22 Best Doll Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

Updated on January 3, 2024
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    22 Best Doll Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

    Quo the smoke, the black cats, the creepy dolls, and the spooks because Halloween is here!

    If you are reading this and Halloween is right around the corner, ready to jump out and scare you, we have the most spooktacular costume makeup for you. Doll makeup!

    You can make any of these looks as scary or cute as you want, and no one is here to stop you.

    Halloween is about dressing like you never would on a regular day, so have fun and let loose!

    Doll Face Makeup Tips

    Achieving a doll makeup look can be as tricky or as easy as you want. It also depends on whether you are replicating a particular doll or just using some critical components in your makeup routine to switch things up. Either way, we have compiled a few tips to remember when tackling doll makeup.

    Tip #1 Eyes

    To make your eyes look wider, use white eyeliner in the waterline. This will help create the illusion that the whites of your eyes are more prominent than they are. You can take a step further and use white mascara on your bottom lashes and a fake lash a few inches away from your bottom lashes.

    If neither of these options seems doable to you, you can use fake lashes. Big fake lashes will always create the illusion of bigger eyes.

    Tip #2 Cheeks

    When doing doll makeup on the cheeks, there are two distinct factors to incorporate, freckles and blush. If you already have freckles, perfect!

    Suppose you don’t have freckles or want to accentuate your real ones. In that case, there are many different tools you can use to create some fake ones, such as:

    • Fake freckle pen
    • Dark brown eyeliner
    • Dark brown eyeshadow with a small shadow brush

    Tip #3 Face

    You won’t achieve porcelain skin from makeup alone. A flawless face of makeup starts with a perfect base. A proper skincare routine is essential for your makeup and healthy, radiant skin.

    There are a few essential products you should be using for a flawless complexion, such as:

    1. Cleanser
    2. Chemical exfoliant
    3. Moisturizer
    4. SPF

    Creepy Doll Makeup

    What turns doll makeup into creepy doll makeup is dark colors and cracked skin. Drawing on tiny cracks against your porcelain skin will give the appearance of a cracked and creepy doll. It may seem tricky, but plenty of online tutorials explain how to draw tiny cracks onto your face.

    Using dark colors in the eye area will help achieve the evil and creepy look you aim for. Choose at least two dark colors and try to incorporate that into your look.

    Broken Doll Makeup

    Broken Doll MakeupInstagram@_shurr_PIN

    Let’s say it’s Halloween, and you are super into creepy costumes, but you want to take something typically nice and make it scary rather than choosing an already freaky costume. If that’s you, this broken doll makeup is the perfect look.

    Adding fake drawings of cracked skin onto your face with seemingly ordinary makeup will transform that “nice” costume into a scary one!

    Bratz Doll Makeup

    You probably had a spicy attitude if you played with Bratz growing up. Back in the early 2000s, these tiny dolls were all the rage. But now that the people who played with them are all grown up, they channel their love for the dolls into their makeup instead. Bratz Doll’s makeup is all about bright colors and bold winged eyes.

    If you want to accomplish a Bratz Doll makeup over, think about doing the following:

    • Bold shadow
    • Elongated wing eyeliner
    • Cut crease
    • Dark lower lashline
    • Over lined lips
    • Bold lipstick colors

    Voodoo Doll Makeup

    We imagine thick stitching and white stuffing when we think of voodoo dolls; this makeup look perfectly encapsulates that. Makeup is meant to be fun, and going over the top with your designs and creativity is the perfect way to experiment and play around with makeup.

    We recommend this look for Halloween or a costume party. If you want to wear it on a random Tuesday, go for it! As long as your having fun and feeling confident, that is all we care about.

    Scary Doll Makeup

    The scariest doll makeup looks are the ones that look like ventriloquist dolls. Something about the simplicity of the makeup makes it seem even more accurate and spooky. We suggest adding contact lenses to do justice to this scary doll makeup look. These creepy ice-blue lenses do a great job of removing life from your eyes.

    To make yourself look like a ventriloquist doll, there’s only one feature that we highly recommend: drawing the two lines from the corner of your lips down to your chin. Adding lots of blush is also a great idea to help heighten and highlight your cheeks.

