to a good fade is balance; therefore, you want to ensure you are evening things out by giving the head a quick trim at the top of your head.

    Remember that it’s always best to cut off a small amount and work your way one snip at a time to get shorter strands; that way, you don’t accidentally go too short.

    Step #4:

    Start your fade with a low-numbered guard, like #4. Use the low-numbered guard, start just below the tip of the ear, and trim off the area you want to be shorter. Hold the clippers vertically and move slowly in sweeping motions.

    The #4 guard will trim your hair to 12mm long.

    Step #5

    Once you’ve covered the area you want to be trimmed, it’s time to move to the next guard. Try moving down a size or two and begin the same motions below the place where the first trim starts.

    Guard #2 will trim your hair to 6mm long. Continue going down in guard size till you get the length you like.

    Step #6

    Once you hit a length you want, return to the higher-numbered guard and run it over the areas where the different hair lengths met to help smooth it out.

    Step #7

    If you want to be extra precise, use a razor to go around the edges.

    Now you should have a nice clean-cut fade that looks fantastic. Remember to style your hair as usual; that way, you can slowly get used to your new low taper fade.

    If you are starting, it may be helpful to have a friend around to ensure you are getting all the spots you might not be able to see, like the back of your head.


    • How To Ask Your Barber For A Low Taper Fade

      Your barber should already know what a low taper fade is. However, if they don’t or you want to be able to ask them, ask them for a fade that starts below the ears. Bringing images is always a good call.

    • How Much Does A Low Taper Fade Cost?

      There isn’t a set price for a low taper fade. However, a few factors go into the price determination, such as the barber you choose to go to, the city you live in, and the type of fade you want. Typically it starts at $35 and works upwards.

    • Low Taper Fade vs. High Taper Fade

      A low taper fade starts below the ears and is less noticeable. A high taper fade starts way above the ears, around the temples, showing off more of the head and cutting off more of the hair.

    • What Clipper Length is Used?

      The choice of clipper length depends on how short and significant you want the fade. The lower the guard number, the shorter the hair will be. Typically on low taper fades, there isn’t much of a gradual fade; therefore, you likely use a low guard number and one other one a few numbers higher to help with the gradual fade.

    Taper All The Way

    Hopefully, our list of low taper fade haircuts and descriptions of everything you need to know and how to do it will help you decide on your next haircut. This simple cut doesn’t involve much change, but a little goes a long way. Not only will you look good, but you’ll look sharp and clean.