27 Goth Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    27 Goth Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

    Goth makeup looks have something inexplicably mysterious about them. They make a strong impression and are usually filled with visually striking elements like dark lipstick, bold eyeliner, a pale complexion, and dramatic lashes.

    Whether you’re a fan of goth bands like Drab Majesty or are simply intrigued by the idea of wearing different makeup styles, the odds lean in your favor. You’re likely to find a goth makeup style that you absolutely love.

    Here is a helpful breakdown of some of the most popular goth makeup styles worth trying the next time you’re in the mood for a dramatic transformation.

    Trad Goth Makeup

    Grab a dark lipstick shade you love with black eyeliner and a complementary eye shadow.

    To get the trad goth makeup look right, make sure to even your skin tone with a foundation of your choice.

    Simple Goth Makeup

    This is a classic choice that gets the job done without being extra. Simple goth makeup combines noticeably dark lips (go as dark as you like), exaggerated eyeshadow, and well-defined eyebrows.

    Zohna Tip

    Tweeze your eyebrows at home or get them done at a salon to achieve defined eyebrows that flatter your face shape.

    Pastel Goth Makeup

    If you’re headed to a costume party and need a soft goth makeup look that highlights your best features, check out pastel goth makeup.

    It’s a cute style that can be tweaked based on your desire. Also, you can recreate this look with different pastel shades like pink, baby blue, mint green, or lavender.

    Pastel goth makeup usually features:

    • Colorful lips
    • Shimmery eyelids
    • Dramatic eyelashes

    Take your style up a notch by wearing a pastel-colored wig to complete your look.

    Aesthetic Goth Makeup

    You’ve got what it takes to slay while perfecting your aesthetic goth makeup game. Make your lips stand out with a dramatic lip tint followed by a gloss for a blurred effect. Next, add two coats of mascara to your eyelashes. Don’t forget to shake things up with red eyeshadow. Line your eyes with dark black liner and add gemstones to complete your goth makeup look.

    Pretty Goth Makeup

    For a pretty goth makeup look, apply plum-colored lipstick. Add winged liner for extra drama, and use a liberal coat of mascara for your lashes.

    You can keep your base simple with a moisturizer and a primer if you like. Psst…black nail polish goes perfectly with this look. You’re welcome.

    Witch Goth Makeup

    Witch Goth MakeupInstagram@kirin.leePIN

    This style is worth considering whenever you need inspiration for your Halloween look.

    Start with a clean base before applying foundation, concealer, and a hint of blush to your cheeks. A matte brown lipstick works wonders for this look.

    You can also add:

    • Light-colored lenses
    • Dramatic eye shadow
    • Rhinestones
    • Statement rings

    80s Goth Makeup

    80s Goth MakeupInstagram@zsadaminaPIN

    Go big or go home. 80s goth makeup is the perfect ode to a bygone era and is guaranteed to earn you scores of compliments from friends and strangers alike.

    Embrace voluminous hair for this look, and add winged eyeliner for a powerful effect. Next, throw on a bomber jacket and put on some dark lipstick. All set to impress, aren’t we?

    90s Goth Makeup

    90s Goth MakeupInstagram@_galateaaPIN

    If you’ve been listening to Green Day and feeling nostalgic about the 1990s, why not give yourself a makeover inspired by the 90s?

    Here’s a mini-guide to help you achieve the perfect 90s goth makeup look:

    1. Start with a moisturized face and apply foundation with a beauty blender. Add some powder and blend it in.
    2. Add an eyeshadow primer before applying a combination of eyeshadow, starting from the lightest shade to the darkest.
    3. Apply mascara and eyeliner before using dark cherry-colored lipstick to add a pop of color to your lips.

    Cute Goth Makeup

    It’s all about emphasizing your eyes in this look. Use plenty of mascara on your eyelashes, and add a thick layer of black eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

    Use a lip liner and matte lipstick to highlight your cute goth makeup style.

    Zohna Tip

    Septum rings look stunning with goth makeup. Feel free to accessorize with one while finalizing your look.

    Male Goth Makeup

    Did you really think that goth makeup looks are only meant for ladies? We assure you that’s not the case.

    Pull off a memorable male goth makeup look with a black eyeliner of your choice. Don’t forget to use it on your waterline before adding dark eyeshadow to your lids for an unforgettable look.


    If you love drama and can’t get enough of makeup styles that make heads turn wherever you go, you’ve got to hop on to the bandwagon and try dramatic goth makeup.

    This look requires time and patience.

    To achieve this look, you’ll need to invest in a:

    • High-quality primer
    • Foundation that suits your skin type
    • Dark black eyeliner
    • Mascara
    • Colorful eyeshadow palette
    • Black lipstick

    Mall Goth Makeup

    Mall goth makeup is all about adding interesting elements to your overall look to make it stand out from other similar styles.

    You’re looking at graphic eyeliner patterns that extend beyond the eyelids to form interesting shapes, a flattering lip color, and a clean complexion that allows the focus to shift to your eyes.

    Soft Goth Makeup

    Truth be told, goth makeup doesn’t have to be loud to leave behind a lasting impression.

    Soft goth makeup is cute, distinctive, and eye-catching. Take a cue from the example pictured above and add tiny hearts under your eyes and minuscule dots (with white eyeliner) to your nose for a unique look.

