25 Trending White Acrylic Nails Inspiration for Flawless Fingertips

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
25 Trending White Acrylic Nails Inspiration for Flawless FingertipsPIN

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    25 Trending White Acrylic Nails Inspiration for Flawless Fingertips

    Long, flawless nails always stay in style. Perfectly manicured fingernails are symbolic of femininity, elegance, and poise.

    When our nails look impeccable, we have a sense of self-confidence; because when we look presentable, we present ourselves that way to others.

    White acrylic nails are guaranteed to make us feel beautiful and confident. White nails look elegant and polished, and a fresh acrylic manicure completes our aesthetic look. Acrylic nails are a type of artificial nail enhancement.

    The process of acrylic nails involves:

    1. Gluing an artificial tip to enhance the length of your nail
    2. Mixing a paste made of acrylic powder mixed with liquid monomer
    3. Applying the paste over the nail bed and enhancement
    4. Allowing the acrylic mixture to bond with the natural nails

    Things We Love About Acrylic White Nail Designs

    Though manicure trends come and go, acrylic nails have remained the beauty industry standard for the strongest, most durable type of artificial nail enhancements.

    There are a lot of things we love about acrylic white nail designs. White nail polish provides a blank canvas to create stunning nail art and designs. Acrylic nails enhance the length of nails and give a stronger and larger space to get creative with nail art add-ons and hand-painted decals.

    Here are our top four things we love about acrylic white nail designs:

    1. Versatile nail shapes
    2. Durability and long-lasting
    3. Streamlined length and appearance
    4. Longer and wider canvas for nail art

    Versatile Nail Shapes

    While filing strong natural nails into any nail shape is possible, it is much more challenging. Natural nails are more brittle than artificial nail enhancements and more likely to split or break when filed into tapered nail shapes. White acrylic nails offer the strength and durability to be filed into gorgeous tapered shapes like coffin and stiletto nails.

    Durability and Long-Lasting

    Some lucky people with long, strong natural nails rarely worry about breakage. On the other hand, many of us who grow out our natural nails find one or more breaks the day or two after we invest in a pricey manicure.

    White acrylic nails offer the durability to go about your day-to-day activities without worrying that you will chip a nail and $10 worth of nail art. Acrylic nails last at least two weeks with proper care.

    Streamlined Length and Appearance

    What makes an acrylic manicure look flawless is the streamlined length and appearance of the nails. Natural nails and constantly chipping or snagging, and we must file them regularly, resulting in uneven shapes and lengths. White acrylic nails remain the same length, thickness, and shape; unless one of them breaks.

    Longer and Wider Canvas for Nail Art

    Everyone’s favorite thing about white acrylic nails is the longer and wider canvas for nail art. We love using various techniques and nail art ideas to play with white acrylic nails with designs.

    The most popular white acrylic nail techniques include:

    • Marble
    • Ombre
    • Gradient
    • Galaxy
    • Tips
    • Tye dye

    Refer to the chart below for a brief description of each of the white acrylic nail techniques mentioned above.

    Technique Description
    Marble Two dots of color polish and a dot of glitter polish brushed together into a swirl effect on a white canvas
    Ombre White and nude nail polish colors transitioned into each other from light to dark
    Gradient With nail polish and another color transitioned together into a cascading design
    Galaxy White nail color polish with a gold shimmer or glitter top coat
    Tips White nail polish with a visible divide at the tip of the nail
    Tie Dye Two colors of polish brushed together on top of solid white base color

    Are you ready to check out some white acrylic nails inspiration? Here are 25 of the trendiest acrylic white nail designs on social media.

    Short White Acrylic Nails

    You don’t need to wear super long nails to enjoy white acrylic nails. Short white acrylic nails offer a streamlined appearance on each nail and enhance the length and width of your nail bed.

    Acrylic nails are the simplest way to get strong, durable nails, and a larger canvas for nail designs, regardless of the length.

