14 Best Glitter Eyeliner Looks & Products to Make You Sparkle

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    Glitter EyelinerPIN

    14 Best Glitter Eyeliner Looks & Products to Make You Sparkle

    Find your silver lining with one or more of these unbeatable lustrous glitter eyeliner looks. Prepare to feel gleaming and polished. We glitterally cannot with the fantastic looks and products we have sprinkled out for you. Get ready to add more glitter to be less bitter!

    Before we get started, you might want to know the difference between glitter and sparkle eyeliners. Check out the table below to determine the differences.

    Glitter Eyeliner Characteristics Sparkle Eyeliner Characteristics
    • Chunky particles
    • Can physically see the glitter bits
    • It provides lots of shine and sparkle
    • Fine particles
    • It needs to reflect light to see the sparkle
    • It provides a softer look

    Glitter Eyeliner Video Tutorial

    Learn 3 different ways to do glitter eyeliner in this easy step by step tutorial.

    Best Glitter Eyeliner Looks

    If the sound of finding what makes you sparkle sounds intriguing, we have the best glitter eyeliner looks lined up for you below. There are dark glitter, bright and light glitters, and more. Help get your creative juices pumping and continue reading.

    Black Glitter Eyeliner

    If you want to look sexy and sultry, this black glitter eyeliner look will take you there. This makeup on its own doesn’t need any black glitter, but the addition of it makes the eyes all that more striking. 

    Pair this with an eyebrow slit design for an extra edgy look.

    Gold Glitter Eyeliner

    Gold glitter eyeliner is the versatile liner you had no clue you needed in your life. Allow this gold liner to elevate any makeup look for a show-stopping appearance. The flecks of glitter will illuminate your eyes and eyeshadow, ensuring the glitter and shadow stand out.

    Glitter Eyeliner Silver

    Catch everyone’s attention with this ‘glitter eyeliner silver’ look. The silver glitter eyeliner on its own stands out perfectly, creating a minimalist yet applaud-worthy glitter eyeliner look.

    Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

    Heavy Metal Glitter EyelinerInstagram@szb0524PIN

    Despite being called heavy metal glitter eyeliner, this look is anything but. This simple winged eyeliner look is fantastic when done with liner that mimics the look of heavy metal. You could tackle so many unique and festive looks with this bold eyeliner color.

    Blue Glitter Eyeliner

    Blue Glitter EyelinerInstagram@vera_punPIN

    Blue glitter eyeliner is one fantastic way to make a statement. Feel the motion of the ocean with this beautiful Caribbean sea blue eyeliner look. A simple swipe of glitter blue eyeliner above a black wing will create a stunning makeup look.

    Korean Glitter Eyeliner

    Korean skincare and beauty are some of the best in the world; lucky for you, many of them carry glitter eyeliners.

    Some popular Korean makeup brands you can check out for glitter eyeliner are:

    Pink Glitter Eyeliner

    Pink glitter eyeliner is unbeatable. It’s absolutely gorgeous; we can’t get enough of it. Even the most petite wing will have you shining bright and looking like a Barbie (in the best ways.)

    Green Glitter Eyeliner

    Green glitter eyeliner is what fairy tales are made of. Look at how gorgeous and lush this green eyeliner looks. Despite being relatively simple, the green glitter eyeliner makes it appear even more complex.

    Stardust Glitter Eyeliner

    Stardust glitter eyeliner is a mix of silver and gold. The shimmery flecks together create an iridescent color that looks creamy and delicious. If we could eat this glitter eyeliner, we would!

    Galaxy Glitter Eyeliner

    A mix of purple and blue glitter eyeliner creates this ethereal galaxy glitter eyeliner look. Apply your glitter eyeliner shades over your lids, and then, using your finger, blend them all over the lid to replicate this messy yet dazzling look.

    Purple Glitter Eyeliner

    Purple glitter eyeliner is out of this world. With a simple winged purple liner, you can look and feel as glamorous as you deserve.

    Red Glitter Eyeliner

    Instead of using red glitter eyeliner as eyeliner, switch up your routine and use it as eyeshadow. A couple of sweeps of red eyeliner over top of the eyelid will effortlessly give you a unique look that a regular glitter eyeshadow can’t do.

    Under Eye Glitter Eyeliner

    Using glitter eyeliner in unassuming ways can create beautiful and angelic makeup looks. We love the dusting of gold glitter eyeliner in the inner and outer corners.

    Puppy Glitter Eyeliner

    Puppy eyeliner is a popular eyeliner style in the makeup world. But we suggest you try out puppy glitter eyeliner instead. Just replace your usual black eyeliner with any glitter liner of your choice. It won’t look as dark and broody as regular puppy eyeliner, but it will look glittery and fun!

