23 Flawless White Tip Nails to Try

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    23 Flawless White Tip Nails to Try

    If you have come to your tipping point and are tired of doing the same old manicure repeatedly, we have the most pristine and perfect set of nails for you to try. If you like the look of classic and timeless things, then this might be your new go-to set of claws.

    White tip nails, known more commonly as French tip nails, are the ideal manicure for all occasions. In 1975 Jeff Pink, an American beauty supplier working in Hollywood, created this manicure for the movies. Directors often complained about how long it took to change an actress’s nails to suit their costumes, and therefore, Pink created a classic and timeless white tip manicure to fit every outfit.

    So, if you want to feel like you’re destined for the silver screen, these white tip nails are for you.

    Best Times To Rock Nails With White Tips

    Before choosing to get white tip nails, you may want to consider when might be an appropriate time to rock these nails. You can wear this manicure every day, but there are certain times they are ideally suited for, such as vacation, a wedding, or an important event, and in a business/professional setting.


    The beauty of going on holiday is getting to kick back and relax. We think a vacation is perfect for rocking nails with white tips. They look effortless but put together, go with every outfit, and give you a clean girl aesthetic when we all know you are sweaty and greasy from laying in the sun and lathering your body in sunscreen.

    Wedding or Important Event

    When attending a classy event, the importance of an appropriate manicure is underrated. It might not seem like it to some, but a manicure makes or breaks an outfit and sometimes a first impression. Having unmanicured fingers can look rugged, and when attending a significant event or a wedding, that’s the last thing you want to look like.


    Sometimes, work environments may not allow you to have fun and creative manicures. An over-the-top and colorful set of nails also doesn’t necessarily scream professionalism. But white tip nails are a great way to give off professional vibes while still having fun with your claws.

    How To Do White Tip Nails At Home

    Finding time to hit the nail salon and sit in a chair for at least an hour isn’t possible for everyone’s schedule. That’s why we have given you a quick, nearly effortless white tip nails tutorial.

    What you need for white tip nails:

    1. Sheer pink polish
    2. White polish
    3. Top coat
    4. Base coat
    5. French tip nail guide stickers
    6. Tweezers

    Step #1

    A primed base is the first step to any manicure. Apply a coating of your base coat to ensure that your nails are a perfectly smooth surface.

    Step #2

    Apply two layers of your sheer pink nail polish. Add an extra layer if you want the pink to be more prominent. Wait until the polish is completely dry before moving on to the next step, 2-3 minutes.

    Step #3

    Apply the top coat over the pink polish. You want to ensure you have a smooth base that dries completely. We suggest about 10 minutes.

    Step #4

    Using tweezers peel off one of the French tip nail guide stickers and place it right on top of the nail. The top middle of the sticker should touch the natural middle line of your nail, aka where it turns from pink to white. Ensure the stickers are stuck to the nail so no white polish can seep under it.

    Step #5

    Grab your white polish and paint right above where you placed the sticker.

    Step #6

    After painting the nail, pull the sticker off. If you wait for the polish to dry before peeling off the nail sticker, you could run the chance of pulling the entire white polish off the nail. Its crucial to peel it moments after painting.

    Step #7

    After about three minutes, apply a layer of top coat to seal the deal.

    There you have it, the perfect and classic white tip nails manicure. It’s easy and won’t take much time. Plus, if you use the nail stickers as a guide, they will look so perfect you’d think they were salon done.

    White French Tip Nails

    White French tip nails are a timeless manicure. The precise white tip has dominated many fingernails over the years and has never entirely lost its popularity. This manicure is popular because of its simplicity, unique look, and adaptability. You can transgress the classic white and transform this manicure into many other styles.

    White Tip Acrylic Nails

    White tip acrylic nails are like any other white tip nails, except the claws are fake. These nail enhancements are great for those who want long and thick nails but can’t maintain them naturally.

    Acrylics are made from a mix of powder and a liquid monomer. Combined, they create a blob of dough shaped into a nail and air-dried.

    There are a couple of popular white acrylic nail shapes, such as:

    • Almond
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Round
    • Stiletto
    • Coffin

    Zohna Tip

    If your nail beds feel extra dry either from acrylic nails or just the winter atmosphere, invest in a cuticle oil and use it twice a day until your cuticles are replenished.

    Coffin White Tip Nails

    The coffin nail shape is one of the more popular shapes you likely see on others. It’s a combination of a square shape and a stiletto shape. What makes this infamous acrylic nail popular is its ability to look classic and fun simultaneously. They are like sundresses; you can dress them up or down as much as you prefer.

    Incorporating glitz and glam is a great way to elevate your coffin white tip nails. Check out the fabulous rhinestones on this stunning manicure.

