20 Adorable Matte White Nails Inspiration

Updated on January 11, 2024
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    20 Adorable Matte White Nails Inspiration

    The white nail seems to be everyone’s go-to. Not all of us have the time or energy to figure out what manicure we want before heading to the salon, and once you are in that chair, it feels like do or die to choose a color. Under pressure, the easy answer seems to always be white.

    However, we present an alternative. Next time you feel the pressure and urge to choose white, go for it, but elevate them by getting matte white nails!

    What We Love About Matte White Nail Designs

    There are many things to love about matte white nail designs; for one, they can be as fun and creative as you want or as simple and classy as you need. We have compiled three of our all-time favorite things about matte white nails.

    Matte White Nails Match Everything

    One of the things we love about matte white nails is that they can match anything you wear. You never have to worry about your fingernails clashing with your fit or looking funny.

    Matte White Nails Work For Every Season

    Another great thing about matte white nails is that they look great all year round. During the summer, they appear light and simple; during the colder months, they look frosted and pale.

    Matte White Nails Can Be Simple Or Elevated

    We love matte white nails because they are perfect for simple manicures. But, if you are interested in a more glamorous and elevated manicure, they are also the ideal base to add nail designs.

    The Matte White Nail Polish We Love

    There is one nail polish combo we reach for whenever doing matte white nails, and we wanted to let you in on the secret.

    OPI Nail Lacquer
    $11.49 ($22.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 02:56 pm GMT

    OPI’s nail lacquer in Alpine Snow is the ultimate opaque and vibrant white nail polish shade. But it’s not exactly matte; therefore, we pair it with our other favorite top coat, Essie Matte About You. Adding a layer of this top coat over the stunning OPI shade will almost instantly mattify your claws. These two polishes are the ultimate couple that you never knew you needed.

    We love the OPI polish because it is:

    1. Quick drying
    2. Easy to apply
    3. Chip resistant
    4. Creamy
    5. It lasts up to seven days

    Matte White Nails vs Glossy

    You might wonder what the difference between matte and glossy is if you’ve never heard of or seen matte white nails. There are a few distinct differences, and we want to ensure you know all the details before reading further. Check out the chart below to see the key characteristics of matte and glossy polishes.

    Matte Nail Polishes Glossy Nail Polishes
    • Zero shine
    • It doesn’t last as long as a regular topcoat
    • It doesn’t reflect light
    • Harder to find
    • Any color can be matte
    • High shine
    • Light reflective
    • Easier to find
    • Any color can be glossy

    Matte White Coffin Nails

    The coffin nail shape isn’t as scary as it sounds. In reality, it’s one of the most popular. These matte white coffin nails are simplistic, but with the matte look and the gorgeous nail shape, we’d say these are a pretty good-looking set of claws.

    Matte White Acrylic Nails

    If the coffin nails above weren’t doing it for you, there is no need to fret.

    There are plenty of other acrylic nail shapes that you can pick for your white matte nails, such as:

    • Round
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Almond
    • Stiletto
    • Coffin

    Any of these acrylic nail shapes would be an excellent choice for anyone. However, we will say that some shapes suit some people better. Check out the chart below to determine which acrylic white nails might suit you and your lifestyle more accurately.

    Matte White Acrylic Nail Shapes Who They Are For
    Round Matte White Acrylic Nails Works best for people with narrow nail beds or who want to elongate their fingers.
    Square Matte White Acrylic Nails This shape is Ideal for people who spend a lot of time typing on keyboards. They are easy to maintain and very common.
    Oval Matte White Acrylic Nails Perfect for people who want to make their fingers look longer and more slender. Very easy to maintain and DIY.
    Almond Matte White Acrylic Nails An excellent shape for elongating the fingers, but if you do lots of work with your hands, they are easy to break.
    Stiletto Matte White Acrylic Nails This shape is for people that like their manicures to be noticed. However, they are super easy to break if you do a ton of work with your hands.
    Coffin Matte White Acrylic Nails Not the most practical nail shape. If you have weak or short nail beds, go for a shorter coffin shape, as it leaves less chance of breakage.

    Black And White Matte Nails

    Sometimes, incorporating minor aspects of other colors into your manicure can be a unique way to create some difference. These black and white matte nails are a perfect example of that. The small abstract white lines create an appealing look to these claws.