    Porcelain Doll Makeup

    Porcelain Doll MakeupInstagram@elenkacszPIN

    Porcelain dolls typically have pretty bare faces. They’re all about eloquence, rosy cheeks, pouty lips, and freckles. If you want to look like you have porcelain skin, we highly recommend perfecting your skincare routine first. Makeup only looks as good as the canvas it lays on.

    For porcelain doll makeup, we suggest a few key components, such as:

    • A slightly lighter foundation shade than your skin
    • Fake freckles
    • Pale eyebrows
    • Heart-shaped lips
    • Distinct blush

    If you have naturally dark eyebrows and fair skin, that might not work for this porcelain doll makeup; however, you can lighten your brows with the magic of makeup.

    Check out this step-by-step guide on lightening your brows.

    How to Lighten Dark Eyebrows for Porcelain Doll Makeup Description
    Eyebrow Prep Using a spoolie brush, brush your eyebrows up and outwards so they are detangled.
    Application Prep After applying the light foundation, dip the same spoolie brush into a concealer shade close to your skin color. You could also use the foundation instead.
    Application Brush the spoolie into your brows and coat each hair in concealer. You may dip your brush into the concealer several times to ensure each eyebrow hair is covered. The more concealer, the lighter the brows will be.
    Final touches Brush your eyebrows in the direction you want them to stay, as when the concealer dries, they should stay in place.

    Now that you have the right brow shade, you will be one step closer to looking like a porcelain doll.

    Zohna Tip

    Remove your costume makeup like a pro with micellar water or other strong makeup removers, and ensure you are gentle.

    Barbie Doll Makeup

    “Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!”

    Chanel your inner Barbie girl with this simple yet impactful Barbie doll makeup. Think thin eyebrows, pink lip gloss, pink blush, and heavy eye shadow. Nothing screams Barbie more than having a bright pink eyelid with purple shadow in the crease.

    Cute Doll Makeup

    If you are looking for doll makeup that isn’t scary or freaky but cute and wearable, then this cute doll makeup look will be perfect. This look isn’t solely doll makeup but looks close to it. If you want something you can wear daily, the doll makeup looks we have shown so far likely will be different from what you are searching for, but this might be.

    Focusing the eyeliner on the outer corner and connecting it at the top and bottom lashlines will give you that doll look. This makeup looks similar to E girl makeup if you want more inspiration.

    Dead Doll Makeup

    If you aren’t great with makeup or are just starting to experiment more with it, then this dead doll makeup will be in your wheelhouse. There isn’t much that involves creating this look other than a dark shadow under the eyes for that dead sunken appearance and the signature creepy sewn mouth.

    Cracked Doll Makeup

    One of our favorite looks epitomizing the doll look is this cracked doll makeup. We love the contrast between the soft pink makeup and the creepy cracked skin. Paring this fake cracked skin with a full face of unicorn makeup will create a cool contrast between creepy and stunning.

    Asian Doll No Makeup

    A no-makeup makeup look can be trickier than it sounds, but we’re here to help. To try and tackle this Asian doll no makeup look, we have to consider monolids. Most people of Asian descent have monolid eyelids, which requires specific techniques when it comes to eye makeup.

    For this doll makeup, we suggest light brown winged eyeliner, a light coating of brown mascara on the top and bottom lashes, and a coral color dusted around the eyes. These three things together will help give the eyes that doll-like appearance without appearing like there was tons of makeup used, plus it’s monolid friendly.

    Doll Candy Makeup

    Makeup is meant to be fun, and experimenting with it will get you cool and creative looks like this doll candy makeup. Using fun and bright colors, with big, bold eyes, gives the look of doll makeup, but the added details of fake candy give it the candy look.

    Rag Doll Makeup

    The ragdoll look is definitely one of the more well-known. The signature stitching around the mouth, the dots for freckles, and the wide eyes are a massive part of rag doll makeup. Incorporating a wig like in this image is a great way to show what you are trying to recreate.

    Marionette Doll Makeup

    If you don’t know what a marionette doll is, you probably do. They are the dolls attached to strings in puppet shows. Our most significant recommendations for this look are the distinct lines coming down from the corners of the mouth and the fake lashes under the eyes. Adding the lashes will help create the illusion of large doll eyes. If placing fake lashes on the bottom of your eyes seems odd, and you aren’t 100% sure how to do it, we can help.