    The fun thing about rhinestones is that you can choose from many different shapes and sizes to add to white tip nails, such as:

    • Baguette
    • Pear
    • Round
    • Oval
    • Navette
    • Square

    Short White Tip Nails

    One of the reasons white tip nails have been so consistent in the manicure world is their adaptability. For example, their ability to look fantastic on any nail length. These short white tip nails prove our point. Not everyone has the time or funds to get acrylic nails to add length to their claws, but there’s no reason to panic, as white tip nails suit all lengths and sizes.

    Black And White French Tip Nails

    Doing fun and unique things with your claws is a great outlet for self-expression. These black and white French tip nails are the ideal manicure for adding a touch of uniqueness to your claws without incorporating bright colors or lots of add-ons.

    Sometimes you want to switch up your nail routine, but the thought of going outside the box with your manicure can be daunting. Therefore, black and white nails are your perfect alternative.

    White Tip Almond Nails

    White tip almond nails are the perfect classy manicure. We picture you at High Tea, holding your tiny teacup with this stunning set of claws. The beautiful iridescent shine on your nails will perfectly match the pearls hanging from your neck.

    Whether the picture painted above is a dream, a lifestyle you are uninterested in, or your reality, we still think you should get these white-tip almond nails. What makes this manicure stand out from the rest is the chrome pigment. If you want to know how to achieve this manicure at home, check out the tutorial below.

    What you need for DIY white tip almond nails with chrome:

    1. Top coat
    2. Chrome pigment
    3. Buffing brush
    How To Apply Chrome for White Tip Almond Nails Description
    Preparation Once you have completed your white tip nails, apply a layer of top coat for a primed surface.
    Application Dip a finger or a buffing brush into the chrome and then buff it onto the fingernails in up and down motions. You may have to repeat this process a few times.
    Finishing touches Once you like how the pigmentation of the chrome looks, add a layer of top coat to seal it all in, and there you have white tip nails with chrome.

    White V Tip Nails

    White V Tip NailsInstagram@yodeebsPIN

    Remember when we said white tip nails are beloved because of their adaptability? These white v tip nails are another example of that and their versatility. To modernize white tip nails, we suggest these v-tip nails. They are a modern take on classic white tip nails.

    White Tip Nails With Glitter

    These are the nails of dreams and fairy tales. You will undoubtedly feel like a fairy princess with this manicure. Instead of choosing the traditional route and using color for that defining tip, change it to a glitter tip. These white tip nails with glitter are the manicure you’ve been waiting for.

    White Tip Gel Nails

    If you want a long-lasting, quick-drying, and chip-resistant manicure, these white tip gel nails are the puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. Gel nail is a nail polish cured under UV light to create a lasting and shiny manicure. A gel manicure requires three steps, a base coat, gel polish, and a top coat. Each layer is cured under the light.

    Long White Tip Nails

    In this case, the longer, the better! We love these long white tip nails for a dramatic yet classy look. If you love long nails but are attending an event where the flare for the dramatic isn’t the most appropriate, these long white tip nails will be the perfect middle ground. You will look classy without having to compromise your long claws.

    White Nails Pink Tip

    If the shade of white is too plain for your liking, why not try these white nails with pink tips? They still look elegant but have more of a flare and funk. If this pink and white nails combo isn’t doing it for you, you can swap it out for any shade you think of. Perhaps you’re wearing a purple dress and want to manicure to match, then just add a purple tip.

    Square White Tip Nails

    The traditional French tip nails are done on square nails. You’ll likely want these square white tip nails if you have a knack for tradition and following the rules. They are the perfect manicure for minimalist vibes and any event, party, or occasion. They are also ideal for pairing with outfits, as we can’t imagine them clashing with any fit. If you want to elevate your square nails try white coffin nails instead.

    If you want to tackle your square white tip nails at home, here’s how to shape your claws into a square:

    1. Using a straight-end nail clipper, trim your nails to a longer length than you want. The clipper will automatically make the tops of the nails straight.
    2. Once the nails are clipped, go in with a nail file and drag it flat along the top of your nail to smooth it out and file to the desired length.
    3. Gently run it across both sides of the nail tips to smooth out the edges so they aren’t sharp.

    Ombre White Tip Nails

    Ombre white tip nails are a marvelous way to modernize the white tip. You don’t see ombre nails very often, but we promise you they are aesthetically pleasing and fantastic to wear.

    Despite looking slightly challenging with the distinct color gradient, ombre nails are surprisingly easy to do. Check out the short tutorial below to tackle ombre white tip nails at home.

    What you’ll need:

    • Base Coat
    • Top Coat
    • First nail polish color
    • Second nail polish color (make sure it is lighter than the first)
    • Makeup sponge
    How To Do Ombre White Tip Nails Description
    Preparation Apply a layer of the transparent base coat to your natural nails to help protect and prime them.
    First color application Once that has dried, go in with the first layer of the lighter color and paint the whole nail.
    Sponge application While that layer dries, paint the lighter and darker colors onto a makeup sponge, one stacked on top of the other horizontally.
    Second color application Dab the sponge onto your nails, repeating the process as often as possible to get the right ombre effect you are looking for.
    Final touches Add a top coat once you like how it looks, and then you are done!