    Top Glitter Eyeliners

    You can purchase many glitter eyeliner products to achieve your favorite looks. But, to help narrow your choices, we have selected five of our favorite products and glitter eyeliner types.

    NYX Glitter Eyeliner

    NYX’s Liquid Crystal Liner is our silver lining. This hip glitter eyeliner will have you shimmering and shining like no other. The stunning gold shade is the ideal summer shimmer for your makeup look.

    Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

    Glitter liquid eyeliner is a sheerer member of the glitter eyeliner family. However, sometimes a thin line of glitter overtop of existing eyeliner is the hint of glam you didn’t know your look was missing.

    Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner

    Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner is the glitter liner of our dreams. This top-notch product has a buildable formula that dries fast, lasts long, and is easy to apply. This light pink iridescent glitter glides on smoothly with zero fallout.

    Uhue Glitter Eyeliner

    The Chinese brand Uhue has a fantastic, Arbitrarily Excellent Eyeliner Pen in many different glitter shades. The felt tip allows for the seamless application of their transparent and opaque glitter formulas.

    Glitter Eyeliner Elf

    Elf’s Stardust Glitter Eyeliner will transform you into a glittery star. Allow this eyeliner to progress your existing eyeliner into a metallic finish. This formula is ideal for layering and creating dramatic effects. You can also wear this liner alone for a wash of shimmer.

    Glitter Eyeliner Pencils

    Glitter eyeliner pencils are great for creating shimmery smoke shows on your eyes. A good quality formula should glide on smooth and creamy with precision. Glitter eyeliner pencils are usually highly pigmented and great on their own. You can ditch your black eyeliner pencil and replace it with a glitter pencil.

    Etude Glitter Eyeliner

    ETUDE Tear Drop Eye Liner
    $8.00 ($8.00 / Count)
    10/30/2023 08:51 pm GMT

    Etude’s glitter eyeliner is the magic sparkle in a bottle. The crystal and opal pearls sparkle brilliantly. This Tear Drop eyeliner is super long-lasting and waterproof. Etude promises locked and loaded sparkles with zero fallout throughout the day. You can wear this product alone or over top of eyeshadow and eyeliner.

    Peripera Glitter Eyeliner

    10/30/2023 08:40 pm GMT

    Peripera’s Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye Stick is a two-in-one eyeshadow god sent. This pen gives you a dewy and soft, irresistible glow. One end is a brightener that helps brighten the eyes and gives you a wide-awake appearance. The other side is a transparent shimmer pearl that adds sparkle to your look.

    How To Apply Glitter Eyeliner

    There are a handful of ways to use glitter eyeliner. You can try it on its own, with other eyeliner, or not as an eyeliner. We want to show you our favorite way to use glitter eyeliner, so take a peek at the tutorial below!

    What you need to apply glitter eyeliner:

    1. Eye primer
    2. Concealer
    3. Glitter eyeliner

    Step #1

    Apply a blob of eye primer on each eyelid. This will help prime the eyes into a smooth surface for the concealer and eyeliner.

    Step #2

    Apply a thin layer of concealer over the lower and upper eyelids. This will help eliminate any veins under the skin. Blend it out using your fingertips or a brush.

    Step #3

    Now it’s the step you’ve all been waiting for! You can apply glitter eyeliner however you want, but we think a simple winged eyeliner is perfect. Using the glitter eyeliner, line your upper lash line.

    Step #4

    When you get to the outer corner, use your outer lashes as a guide and create a small flick of eyeliner right behind those lashes. It can go beyond them or the length of them.

    Step #5

    Draw a line of eyeliner from the tip of the wing you just created to the middle of the eye. Fill in the gap.

    There you have it, simple glitter eyeliner that looks anything but simple!


    • How To Make Glitter Eyeliner Yourself?

      Making homemade glitter eyeliner is much easier than it sounds. All you need is loose glitter and petroleum jelly. Mix melted petroleum jelly and glitter and continuously stir for five minutes. Eventually, it will harden and turn into waterproof eyeliner; it’s that simple!

    • How to Stack Glitter Eyeliner?

      One of the best ways to use glitter eyeliner is to stack it over other eyeliners. For example, a black wing with glitter eyeliner stacked will make your wing stand out. It might seem pointless but trust us on this one.

    Glitter Eyeliner Is Glitterally The Best

    Glitter eyeliner is one of those magical makeup products that just makes things better. You can use it in endless ways, and each method is better than the next. We hope that something spoke to you amongst the different styles and products!