22 Best White Eyeliner Looks & Products

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    22 Best White Eyeliner Looks & Products

    If you have ever wondered what you might look like with bigger and brighter eyes, this is your sign to figure it out. White eyeliner is the current makeup trend kicking up traction on the online world for having the magic powers of making the eyes appear brighter.

    White eyeliner is fantastic for creating unique and fun designs, brightening your face, and looking subtle and bold simultaneously.

    White Eyeliner Video Tutorial

    Learn 3 different ways to do white eyeliner in this easy step by step tutorial.

    Main Reasons to Use White Eyeliner

    We love makeup for its boundlessness. It can be used in a plethora of unique and fun ways to temporarily alter the way you look or express yourself. Makeup is much more than changing the reflection in the mirror; it’s made to have fun with and to experiment with.

    White eyeliner is an exemplary product of this, and we wanted to let you in on our favorite reasons and ways to use white eyeliner.

    Main Reasons to Use White Eyeliner Reasoning
    It brightens eyes and face If you use white eyeliner on the eyes, it will instantly brighten them and your face.
    It makes you look more awake Adding white eyeliner to your top and bottom waterlines is the perfect hack to make yourself appear up and chipper.
    It makes the eyes look bigger When you add white eyeliner to the top and bottom waterlines; it instantly makes your eyes appear larger. This is because it looks like the whites of your eyes are wider than they are.
    To create fun designs A white liquid eyeliner pen is the ideal tool for drawing fun and intricate designs for a party, festival, or any event you feel like switching up your normal makeup routine for.

    Best White Eyeliner Looks

    The list of unique ideas you could come up with for white eyeliner looks seems endless. But, oftentimes, it can be hard to come up with creative looks, especially in a time crunch. Instead of pressing your brain harder to develop ideas, we will do it for you.

    White Eyeliner Waterline

    One of the best hacks for using white eyeliner is to place it on your lower waterline. This is, in fact, safe to do, and no, it doesn’t hurt. This beauty trick is one of the more popular ways to incorporate white eyeliner into your makeup routine. This trick doesn’t look like much, but that’s the point. It’s meant to be a subtle addition, only to create an allusion.

    Adding white eyeliner to your waterline will instantly:

    • Make your eyes appear bigger
    • Make you look more awake
    • Brighten your eyes and face

    Black And White Eyeliner

    Black And White EyelinerInstagram@rexyyyy92PIN

    We’ve all heard it before, “opposites attract.” White and black are two divergent colors whose contrast creates cohesion. The convergence of the two shades is an example of how two seemingly different colors can communicate more effectively together than separately. Both shades bring out the favorable attributes of one another.

    Pairing black and white eyeliner together creates this beautiful color combination that makes the two shades pop and your eyes stand out.

    White Eyeliner Under Eye

    White Eyeliner Under EyeInstagram@farhiiin_PIN

    If white eyeliner in the lower waterline isn’t giving enough, simply add more. Nothing and no one is stopping you from continuing and extending the eyeliner into and past the water line. This will give your eyes a unique, sharp look perfect for a summer beach party, festival, or other fun events.

    You can take things further and add white mascara to your bottom lashes to get that chromatic look.

    Ariana Grande White Eyeliner

    After Ariana Grande released her music video for her track “34+35” in 2020, everyone raved over her iconic beauty looks. The futuristic graphic designs made her multiple makeup looks memorable and something to talk about, specifically her white eyeliner look. The sharp point and cut crease painted with white eyeliner is the graphic liner of our dreams.

    Zohna Tip

    For all your graphic eyeliner looks, you'll achieve the best results with liquid eyeliner, as it allows for much more fluidity in its application and is much more forgiving.

    White Winged Eyeliner

    The most significant and used eyeliner style is winged eyeliner. It’s adaptable to eye shapes, can be as pronounced or minimal as you prefer, and looks fantastic no matter the eyeliner color.

    People often feel discouraged when trying to draw a wing, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help make the process as effortless as possible for you.

    Tips For Doing White Winged Eyeliner Description
    Use tape to help create a sharp line. If you lay tape down on the outer corner of the eye almost exactly how you envision your wing, you can use it as a guide.
    Use a winged eyeliner stencil. There are winged eyeliner stencils that you can purchase that help you draw the perfect wing.
    Clean up with concealer. If your wing looks a bit wonky, using concealer is a fantastic hack to help sharpen those edges.
    Practice makes perfect. We know you hear this one often, but it’s true regarding winged eyeliner. The more you do it, the easier it will become, and in no time, you will be a winged eyeliner expert.
    Follow your lashes. One of our best tips for winged eyeliner is to follow the direction of your outer lashes. If you draw your eyeliner directly behind your outer corner lashes and follow their flare out to the side, you will get a perfect-looking wing.

    White Eyeliner Brown Eyes

    The great thing about white is that it’s technically a shade, meaning it works with all colors. Therefore, there is no specific white eyeliner for brown eyes. That said, this white eyeliner look is our favorite for brown eyes. We love brown eyes’ chocolaty goodness, and we could get lost staring into yours, and that’s why we prefer this simple yet daring white eyeliner style. Keeping it concentrated in the inner corner will make your eyes pop without stealing the show from your gorgeous peepers.