    Thin White Tip Nails

    Sometimes, a small defining border is all that is needed. These thin white tip nails don’t say too much, but the tiny white line provides the perfect nail-tip distinction. This style choice is ideal for people with shorter nails who want to imagine that they are longer than in reality. At times a thick white border can make the nails appear shorter. Therefore, a thin border can help with the opposite.

    Stiletto White Tip Nails

    Stiletto White Tip NailsInstagram@thetechukPIN

    Stiletto nails are the pointiest and sharpest in the nail-shape family. If you couldn’t tell from the name or the shape, these nails are meant to replicate a stiletto heel. This nail shape, however, is not meant for the faint of heart. They are sharp, bold, and distinct, the ideal manicure for making a statement.

    Blue Nails With White Tip

    These blue nails with white tips are what we imagine Cinderella’s dreams are made of. The ombre effect helps to give the nails a unique twist on traditional white tip nails. We picture you swimming on a tropical vacation with these claws blending in seamlessly with the beautiful blue hues of the sea.

    White Tip Toe Nails

    Unison is, for one thing, very satisfying to look at, but it also gives a classy and put-together vibe. If you’re getting white tip nails on your fingers, you must on your toes! White tip toe nails are perfect for every day or a tropical vacation where you are often barefoot or wearing open-toed shoes. You will want a pedicure that matches your outfits and shoes, and white tips are a perfect choice.

    Nude Nails With White Tip

    Nude nails with white tips are a classic. The traditional French tip nails are done with white and pink to mimic the natural coloring of Caucasian fingernails since we often only saw white women on the screen back in 1975 when the manicure was created. However, if you want them to be more blended with the tone of your skin, you can choose a nude shade close to your skin tone to pair with the white. This is also a good option if you don’t favor pink nails.

    White Tip Christmas Nails

    White Tip Christmas NailsInstagram@tag.salonPIN

    What makes a manicure a Christmas manicure comes from the little details. Adding snowflakes and sparkles is the go-to manicure we see during the holidays, so we highly suggest these white tip Christmas nails. If hand-painting snowflakes onto your fingernails are outside your wheelhouse, try nail stickers or press on nails that already have all the Christmas designs you want.

    Natural White Tip Nails

    If you want to keep things natural, take a peek at these natural white tip nails. The point of this manicure is to look natural so that they can work with any outfit or setting. But, sometimes, certain white tip nails can look more natural than others. The trick is choosing a pink and white shade that is relatively similar. A shade of white that is a bit muted and more like a nut white will help to create a more natural appearance.

    Round White Tip Nails

    For a natural-looking manicure, go for these round white tip nails! The round nail shape is more popular because it’s easily achieved on natural nails, whereas many other shapes need length to achieve them. What could be more natural looking than your natural nails?

    Solar White Tip Nails

    Like acrylics, a solar manicure will extend your claws, giving them the healthy natural look we all dream of. Solar nails are a type of artificial nail made from durable and flexible materials, so you can shape them into any style you desire. They are fit for you if you wish to have longer and healthier claws. We suggest heading to the salon for solar white tip nails, as the product list to do them at home is pretty extensive.

    White Triangle Tip Nails

    White triangle tip nails are the same as white v tip nails; it’s just another name for them. However, this manicure plays around with symmetry and sharp edges. Using nail stickers or nail tape will be your best bet for creating perfect lines.


    • How To Get White Nails At Tip?

      If you want to know how to do white tip nails at home, check out the tutorial above. It’s very simple; you just need the proper tools. We highly recommend investing in French tip nail stickers to help you create the perfect white tips.

    • How Much Are White Tip Nails?

      Determining how much a manicure will cost depends on the salon you go to and the area you live. Typically white tip nails cost between 30-50$, but this can increase depending on the type of polish used.

    • What Are White Tip Nails Called?

      Another name for white tip nails is French tip nails.

      In 1975 Jeff Pink, American beauty supplies working in Hollywood, created this manicure for movies. Directors often complained about how long it took to change an actress’s nails to suit their costumes, and Pink created the classic and timeless white tip manicure to fit every outfit.

    • How To Remove White Tip Nails?

      It depends on the type of nail polish used. A simple nail polish remover will do the trick if you use regular nail polish. A 100% acetone nail polish remover must be used if you use any other nail polish.

    Try Out These Tips For Kicks

    White tip nails are in, and musty, dusty manicures are out. Not only will you look classy and elegant, but you’ll feel it. You have nothing to lose by trying these nails, so why not see what all the hype is about?