    Easy Goth Makeup

    Some makeup looks can be tricky to master if you’re learning something new, like how to apply Seint makeup.

    But don’t sweat it. Whether you’re exploring Seint makeup or goth makeup, it’s possible to make the process simple and easy to follow. Minimalism is key.

    Remember – goth makeup looks can be as dramatic or understated as you’d like them to be.

    For an easy goth makeup style, use:

    1. A pair of colorful lenses
    2. Dark eyeliner
    3. Falsies to highlight your gorgeous lashes

    Black Goth Makeup

    As you can imagine, this look features plenty of black elements. For starters, stick to an all-black outfit and use thick dark eyeliner to create the perfect black goth makeup look.

    Black lipstick is your best friend in this case and can help complete your look with minimal effort.

    Beautiful Goth Look

    This is an ideal style for those who don’t shy away from making a bold statement, like wearing bright red lipstick.

    First things first. To achieve a beautiful goth look, you must prep and prime your face before applying foundation.

    Add dark liner and experiment with eyeshadow to achieve a distinctive look like the example pictured above. Don’t forget to apply a bright red lipstick of your choice.

    Sexy Goth Makeup

    The key to nailing this look is to add an unexpected twist, like a red liner, to your waterline.

    That said, you can expect to find all the usual suspects here, like lipstick, a thick coat of mascara, black eyeliner, and well-defined eyebrows.

    Extreme Goth Makeup

    This is the ideal look for a Halloween party and works exceptionally well when you’re running out of ideas and need a quick fix.

    Take inspiration from the picture above to draw fake tears with eyeliner. Use an unconventional lipstick shade like purple to make your look stand out. And hey, don’t be afraid to flaunt your unique style. You got this.

    Romantic Goth

    Don’t feel like you have to go for a quintessentially dark look to get goth makeup right. You’re free to add personal touches to a makeup look to make it your own.

    If you’re going for a romantic goth look, focus on nailing your eyeshadow game with perfectly blended colors and moisturized, glossy lips. Put on a high-neck black dress for bonus points.

    Kawaii Goth

    The cardinal rule to remember while experimenting with a Kawaii goth makeup look is simple. You’re going for a doll makeup style while sticking to the goth aesthetic.

    Cute eyelashes, dark liner, and nude lips combined with plenty of accessories will get the job done in no time. Feeling funky? Play with gorgeous pastel colors like lavender and light pink to elevate your look.

    Emo Goth Makeup

    Who doesn’t like tapping into their emo side every once in a while and using fashion to wear their heart on their sleeve?

    Emo goth makeup is the answer to all your questions if you’ve been frantically looking for a way to express yourself. Pink hair, black lipstick, eyeliner art, and some silver jewelry will help you achieve the perfect look.

    Victorian Goth Makeup

    If you’re the kind of person who loves all things Victorian, you’re gonna hop in excitement when you hear more about this goth makeup style.

    This style is a clear ode to the Victorian era, full of intriguing elements, including smokey eyes, pale skin, dark eyeshadow, and a hint of lipstick.

    Red Goth Makeup

    Goth makeup looks have evolved with time to include countless interpretations, including red goth makeup.

    Add a black and red wig to your look and liberally apply red eyeshadow to create a memorable style. Graphic eyeliner can elevate this style in seconds. Also, black lips with a hint of red won’t let you down.

    Everyday Goth Makeup

    We get it – goth makeup looks can be a tad too severe and extreme for everyday style. But don’t fret. Creating an everyday goth makeup look with just a few tools is possible.

    For everyday goth makeup, make sure you have:

    • White eyeliner
    • Black eyeliner
    • Mascara
    • Nude lip gloss

    Don’t forget to use nude (or light-colored) lip gloss to avoid making things too dramatic. Psst…black accessories always help.

    Purple Goth

    Are you a fan of all things purple? If yes, come to the dark and colorful side to explore the world of purple goth makeup.

    The rule is simple – you’ve got to use the shade to your advantage. Highlight your eyes with purple eyeshadow and add dark eyeliner for contrast. Next, apply a coat or two of purple lipstick and a purple dress for a truly unmatched look.

    Egirl Goth Makeup

    Egirl Goth MakeupInstagram@pinipyPIN

    This is a fun and feisty take on goth makeup. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with white eyeshadow, and use dark eyeliner and mascara to accentuate your eyes.

    Apply black lipstick and add some blush to your cheeks. Like the example pictured above, use liquid eyeliner to add tiny dots to your face for a playful look.

    Cyber Goth Makeup

    Cyber Goth MakeupInstagram@noctumethPIN

    Cyber goth makeup is unapologetic and flamboyant. Don’t be surprised if you spot bright colors – this is the essence of this makeup style that favors striking hues.

    In the picture above, for example, you’ll spot turquoise hues everywhere. The lips have a rare ombre shade that fades from colorful turquoise to black.

    Goth Makeup Tutorial

    Getting started with goth makeup can feel intimidating. You may ask yourself, “Is my black lipstick too black?”

    Relax; we’re here to help you out. Refer to the handy goth makeup tutorial below for more.

    Goth Makeup Step Description
    1. Cleanse and prep your face
    You need to start with a clean base. This means cleansing and moisturizing your face before applying a pri