17 Best Short Coffin Nails Designs to Flaunt

Updated on February 9, 2024
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    17 Best Short Coffin Nails Designs to Flaunt

    Are your nails just too short? Do extensions always feel too long? It’s like you want long nails but you also want to live your life. If you haven’t mastered the art of living life with long nails like Cardi B, then maybe short coffin nails are more your speed. Coffin nails are often worn long. And lovely as they may be, they aren’t practical for everyone.

    Short coffin nails are the perfect length because they’re still longer than short natural nails, yet short enough to not get in the way of life. And plus they look good, too. We’ll help you get inspired as we go over some of the best short coffin nail designs trending today!

    Short Coffin Nails

    Short coffin nails started sometime in the 1990s. Think square-ish nails with dark plum nail polish, burgundy lipstick, and plaid attire.

    Coffin nails are sometimes mistakenly referred to as ballerina nails. However, ballerina nails have a thinner, more delicate shape. Coffin nails are shaped like an old wooden coffin, the old-timey kind you might see in a Dracula movie. They’re wider than ballerina nails, then taper off into an angular, flat tip. Short coffin nails are exactly that, only shorter.

    Short Coffin Acrylic Nails

    While long coffin nails are more prone to breakage, the upside to short coffin nails is they’re much easier to maintain. And that means less breakage and less emergency trips to the salon.

    When you don’t have nails long enough to shape into a coffin then acrylic nail extensions are a great alternative. Acrylic nails add length to your natural nails and they can be formed into short coffins.

    Also, there are a few ways of doing an acrylic manicure, two include:

    1. Nail tips
    2. Nail forms

    Nail tips are fake nails that are glued onto your natural nail. The fake tips can be shaped into short coffin nails. This is doable even if you have short nails. The other method uses a nail form. The form is used to shape the acrylic into the desired shape. Forms are temporary. They’re removed once the acrylic is shaped and cured. The benefit of acrylic nails is their strength. You don’t need long natural nails to get an acrylic manicure. Acrylic nails tend to feel a little heavier than gel nails but they’re also strong and an excellent option when you want short coffin nails.

    Summer Short Coffin Nails

    Summer short coffin nails are popular on and off the Hollywood scene and they’re also associated with a style popular on Tik Tok known as the clean girl aesthetic. It features:

    • Minimalism
    • Simple prints and colors
    • Natural makeup
    • Comfortable clothes
    • A clean beauty routine

    The idea behind the style is that less is more. After all, isn’t summer all about less stress and more free time? (we can dream!)

    Summer short coffin nails are a style with a clean look. They’re easy to maintain, especially during summer when all you want to worry about maintaining is your sunblock! A clean aesthetic projects the idea of a “clean” lifestyle. Or at least that’s the idea. Short nails may seem hygienic because they look like they’re easier to take care of. Whether they actually are is up to the individual, of course.

    Classy Coffin Nails Short

    Short coffin nails look clean, timeless, and classy with an elegant french tip design. You can always go for a traditional french manicure on short coffin nails. Although, using a different color for the tip can turn short coffin nails into unique classy short coffin nails. To recreate this look, you need:

    1. Clear or neutral-toned base coat
    2. Chrome gold nail lacquer or gel polish

    It’s the metallic mirror shine chrome polish that pulls this look together and makes it stand out. The trick is to create a straight, delicate line. The result is a bright chrome gold or silver finish.

    Sparkle Birthday Nails Coffin

    Eat the cake and indulge in sparkle on your birthday. When you want a fun yet flirty manicure, go for sparkle birthday nails coffin shaped, but with clear acrylics. Clear acrylic nails often include glitter flakes or tiny flower designs because they showcase the interesting and beautiful clear appearance of the nails.

    Simple Coffin Short Acrylic Nails

    Simple Coffin Short Acrylic NailsInstagram@islnails3PIN

    The best styles for simple coffin short acrylic nails use minimalist designs and color schemes. Simple design ideas are infinite. You can add a hint of shimmer, a basic shape, or a bold color scheme. The idea behind simple short coffin nails is to find one simple element and use it as the main theme of the manicure.

    For instance, you can choose one or two bright colors that pop and that would be the primary theme. If you like nail art, try a simple shape or line over a subdued color to highlight the design as the main theme.

