12 Trending Puppy Eyeliner Looks + Step by Step Tutorial

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    Puppy EyelinerPIN

    12 Trending Puppy Eyeliner Looks + Step by Step Tutorial

    Do we ever have a tail to tell you about all things puppy eyeliner! If you have been sniffing out a new eyeliner style, you are barking up the right tree cause we have the perfect new look for you.

    We’re mutts about puppy eyeliner, and so should you. So join the pack of puppy eyeliner lovers and continue reading to discover different styles, products, and tricks of the trade; no, they don’t consist of sitting, lying down, or rolling over, and no, you don’t get a treat after.

    What is Puppy Liner?

    Puppy eyeliner is a diamond in the ruff. If you’re wondering “what is puppy eyeliner,” it’s a makeup technique involving a downward curve at the outer edges of your eyes. To put it simply, a puppy liner is a downturned wing. We love this eyeliner because it’s named after puppies and compliments every eye shape. However, it works best for downturned, deep-set, and hooded eye shapes.

    How to do Puppy Eyeliner Tutorial

    Follow this simple video tutorial to do puppy eyeliner yourself easily.

    If you want to know how to do puppy eye eyeliner, sink your teeth into this. We have a step-by-step, in-depth tutorial below to help you get a paws-itively great puppy eyeliner look.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, we have a few tricks we want to show you.

    Tips For Doing Puppy Eyeliner Description
    Use tape to help draw the wing. If you haven’t done many winged eyeliner looks before, lay the tape down on the outer corner of the eye almost precisely how you envision your wing, and you can use it as a guide.
    Use a winged eyeliner stencil. There are winged eyeliner stencils that you can purchase that help you draw the perfect wing. Just flip it facing downwards instead of upwards.
    Clean up with concealer. If your wing and bottom lash liner look a bit wonky, using concealer is a fantastic hack to help sharpen those edges.
    Practice makes perfect. We know you hear this one often, but it’s true regarding eyeliner. The more you do it, the easier it will become, and in no time, you will be a puppy eyeliner expert.

    Here’s what you’ll need for puppy eyeliner:

    1. Complexion-colored eyeshadow
    2. Eyeliner
    3. White eyeshadow or eyeliner
    4. Eyeshadow that matches the eyeliner color
    5. Mascara

    Now that you have all your ducks in a row, it’s time to dig into the tutorial for puppy eyeliner.

    Step #1

    Begin by getting a good base. Apply an eyeshadow color comparable to your skin tone on the lid and lower lashline using a blending brush.

    Step #2

    Starting at the outer corner, using dark eyeliner, create a line extending straight past your lashes to create a wing.

    Step #3

    Use a dense eyeliner brush with an eyeshadow shade that matches your eyeliner, and tidy up and smoke out the eyeliner line slightly. Extend the shadow past the middle of the eye, close to the inner corner, even if you didn’t apply eyeliner in the area.

    Step #4

    Using the same brush and eyeshadow, start at the outer corner of the lower lash line and pack on the shadow. Take it just under the pupil of your eye. Use the shadow to connect the wing to the bottom lashes slightly.

    Step #5

    Using a clean eyeshadow brush, blend out the shadow on the lower lash line so it doesn’t look too harsh.

    Step #6

    Using white eyeliner or eyeshadow, add some to your inner corner to brighten up the eyes. Add some shimmer if you don’t have either white products or want to sparkle more.

    Step #7

    Add mascara to finish the look; you are all done! Don’t forget to add mascara to your bottom lashes. It will look strange if you have eyeliner and eyeshadow on your lower lashline but zero mascara.

    Puppy vs Cat Liner Main Differences

    Now, don’t get too heated at the mention of cats; we promise there aren’t any around.

    Puppy and cat liners are relatively similar; the only notable difference is one is downturned, and the other is upturned. Puppy eyeliner is essentially cat eyeliner inverted, pointing more downwards than upwards. To know more about the distinguishable differences, check out the table below.

    Puppy Eyeliner Cat Eyeliner
    • Curved downwards
    • It makes eyes look like puppy dog eyes
    • Creates the appearance of downturned eyes
    • It makes eyes look softer
    • Curved upwards
    • It makes eyes look like cat eyes
    • Creates the appearance of upturned eyes
    • It makes eyes look sharp

    If neither of these two eyeliner looks isn’t doing it for you before you exit, here is a list of a few different eyeliner styles you could try, such as:

    1. All-around winged eyeliner
    2. Floating crease eyeliner
    3. Natural eyeliner
    4. Reversed winged eyeliner
    5. Smoky eyeliner

    Best Puppy Eyeliner Looks

    Now that you know all the inner workings of puppy eyeliner and how to do it at home, we wanted to show you a few of our favorite styles. You can alter and combine any of these looks if you wish to; they’re just here to inspire your creative juices.

    Puppy Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

    Puppy eyeliner for hooded eyes is done the same as for any eye shape. Puppy eyeliner suits hooded eyes best, as there isn’t much application on the eyelids. If you want to do an eyeliner look for hooded eyes, just focus on keeping the wing pointing straight out with no upwards curve. This will prevent any collision with your upper eyelid.

    Korean Puppy Eyeliner

    Korean Puppy EyelinerInstagram@channelPIN

    This eyeliner style originated in Korea as a beauty trend meant to make the eyes appear larger and rounder.

    People of Korean descent typically have monolids. If you have a monolid, the skin from your upper eyelid will fall, covering the inner part and most of the lower eyelid. We recommend angling the wing slightly downward instead of straight across for Korean puppy eyeliner. This will prevent any collision with your upper eyelid.