    The best shapes for short white acrylic nails are:

    • Round
    • Almond
    • Square
    • Squoval

    White Tip Acrylic Nails

    White tip acrylic nails are a French manicure’s rebellious sister. A traditional French manicure paints a thin line on a nude or pink base to look natural. A white-tip manicure emphasizes artificial white tips. White tips are a type of alternative nail enhancement to clear tips; When you go for your acrylic nails, ask for white tip acrylic nails.

    Pink and White Acrylic Nails

    White and pink go hand in hand when it comes to an ultra-feminine manicure. There are so many ways to play with pink and white acrylic nails. You can do classic white French tips on a pink base, pink nail designs on white nails, or transition the two colors into a mesmerizing ombre. We love the addition of glitter on these pink and white ombré acrylic nails.

    White Acrylic Nails With Glitter

    It’s not a special occasion without some sparkles to celebrate! White acrylic nails with glitter are perfect for celebrations or when you want a touch of shimmer to brighten your day. We love adding silver confetti nail glitter on a white acrylic manicure to bring extra attention to your fingertips.

    White French Tip Acrylic Nails

    White tip French tip nails are a timeless choice. Classic French manicures are flattering for all skin tones and complement every outfit, from casual to evening wear.

    The nude-pink base color with a soft white tip sets a French manicure apart from white tip nails. White French tip acrylic nails are perfect for elongated, durable, flawless nails.

    Square White Acrylic Nails

    When you want to keep it simple, stick with a classic style: square white acrylic nails. Round and square nails are the two go-to shapes of traditional acrylic manicures.

    According to nail experts, the square shape is the most flattering for people with narrow nails, giving the illusion of a larger nail bed. We love a bright white tip paired with milky white nails on a square nail shape.

    Milky White Acrylic Nails

    Have you heard of one of the hottest new white nail trends on social media? Milky white nail polish is a gorgeous translucent shade of off-white with a sheet finish.

    It’s very feminine and flatters all skin tones. If you want elongated, flawless nails in a unique, elegant color, go for milky white acrylic nails.

    White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds

    Diamonds are acrylic nails’ best friend. White acrylic nails provide a durable canvas for 3D nail art like diamonds and gems. Silver jewels naturally complement bright and off-white colors. For a luxurious look to your manicure, go for white acrylic nails with diamonds.

    Acrylic White Christmas Nails

    Red and green may be traditional Christmas colors, but they aren’t the only colors for a festive manicure. Many people enjoy sparkly colors with white and cream for a more luxurious Christmas color ensemble. We love acrylic white Christmas nails with snowflakes resembling fresh snow on a white Christmas morning.

    Cute White Acrylic Nails

    White acrylic nails have a sophisticated, sultry appeal. Elongated nails naturally make your hands look elegant and poised. There are plenty of ways to give your nails a playful touch.

    Our top five choices for cute white acrylic nails are:

    1. White acrylic smiley face nails
    2. Animal print white acrylic nails
    3. White polka dot acrylic nails
    4. White acrylic nails with hearts
    5. Pink and white candy cane acrylic nails

    Blue And White Acrylic Nails

    Blue and white nails create a crisp and clean color combination. They are a popular choice for coastal and nautical-themed nails. Blue nail designs are associated with relaxation and tranquility, and white provides a blank canvas to contrast bright and dark blues. For a classic, tasteful color ensemble, go for blue and white acrylic nails.

    Long White Acrylic Nails

    Long acrylic nails always get attention. We can’t help but stare at the length of perfectly groomed nails. When long nails have an artistic design or are painted in a bold color, they are sure to get plenty of compliments. Long white acrylic nails are a striking yet modest color choice that suits every outfit.

    White Powder Acrylic Nails

    White powder acrylic nails, aka dip powder nails are an alternative artificial nail enhancement for flawless, durable nails. They are stronger than gel nails and more lightweight than acrylic. For dip powder white acrylic nails, your nail technician uses a white-colored powder directly over your nail bed and artificial tips.

    The chart below compares white powder acrylic nails to standard white acrylic nails.