    Simple? Yes. Endless design and color options to experiment with? Also yes!

    A simple, natural manicure also looks great on short coffin nails. If that’s what you have in mind for your next manicure, you can ask for an acrylic overlay. Acrylic manicures don’t always have to add length to nails. An acrylic overlay applies a thinner layer of acrylic. An acrylic overlay can give natural nails a cleaner appearance than bare nails while maintaining their natural appeal.

    Short White Coffin Nails

    According to Tik Tok, white nails are a sign that you’re single, although it isn’t quite clear how that started. But singles shouldn’t get to have all the fun! Short white coffin nails look amazing whether you’re single or not. In other words, you do you. White coffin nails are easy to dress up or down so they look good whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the… juice bar ????

    Short Black Coffin Nails

    Short black coffin nails have been around the block, and have remained popular throughout the decades. Maybe it’s because black is such a versatile color. When the matte finish became trendy it was only a matter of time before someone combined it with a shiny accent finish. The result is a gorgeous combination of two different textures. A black, matte and shiny french manicure is easy to do, too.

    Use your favorite shiny black polish and let it dry. Place a strip of tape on the “french tip” end of the nail. The tape will ensure that you get a perfectly straight french tip. You can place the tape higher or lower on the nail plate for a french tip that’s as thick or thin as you desire. Then use a matte top coat to paint the portion of the nail that’s not covered by the tape. Let it dry then admire your new nails!

    Coffin Cute Short Nails

    Cute short coffin nails painted with light pastel colors are indeed cute. But if you add some endearing nail art they become even cuter! Some cute design ideas include:

    • Cartoonish art
    • Dreamy themes
    • Stars
    • Flowers
    • Clouds
    • Pastels

    Fun nail decals or stickers are an easy way to dress up cute short coffin nails. Try using short coffin nail extensions if your natural nails aren’t long enough to shape into proper coffins. Coffin nails are especially popular among celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Billie Eilish, to name a few.

    Short Red Coffin Nails

    Solid colored short red coffin nails look timeless even among new nail trends that take the spotlight each year. That’s because short red coffin nails feature a stylish nail shape and a classic color. Red is attractive at every age but it’s especially flattering against mature skin because of its ability to catch the eye. The eyes tend to focus on the bright red nail color instead of age spots or wrinkles.

    Short Pink Coffin Nails

    Soft pink is a fun summer color but it’s also popular around the time of Easter and spring. Soft pink coffin nails are pretty and look cheerful. There are at least three good reasons to go for Press-on nails instead of a traditional manicure:

    1. Less expensive
    2. Good for temporary wear
    3. Less damaging to nails

    In addition, gel press on nails will give you fast soft pink coffin nails that feel natural. In other words, they feel flexible, comfortable, and are fun to wear! Most press-on nails include glue or an adhesive back. While you can’t expect press-ons’ to stay as strong or last as long as acrylics or manicured gel extensions, there are a few tricks that can make them stick to your nails for as long as possible.

    Press-On Nails Hack What to Do
    Rubbing Alcohol Pads Use the alcohol pads to thoroughly clean the tips of your fingers, nail plate, and cuticles. When the nails are dry, without oil or debris, press-on nails tend to stick better and stay on longer.
    Nail Hardener Top Coat You can use a nail hardener top coat, gel or lacquer, on top of press-on nails, to make them less flimsy. A nail hardener will make press-on nails stronger and more durable.
    Nail Glue Precision Usually gel nails have an adhesive back. But some artificial nails require glue. Add a dab of glue on the very tip of your natural nail. Then add another dab of glue where your nail meets the base of the press-on nail. This ensures a better bond, rather than adding glue to the middle of your nail.

    Ombre Coffin Nails Short

    Ombre coffin nails short and long have been trending for several years ever since baby boomer nails blew up in popularity. Coffin nails are a popular nail shape for ombre manicures. And you can wear ombre coffin nails short, too. That’s what’s great about an ombre design, it’s easy to create and looks amazing either way.

    Short Matte Coffin Nails

    Matte nails are nice. Short matte coffin nails turn heads! Short length coffin nails look phenomenal with a matte finish. What’s cool is that you can make your nails look matte without using a matte finishing polish because like smartphone apps, there’s a hack for everything. It’s hard to resist an awesome hack. (Especially when it works!)