    Check out the chart below to discover how to create the illusion of more enormous eyes for doll makeup.

    What you will need to create larger-looking doll eyes:

    1. Fake eyelashes
    2. Lash glue
    3. White eyeshadow
    4. White eyeliner
    5. White mascara
    How To Create Large Eyes for Doll Makeup Description
    Lashes Apply a layer of lash glue to the false eyelash band. Let the glue air dry slightly and get tacky to stick better to the skin.
    Applying the lashes We suggest applying the lashes about an inch or half an inch away from the lower lash line. Let them dry in place entirely before moving on to the next steps.
    Eyeshadow Fill in the space between the fake lash and your lower lash line using a super white eyeshadow shade. Try to get it as white as possible to look like the whites of your eyes.
    Eyeliner Use white eyeliner on the bottom water line to help eliminate the appearance of the bottom lash line.
    Mascara Use white mascara on the bottom lashline to help the lashes blend into the white eyeshadow and eyeliner and disappear entirely.

    Kawaii Doll Makeup

    Kawaii Doll MakeupInstagram@sei.bbyPIN

    Kawaii doll makeup is all about big eyes, glossy lips, and a radiating glow. This cute makeup trend is all over the internet, and we love how it looks. Focusing on adding lots of eyeliner helps widen the eyes to give you that puppy dog eye look. Add some extra rosy blush to give you a sweet, flushed appearance.

    Squid Game Doll Makeup

    If you have not seen Squid Games on Netflix, you are missing out and probably won’t fully understand this Squid Game doll makeup. One of the first games the contestants participated in involved a scary-looking doll just like this. This would be the perfect Halloween costume, and we’d bet on most if not all, people knowing who you are trying to be.

    Glamour Doll Makeup

    This simple yet alluring doll makeup expresses your love for the glamorous life. What makes this look so glamorous is the emphasis on the large lashes at the top and bottom.

    If the trick above to achieve the appearance of large doll eyes seems like too much work for you, then simply using big voluptuous false eyelashes on the top eyelid and plenty of mascara on the bottom lashes will help to make the eyes appear more prominent.

    Urban Doll Makeup

    Urban Doll MakeupInstagram@sofiaslezPIN

    Urban Doll is a makeup brand that creates the perfect eyelashes for doll makeup, hence the name. You can choose from many different styles depending on the shape of your eye or the shape you want to make your eye.

    They also have Full Lash Starter Kits that provide everything you need for long-lasting beautiful lashes.

    Goth Doll Makeup

    If goth makeup is your thing, then this goth doll makeup look will make you scream on the inside. The key to goth makeup is showing little emotion and using dark colors. Adding face stickers is a great way to have fun with your look, especially for Halloween or a costume party.

    The best part of using goth eyeliner is that you don’t really need to worry about overdoing it. Go to town and lay it on heavy.

    Deadly Doll Makeup

    To look like a deadly doll, you must go full spooky. One of the best ways to do this is to get dark contact lenses. Eliminating any trace of humanness, such as your eyes, is the key to being freaky and deadly looking.

    Annabelle Doll Makeup

    The Annabelle doll is defiantly one of the scary doll characters. Getting the costume and the red-haired wig is a must to replicate this whole look. The large doll-like eyes, bold red lips, and small thin eyebrows are also essential for this Annabelle doll makeup.

    Haunted Doll Makeup

    If we had to choose any haunted doll we’d want to replicate, it would have to be Chucky. This haunted doll makeup look channels all things Chucky. This look is one of the most infamous Halloween costumes; everyone will know exactly who you are. Remember to wear red hair and a striped shirt!

    How To Do Doll Makeup Tutorial

    There are many unique ways that you can do doll makeup. You can adventure into the creepier side of this trend and do scary doll makeup, or you can venture to the cuter side and do Barbie doll makeup. The choice is yours.