    White Powder Acrylic Nails Standard White Acrylic Nails
    • Colored acrylic powder
    • Gel-acrylic hybrid
    • Less damaging to natural nail bed
    • No curing under LED or UV light
    • Clear acrylic powder
    • Mixed with liquid monomer
    • More damaging to natural nail bed
    • Cured under UV light

    White and Gold Acrylic Nails

    Treat yourself to an opulent color combination. The convergence of white and gold is often used in luxury beauty and design. Metallic gold compliments a clean, crisp white. For an elegant manicure, choose white and gold acrylic nails.

    White Acrylic Toe Nails

    We all want flawless nails on our fingers, but what about perfectly groomed toes? If you’ve never got an acrylic pedicure, you must get one right now! Acrylic toenails allow you to have gorgeous feet to maximize the appearance of your open-toed heels. For a gorgeous color that’s simple and stunning, choose white acrylic toenails for your next pedicure.

    Off White Acrylic Nails

    We love cream, eggshell, ivory, and vanilla tones. Off-white colors are beautiful in design and beauty.

    Wearing off-white nail polish gives us a versatile manicure to match every outfit without drawing the attention of bright white nails. Off white acrylic nails are ideal for the everyday acrylic manicure.

    Soft White Acrylic Nails

    Are you looking for something on the softer side of your white acrylic nails? Choose white nail polish with yellow undertones like French vanilla or buttercream. Creamy white colors make beautiful soft white acrylic nails.

    White Acrylic Nails With Rhinestones

    Channel your inner princess with an illustrious rhinestone manicure. White acrylic nails with rhinestones are fancy and majestic. You can decorate each finger with rhinestones for a glamorous look that attracts attention or choose rhinestone accent nails for subtle luxury.

    Acrylic Purple And White Nails

    Pink and white are a classic color combination for an ultra-feminine manicure. Purple and white create a stunning ensemble that is bold and unique and flatters all skin tones. We love marble patterns for acrylic purple and white nails.

    Summer White Acrylic Nails

    White acrylic nails are popular for every season, but especially in the summer. Bright white is a versatile shade that pops against tanned skin and looks adorable with our sun dresses and sandals. Adding bright, neon accent nail colors and designs like palm trees makes super cute summer white acrylic nails.

    Clear White Acrylic Nails

    Clear-colored nails are a stylish way to get creative with your manicure. Translucent nail polish sparked the idea for popular nail trends such as milky white nails and jelly nails.

    Clear white acrylic nails have a glass-like finish, making them a glamorous choice for evenings out or business affairs. We love the look of clear white nails with solid white tips to create an elegant border.

    White Acrylic Nails With Butterflies

    Butterflies on our nails symbolize change, transformation, and growth. Making a strong comeback from the 90s, butterflies can be spotted everywhere in the fashion and beauty industries. We love these ombre white acrylic nails with butterflies made of foil flakes for an exquisite appeal.

    Grey And White Acrylic Nails

    Black and white nails may be a timeless classic, but grey and white nails have a fresh and unique appeal. If you’re looking for a nail color combo that’s stylish and sophisticated, grey and white acrylic nails are the ensemble for you. We love simple designs like geometric lines for a smart and polished manicure.

    White Acrylic Nails Almond

    Go nuts for almond nails! This is the perfect nail shape for someone who loves the pointed look of stiletto acrylic nails but wants a shorter length with a more practical tip for day-to-day wear.

    White acrylic nails almond pair an elegant and eye-catching color with the modest nail shape to give your manicure the attention it deserves.

    Matte White Acrylic Nails

    Matte white nails create a smooth finish with no shine. They’re for someone self-confident and likes to look classy without drawing too much attention.

    Matte nails are the opposite of sheer or glitter nails with a shimmer. We love how matte white acrylic nails have a flat, velvety finish that looks clean and elegant. Try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte Top Coat for DIY matte white acrylic nails.

    The five most popular nail polish finishes are:

    1. Matte
    2. Creme
    3. Glitter
    4. Sheer
    5. Chrome

    The chart below compares matte white acrylic nails to different white acrylic nail polish finishes.