    DIY White Eyeliner

    Sometimes the perfect makeup look and idea will come to us at the worst times, aka right before going out. This timing is not ideal because what if you don’t have the right makeup to accomplish the look? Well, if the makeup look in your head involves a specific color you do not have, don’t worry because we will show you how to DIY white eyeliner with products you likely already have at home. If your idea doesn’t involve white eyeliner, you can switch out the white for whatever shade you want.

    Here is what you need and how to DIY white eyeliner:

    1. Gel
    2. Beeswax
    3. White eyeshadow
    4. Bowl
    Steps to DIY White Eyeliner Description
    Step 1: Mixing Combine half a tablespoon of gel and half a tablespoon of beeswax in your bowl. You can soften the wax slightly to help combine it with the gel, but it’s optional. The beeswax helps to make the eyeliner waterproof.
    Step 2: Eyeshadow Using a bobby pin or a blunt object, scrap some of your white eyeshadow over the top of the mixture. The more you add, the more opaque your eyeliner will be.
    Step 3: Combining Combine the eyeshadow with the gel and beeswax mixture. You may find it too sheer, and if that’s the case, repeat step #2.

    Now you have an easy DIY eyeliner tutorial for when you’re in quick need of a certain eyeliner.

    White Cream Eyeliner

    Sometimes white eyeliner can look too stark and bright, especially against a dark skin tone. If you find that the case, opt out of white eyeliner for white cream eyeliner. This shade of white eyeliner will appear softer and supple against the skin. We often recommend white cream eyeliner for the lower waterline, as a stark white can sometimes look odd and artificial.

    White Dots Eyeliner

    Adding small white dots with white eyeliner is a great way to incorporate a unique element to any makeup look. It’s simple and stubble but helps to draw the looker’s attention to your eyes.

    If you like to be bold and stray from the norm with your makeup looks but have to attend a classy event, a first date, or something of that nature, this look would be perfect. It screams uniqueness without going over the top.

    Cut Crease

    Cut your crease sharp and with meaning!

    This cut crease using white eyeliner instead of eyeshadow is a strong and bold look. Forget about the eyeshadow and concealer typically used to create a cut crease because sometimes all you need is a sharp line of eyeliner!

    White Graphic Eyeliner

    White graphic eyeliner is all about making a statement. It’s bold, in your face, and abstract. Using gel eyeliner and a small eyeliner brush, or liquid eyeliner, are the two best products for creating a look like this. Graphic eyeliner takes time to perfect, and it won’t happen overnight, but starting with smaller designs and working your way up to one similar to this will be the recipe for perfection. If you can already do this white graphic eyeliner, why are you still here; get to it!

    90s White Eyeliner

    The 90s was like a makeup renaissance after the preceding 80s. The bright pops of colorful eyeshadow and wickedly bright bold lips took a back burner, and the minimalist trends prevailed. However, color wasn’t completely banished, just transformed, and iridescent colors or natural nudes stood superior.

    Britney Spears’ makeup in her iconic music video for her track “Oops I Did It Again” is the perfect example of 90s makeup with frosted eyelids and a light dusting of baby blue shadow, accompanied by a white lower waterline. White eyeliner was used to help boost that washed-out minimalist look everyone wanted during the iconic 90s.

    80s White Eyeliner

    The 80s were all about excess and indulgence. Think bright bold colors, fun, and more fun. Makeup and beauty during the 80s were focused on making bold statements and being bright and colorful.

    In this photo, Madonna is sporting an iconic 80s makeup look, with bold brilliant shadows, red and rosy lips and cheeks, and a white lower waterline to make those eyes pop!

    White Matte Eyeliner

    Most white eyeliner will already be matte unless you specifically source out a shimmery eyeliner. However, if you want to make your white eyeliner into a white matte eyeliner, apply a light dusting of a matte white shadow over top. Not only will this exemplify the matte, but it will also make the shade stand out even more.

    White Eyeliner Siren Eyes

    If you want to go for a snatched eyeliner look, try out this white eyeliner siren eyes look. A dark black eyeliner sharp in the inner corners can look a bit harsh on some eye shapes and shades; that’s why we suggest switching it out for this bold and fun white eyeliner instead.

    White Eyeliner Designs

    White eyeliner is one of our favorites to do designs with. Drawing designs with other shades can look less distinct as they blend easily into the colors of our skin and therefore are less prone to popping out. However, white eyeliner is the opposite, as it will pop against all complexions, making it the most versatile eyeliner shade. You can also line your purple eyeliner, blue eyeliner, and glitter eyeliner designs with white to help make them stand out.

    Crease White Eyeliner

    Sometimes, all you need is a singular line. Adding a perfect line within the crease of your eye is the perfect minimalist eyeliner look. It might look simple, but getting a line that precise can be difficult. Try this look with an eyebrow slit for high-precision glam.

    Reversed Cut Crease

    Cut your crease sharp like a blade with white eyeliner. This look is badass and makes you appear as confident as ever. Typically, a cut crease begins in the out corner of your crease, ending at or just before the inner corner. But, here at Zohna, we’re all about doing things differently, and we think you could rock this cut crease starting at the inner and ending at the outer corner.