    That said, we want to help you accomplish a doll makeup look at home by providing a step-by-step tutorial on doll makeup. The doll makeup tutorial we have chosen is basic, but it’s the perfect base look you can build on to accomplish any of the doll makeup looks mentioned above.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Face primer
    2. Foundation
    3. Eyeshadow
    4. Eyeliner (black and white)
    5. Blush

    Step #1

    A clean, fresh face is essential before doing any makeup. Doing your regular skincare routine underneath will be perfect.

    Step #2

    Apply your favorite face primer to your skin. It can be a clear or pigmented one; it doesn’t matter.

    Step #3

    Apply your foundation. Depending on the doll makeup look you are going for, you might want to go lighter than your natural complexion. Otherwise, choose a color that matches your skin tone.

    Step #4

    Apply whatever eyeshadow shades you wish into your crease and on your eyelid. You can go bold, like Bratz doll makeup, or simplistic with a simple bronzer shade buffed into the crease.

    Step #5

    One of the most critical steps to doll makeup is eyeliner. We suggest choosing puppy dog eyeliner, where you do a wing and attach it to the bottom waterline. This will help to widen your eyes.

    Step #6

    This step is crucial to doll makeup. Line your lower waterline with white eyeliner. Doing this will help make the whites of your eyes appear bigger, giving the appearance of more extensive eyes similar to a doll.

    Step #7

    Now that you are finished with the eyes, it’s time to move on to the face. We suggest starting with blush. We would choose a bright pink blush shade to encapsulate the doll look. When applying the blush, concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, avoiding the upper cheekbone area.

    Step #8

    Time for fake freckles! You can do this in many ways, but we suppose you don’t have a fake freckle product and suggest using a small pointed eyeshadow brush and a brown eyeshadow shade.

    Dab little dots all over the cheeks using the eyeshadow brush and brown shade. Try not to spread them out too much, as they will look too real, and doll freckles typically look fabricated. You can go over them with your finger by lightly dabbing to diminish some of the pigment if they look too overpowering.

    Best Place To Buy Doll MakeUp

    Since doll makeup can be nearly anything you want, there isn’t an exact place to buy it. However, if you are planning to wear one of the scarier makeup looks, then a Halloween store would be the perfect place for products that will help you create the spookiest look. If you’re going for something softer like Barbie or Bratz doll makeup, then any makeup store like Sephora or Ulta will have tons of unique products.

    We listed two of our favorite products to help you achieve doll makeup!

    10/31/2023 11:46 am GMT

    If Halloween is around the corner and you are set on doing doll makeup, this Bobisuka Halloween makeup kit will help you achieve all your spooky makeup dreams. If the cracked doll makeup intrigues you, this kit and all its different brushes will help you to draw on those cracks easily. The fake blood will be great if you want to go extra scary with your doll makeup.

    The key products include:

    1. Twenty-four shades of oil face paints
    2. Ten professional makeup brushes
    3. Makeup setting powder for all skin types
    4. Three different washable fake types of blood
    All in One Makeup Kit
    $21.99 ($21.99 / Count)
    10/31/2023 11:46 am GMT

    Doing doll makeup can be done with everyday products depending on the style you want to achieve. However, if you don’t have simple products, this all-in-one makeup kit from Amazon is perfect for supplying you with the basics! It has everything you could need to achieve a basic doll makeup look.

    The key products include:

    1. 12 colors naked shimmer eyeshadow palette
    2. Foundation
    3. 3 liquid lipsticks
    4. Eyebrow soap and brush
    5. Winged eyeliner stamp
    6. Waterproof mascara
    7. Makeup brush
    8. Makeup sponge


    • How To Remove Doll Makeup?

      Removing doll makeup is the same as removing any other kind of makeup.

      There are a few different options for products, such as:

      • Makeup remover wipes
      • Micellar water
      • Cleanser with makeup remover
      • Cleansing balms
    • Is Doll Makeup Difficult To Do?

      Doll makeup can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. Incorporating more aspects like contacts or false lashes will make things more difficult. However, if you wish to keep it simple with a bit of eyeliner, for example, it won’t be difficult.

    Spooktacular Doll Makeup

    We apologize if you’re creeped out. There are definitely a few jump scares in this blog post. But, if you’re quick to remember it’s only makeup and talented makeup users, you should chill right back down. Good luck, and have fun while you dive into the world of doll makeup this Halloween season!