    Nail Polish Finish Description
    Matte white acrylic nails
    • Opaque white acrylic color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    Creme white acrylic nails
    • Opaque white acrylic color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    Glitter white acrylic nails
    • Translucent white acrylic color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    Sheer white acrylic nails
    • Transparent white acrylic color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    Chrome white acrylic nails
    • Opaque white acrylic color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine

    White And Pink Acrylic Nails Tutorial

    There are various ways to wear white acrylic nails, such as a solid color, or with glitter and nail art, or nail polish finishes. One of our favorite acrylic white nail designs is white and pink acrylic nails.

    Here is what you will need:

    • White nail polish
    • Pale nail polish
    • Top coat
    • Fine-tip nail polish brush
    • Nail polish remover
    • Cotton swab
    • Acrylic nails materials or glue on nails

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to get your white and pink acrylic nails.

    Step #1

    Start by giving yourself a mini manicure; acrylic nails last longer when you prep your nails. Use your manicure stick to push your cuticles back, and buff and file your nails.

    Step #2

    Apply your acrylic nails or glue on nail set. Leave your nails unpolished, or use acetone to remove the nail design on your glue-on nails.

    Step #3

    Apply a base coat to each nail. Wait for your nails to air dry, or dry under an LED nail lamp for 60 seconds if using a gel nail polish.

    Step #4

    Paint your nails with two coats of pale nail polish. Wait for your nails to air dry, or dry under an LED nail lamp for 60 seconds if using a gel nail polish.

    Step #4

    Grab a fine-point nail polish brush and dip the tip in white nail polish. Apply three coats of a thin line of white nail polish at the tip of each nail. Wait for your nails to air dry, or dry under an LED nail lamp for 60 seconds if using a gel nail polish.

    Step #5

    Clean the excess nail polish from around your nail using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

    Step #6

    Once your nails are completely dry, apply a top coat to each nail and allow the nails to dry.


    • What Do White Acrylic Nails Mean?

      In recent viral TikTok trends, the white nail theory is associated with attraction. The belief is that white nails attract the attention of an interested member of the opposite or same sex. People wear white acrylic nails to indicate their single and available status. White nails symbolize a clean slate and a fresh start.

    • How To Clean White Acrylic Nails

      The easiest way to clean white acrylic nails is by maintaining hand-washing hygiene. Always wash your hands with soap and water. Use a cotton swab or toothpick with warm water and soap to clean under and around your acrylic nails as soon as you notice stubborn dirt stuck on or underneath them.

    • How Much Are White Acrylic Nails

      Prices for white acrylic nails vary depending on several factors:

      1. Location of nail salon
      2. Class of nail salon (luxury, boutique, spa, standard)
      3. Nail design
      4. Add-ons: jewels, glitter, nail art, French tip

      Here are some facts to give an idea of what you can expect to pay for white acrylic nails:

      • The average cost of a full set of acrylic nails with nail art in the USA for 2023 is between $50-70 dollars UDS
      • Nail art is charged as an add on for $1-5 USD per nail
      • Nail Jewelry is charger as an add on for $3-5 USD per nail
      • French tips cost an additional $5-10 USD
    • Why Are My White Acrylic Nails Turning Yellow?

      The main reasons white acrylic nails turn yellow are sun exposure and exposure to chemical products. While sun exposure on our hands may be unavoidable on a warm day, use UV nail protection when tanning indoors. Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning products to avoid yellow nails.

    • How to Remove Stains From White Acrylic Nails

      Baking soda and lemon juice is the best natural DIY way to remove stains from white acrylic nails. Mix one part lemon juice with three parts baking soda into a paste. Rub the taste onto your nails and leave it on them for a few minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

    Flawless White Acrylic Nails

    Long, flawless nails are always in style. White nail polish is a timeless choice suitable for every outfit and occasion. White acrylic nails are the optimal choice for perfect nails for casual day-to-day wear and fancy events.