    Downward Puppy Eyeliner

    If you have upturned eyes and want to make them look level or feed into the puppy dog eyes, we suggest this downward puppy eyeliner look. Angling the wing of eyeliner down slightly more than normal will create the appearance of somewhat downturned or leveled eyes, depending on your eye shape.

    Puppy Liner With Liquid Eyeliner

    If you want to use liquid eyeliner to get the puppy eyeliner look, be our guest! You will get sharp lines and killer wings. But, part of puppy eyeliner connects the wing to the lower lash line, which will likely look funny if you use liquid eyeliner on the lower lash line; therefore, we suggest you smoke out the liner with a black shadow after. Achieving puppy liner with liquid eyeliner is doable; it just takes an extra step.

    Puppy Eyeliner Alt

    Do you want to look different from the rest? This puppy eyeliner alt look will give you that alternative look and feel without much effort. To make this look alternative, focus mainly on the lower lash line. The darker the area, the better.

    Another suggestion is adding some color. Try incorporating glitter eyeliner, red eyeliner, white eyeliner, or purple eyeliner on the bottom lashline for a fun pop of color.

    Clown Puppy Eyeliner

    This puppy eyeliner look might make you howl or whimper. But we think it’s pretty cool. This style is perfect for a clown Halloween costume or celebrating the holiday.

    The minimal clown-like detail won’t be too tricky to do, plus it adds an element of uniqueness which is always fun when trying out different makeup looks.

    Anime Puppy Eyeliner

    Anime puppy eyeliner is about grasping that caricature feel. With patience and practice, this look will be achievable for you in no time! You only need to create little wings that fan out of your larger one. This will make that distinct anime makeup look.

    We highly suggest using liquid eyeliner and going over it with pencil eyeliner or dark eyeshadow.

    Smoky Puppy Eyeliner

    Despite traditional puppy eyeliner stopping mid-way on the lower lash line, we have presented you with an alternative to continuing it on the entire lash line. And there is no need to worry; you won’t be in the makeup dog house if you try this out.

    Half Sharp Half Smoked Puppy Eyeliner

    We suggest this half-smoky liner paired with a sharp liner look to create a unique contrast. For this makeup illusion, you need liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. Use the liquid eyeliner on top to get that precise glossy line, and then the liner pencil for the smoky, messy look.

    Zohna Tip

    Instead of regular Q-tips, use pointed-ended Q-tips to help clean up your eyeliner for a sharp and precise wing.

    Siren Puppy Eyeliner

    This siren puppy eyeliner look is a mix between cat and puppy eyeliner. What makes it so unique is the little inner corner liner that pulls your eyes inward and gives them a sharp and sexy look you can’t resist.

    Soft Winged Puppy Eyeliner

    For some of us, a harsh dark wing can be too bold for our eyes or the plans we have. Therefore, we present you with soft-winged puppy eyeliner. The trick to this look is, blending, blending, and more blending.

    Graphic Puppy Eyeliner

    Graphic Puppy EyelinerInstagram@cropberryPIN

    This graphic puppy eyeliner look may take a bit of training, but eventually, you’ll be graphic puppy eyeliner trained in no time. We love the cut crease, the red glitter eyeliner, and the soft smoked-out lower lash line.

    Puppy Eyeliner Products We Love

    Since we have shown you a paw full of our favorite puppy eyeliner looks, it’s time to shift gears. Our tails are wagging with excitement to tell you about our three favorite puppy eyeliner products below.

    10/31/2023 12:35 am GMT

    This pencil eyeliner by Revlon is our go-to product for puppy eyeliner. What makes it so perfect for this specific liner style is the sponge at the end that helps you to smudge out the liner. So forget about adding shadow over the top to smudge things out; you already have the perfect smudger.

    Key features include:

    • Long-wearing
    • Waterproof
    • Up to 24 hours of wear
    • Built-in sharpener
    • Versatile

    Stila is one of the go-to eyeliner brands on the market. Their formulas are trustworthy and help to create beautiful lines of eyeliner. This product glides on smoothly with zero tugging, smudging, or fading. It lasts long and is easy to smudge moments after application to get that smoky liner look.

    Who doesn’t love a little two-in-one? This UCANBE 2 in 1 black and brown gel eyeliner set is perfect for creating the puppy eyeliner of your dreams. The black shade creates a distinct look, while the brown is better for more subtle puppy eyeliner styles.

    Key product features:

    • Set of two eyeliners
    • Creamy
    • Waterproof
    • Smudge-proof
    • It comes with two small eyeliner brushes


    • Does Puppy Eyeliner Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

      This Koren beauty trend is meant to make the eyes appear larger and rounder. Therefore, technically your eyes would appear more prominent.

    • Is Puppy Liner Difficult To Do?

      Puppy eyeliner can be as challenging or effortless as you want. It may take a few tries to get the downturned wing right, but you should be cruising once you have the hang of it.

      If you do the classic puppy eyeliner look, with the outward wing that connects to the lower lash line, you will find that pretty easy once you are able to get a hang of it. However, if you tackle anime puppy eyeliner or clown puppy eyeliner, for example, you may find it slightly more challenging. However, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

    Paw-sitively Perfect Eyeliner

    Perhaps you are more of a cat-liner person, and that’s okay; puppy eyeliner isn’t for everyone. But if you love this look, we hope that one of the many styles, products, and tips got your tales wagging. We’re sure that whatever style you choose will look fantastic on you. Just remember that tackling unique eyeliner looks can take some training and time, but you’ll get the hang of it sooner than later!