    Check out how to give those short coffin nails a matte finish below.

    DIY Matte Nails Technique How it Works
    Steam Heat up a small pan of water to create steam. Slap on a coat of your best polish and while the coat is still wet, place your hand over the steam for 3 to 5 seconds. Be sure to let the steam coat each nail and voila, matte nails!
    Baking Powder Use a toothpick to mix a drop or two of polish with baking powder. Add a small amount of powder until you reach an even blend. It should feel only slightly thicker. Paint your nails. Once they dry, they’ll have a pretty matte finish.
    Matte Top Coat Hacks can only take you so far, even the good ones. So, if you’d rather use a matte top coat, try a matte clear gel polish which you’ll need an LED or UV light to cure.

    Short Coffin Nails With Diamonds

    Short coffin nails offer a perfect palette to create limitless nail designs. Besides polish, you can use nail decals, nail stickers, and diamonds.

    And we mean actual diamonds. Perhaps many of us wouldn’t be too keen on turning this month’s rent into nail art, but celebrity manicurists are living proof that there’s a demand for exactly that. Celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly and Jennifer Lopez love to bedazzle their manicures with a few precious gemstones, probably only for special occasions like running errands. All jokes aside, it’s a killer look.

    But, if you happen to be in the mood for diamonds at your next manicure appointment, the idea of chip-resistant polish will take on a whole new level of importance.

    Zohna Tip

    To chip-proof, your diamond nails go for a strong top coat to lock in the look (and the rock!).

    Birthday Nails Short Coffin

    Get ready to celebrate with birthday nails short coffin style! Special occasions like birthdays are the time to treat yourself, right? A birthday manicure doesn’t have to include glitter and tons of colors unless you want it. Short coffin nails can give you a subdued look if that’s your preferred style. Neutral colors and a line or two are all it takes.

    Pretty Short Coffin Nails

    Pretty short coffin nails can be simple and don’t have to be too flashy. A neutral polish can give short coffin nails a flattering, natural look that works for any occasion.

    Zohna Tip

    Wear the perfect shade of neutral polish by considering your skin tone. Try to pick a neutral color that's a little lighter, or a little darker than your natural skin tone for the most flattering look.

    Natural Coffin Nails Short

    It’s possible to shape natural nails into short coffin nails. But they need to be long enough to shape in the first place. Here’s how to do it.

    Create short coffin nails from natural nails by following the steps below.

    Steps  Description 
    Step 1

    Prepare Your Nails

    Start by prepping your nails. Push back the cuticles or trim them if necessary. Ensure your hands are clean and any old polish is removed from the nail plate. 
    Step 2

    File Basic Nail Shape

    Create a flat tip by filing down the nail from the top using a nail file or the right nail drill bit until it’s completely flat and at the desired length. Pay attention to each side of the nail. The side-edges should be filed into a 90 degree angle rather than straight up. Do this for all nails.
    Step 3

    Create the Angle

    Continue filing the edges of each nail as though you are creating a point. Be sure to file just enough so that the flat tip remains.
    Step 4

    Refine the Flat Edge

    Keep filing down the tip to create a more defined tip and sharpness where the edges meet.
    Step 5


    After the short coffin nails are shaped, finish with a little cuticle TLC with a hydrating cuticle oil.

    Short Glitter Coffin Nails

    Silver glitter isn’t just for New Year’s. Short glitter coffin nails look amazing with silver glitter all year round. A sprinkle of glitter on short coffin nails adds minimalist charm to any manicure. It’s a fun way to dress up clear or nude nails. You can use loose glitter or a glitter polish. Both have a variety of sparkly options when it comes to colors and styles including:

    • Classic silver or gold glitter
    • Multi-colored
    • Chunky
    • Fine and very fine (sometimes called diamond dust)
    • Glitter shards
    • Glitter flakes
    • Shimmer

    An ombre design is easy to do using glitter and pairs well with short ombre nails, whether they're extensions or natural.


    Coffin nails are edgy and chic. They can elongate short fingers and can upgrade a ho-hum outfit. They allow a big enough canvas for cool nail art and that’s possible with short coffin nails too.