    Underline White Eyeliner

    Add a tiny little white line under your winged eyeliner to sharpen it up. The white will give a cool color contrast and help to elevate the color of your winged eyeliner. Sometimes a dark-colored wing can get lost behind your eyelashes, especially if you are wearing fake ones, and the white will help to revive it.

    White Eyeliner Liner

    One of the best ways to make your eyeliner pop is to add white eyeliner under or over top. A small line of white will make any shade of eyeliner become instantly bright and more pronounced. If you do a small enough line, you won’t even be able to tell it is there unless someone is really close up to your face.

    White Eyeliner Products We Love

    Now that you know about our favorite white eyeliner looks and styles, there’s nothing left to tell you other than the products and eyeliner types that we love and recommend. There is something for everyone in our collection below.

    NYX White Eyeliner

    If you want a professional grade white eyeliner for drugstore prices, this is the one. NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liner Stick is the perfect white eyeliner for water lines and simple yet defined and bold looks.

    Key features include:

    • Matte Metallic Finish
    • Intense pigment
    • Smudge-proof
    • Smooth formula
    • Cruelty-free
    • 36 hours of wear

    White Liquid Eyeliner

    White liquid eyeliner is one of our favorite eyeliner types to use. Its liquid formula makes it easy to create designs and intricate lines. We highly suggest investing in a good white liquid eyeliner pen for a sharp and notable wing. Many brands sell liquid eyeliner, therefore, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you love.

    White Eyeliner Pencil

    A white eyeliner pencil is perfect for lining the water lines to help brighten your peepers. They have a chalky consistency, making them perfect for applying over wet areas on your eyes. Ensure you find a smooth and creamy formula to prevent tugging when applying.

    Gel Eyeliner White

    Gel eyeliner is a hybrid between a pencil and liquid eyeliner. It’s not as runny as a liquid and more malleable than a pencil. Aside from the gel eyeliner formula, finding a good quality eyeliner brush to go with your liner is crucial. A good precise brush paired with a good quality gel eyeliner is unstoppable.

    Maybelline White Eyeliner

    Maybelline is that trustworthy drugstore brand we know you keep crawling back to. This sharpenable eyeliner pencil is the white eyeliner of dreams. It will leave you looking and feeling flawless.

    Key product formulas:

    • Waterproof
    • It lasts for 36 hours
    • No smudging
    • No fading

    Drugstore White Eyeliner

    The drugstore is the land of cheap beauty. Many brands to know and love are sold at the drugstore, like Maybelle, NYX, Elf, Revlon, and more! You will find all kinds of different white eyeliner formulas and types to choose from, along with different shades. Do your research beforehand; some drugstore brands aren’t as good quality as others.

    Elf White Eyeliner

    Elf is another trustworthy drugstore brand that cares about the ingredients and products it sells. They have plenty of eyeliner colors and formulas, and we are certain you’ll find the perfect white eyeliner for whichever design you are tackling. One of our favorite things about Elf is that they are 100% cruelty-free, something here at Zohna we think is one of the most important things about a beauty brand.

    Ardell White Eyeliner

    Ardell’s Fame Chaser Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Timeless White is where it’s at. This liner will quickly enhance your lash line, wake up your eyes, and leave you looking uniquely bright. This white eyeliner is like taking the sunshine with you when you leave the house.

    Gaga Haus White Gel Eyeliner

    Haus Labs by Gaga’s Optic Intensity Eco Eyeliner in the shade White Onyx Matte is a pure white perfect for distinct eyeliner styles. It’s a clean waterproof formula with intense color lasting up to 18 hours or more. It has a gel-like formula in a pen, making it smooth and zero-tugging.

    Waterproof White Eyeliner

    Waterproof white eyeliner is a must if you are active or headed to a concert or festival where you might get a bit sweaty. Waterproof formulas are also prone to staying longer than regular ones and are less likely to smudge, fade, and move around. Many of the beauty brands we have mentioned all have waterproof white eyeliner formulas.

    Sephora White Eyeliner

    Sephora is the motherland of beauty. It has all the high-end makeup brands and extensive product ranges available. The number of white eyeliners they sell in-store and online is intense, and we do not doubt that you will find any makeup product you are looking for. A few brands that they sell are Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Rare Beauty, Fenty Beauty, NARS, and so many others.

    Jumbo White Eyeliner

    What can we say, sometimes skinny little eyeliner pencils don’t do it for us, and we want thick long-lasting jumbo white eyeliner pens. This NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is exactly what we’re talking about! It’s a radiant triple threat; use it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, or highlighter.

    Key features:

    • Intense color
    • Smooth and versatile
    • Creamy and no pulling
    • Cruelty-free
    • Multi-purposed

    Solid White Ruby Kisses Eyeliner

    Ruby Kisses makes the perfect waterproof solid white eyeliner for all your liner needs. It has a rich and creamy formula made to be smudge-proof and last all day long. No matter what activities you get up to, this product is meant to last for up to 24 hours.

    How to Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyes Brighter