    Matte White And Gold Nails

    We understand if going fully matte is too far of a jump too soon. These matte white and gold nails are a perfect transition nail from glossy to matte. The gold incorporates that glossy, shiny look we all love, while the white keeps things frosted and cool.

    Short White Matte Nails

    To us, short white nails are the default nail. If you get to the salon, feel overwhelmed, and don’t know what to get, short white nails seem to always be the scapegoat. Next time, why not elevate the scapegoat by going matte?

    Matte White Almond Nails

    Almond is another one of those popular nail shapes that you have probably seen someone wearing before. Since matte white nails aren’t the most exciting, pairing them with an almond nail shape will add dramatic effect.

    White Matte Toe Nails

    White Matte Toe NailsInstagram@spagospaPIN

    Don’t just stop at your fingers; carry that matte white nail love all the way to your toes. You will look very put together if your toes and fingernails are rockin’ the same matte white polish.

    Matte White Christmas Nails

    Matte White Christmas NailsInstagram@ejx_nailsPIN

    We’ve always said, what makes Christmas nails Christmas nails, are all the fun designs you can add. These matte white Christmas nails are a perfect example of how adding little designs can give your manicure that holiday look and feel.

    You can add many designs to your manicure, such as:

    1. Chrome pigment
    2. Hand-painted nail designs
    3. Nail decals
    4. Rhinestones
    5. Diamonds

    Matte White Gel Nails


    Gel nails are the superhuman of nail polishes. They quickly dry, don’t chip, last up to three weeks, and make your nails look thicker. If you love to have manicured fingers but don’t have time, these matte white gel nails are the bread to your butter.

    Zohna Tip

    To remove gel nail polish you must use 100% acetone nail polish remover or else you won't be able to remove them.

    Matte Milky White Nails

    Matte milky white nails perfectly combine nude cream and white shades. Sometimes a white nail can be too stark and bright; therefore, these nails are the perfect middle ground.

    Blue And White Matte Nails

    If you want to tackle blue and white nails, we suggest two things: make them matte and make them ombre. Our reasoning? Well, just look at how cool these blue and white nails look; how could you not?

    Matte Olive Green And White Nails

    Aside from matte white looking pretty sick, another color that we love to mattify is olive green. These matte olive green and white nails are an ideal color combination we can’t get out of your heads.

    White Matte Ombre Nails

    Here at Zohna, we love ombre nails.

    If you are unaware of what ombre means, it is a color gradient where two colors fade into one another to create this beautiful color effect. Pairing matte white with a matte nude or pink color will orchestrate this gorgeous manicure.

    Matte White Tip Nails

    Tip nails are similar to acrylics, but only the tips. Instead of the false nail covering your entire fingernail, nail tips only cover the tip of your finger. Some people choose this route so their fingernails can breathe more, but other than that, they look similar to acrylics.

    White Matte Nails With Glitter

    Glitter gets a bad reputation, “it’s messy, and it gets everywhere.” But we think you should give it a second shot, just so you can have these white matte nails with glitter. I mean, come on, look at them!

    Matte White Marble Nails

    Marble nails are all the rage. But have you ever thought about mattifying them? These matte white marble nails are pretty unique in our books, and we believe you, for the fun of it, should give them a try.

    Matte White Fake Nails

    There are a few different types of fake nails that you can choose between for your matte white manicure, such as:

    • Acrylics
    • Nail tips
    • Press-on nails

    Matte white fake nails are perfect for you if you want to add some length to your claws and or incorporate some fun designs.

    White Matte Nails With Diamonds

    The quickest and most effective way to elevate your manicure will always be to add diamonds. These white matte nails with diamond scream drama and glamor.

    Off White Matte Nails

    Some white nail polish shades can be super bright, and not all of us want to drag that much attention to our nails. On the other hand, choosing off-white matte nails is a recipe for perfection. They aren’t too bright, not too attention-seeking, and look fantastic.


    • How to Clean White Matte Nails?

      If you have matte white nails, you clean them like you clean your hands. Good hygiene is essential, and therefore, so is washing your hands. Keeping your hands cleaned and washed will help keep your matte white nails also.

    Keep Calm and Mattify On

    Hopefully, now next time you head to the salon and can’t decide what nail polish color you want, you don’t default to plain glossy white. Mattify your fingers, add some designs, and you’ll look and feel like a million bucks. Trust us when we say you won’t regret this one!