26 Dazzling Summer Coffin Nails to Turn Up the Heat

Updated on September 25, 2023
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    Summer Coffin NailsPIN

    26 Dazzling Summer Coffin Nails to Turn Up the Heat

    When you hear the word ‘coffin,’ your thoughts probably don’t go immediately go to summertime.

    But when you’re looking for a sassy, spicy mani to turn up the heat in the middle of summer, it’s actually the perfect shape for your nails. This angular nail shape is perfect for bringing out your inner baddie and making your summer look hot AF. Plus, you can opt for everything from extra long, over-the-top coffin acrylic nails to short, simple summer coffin nails that will help you seas the summer weather in whatever style suits you.

    So if you’re looking for the perfect summer coffin nails look but don’t know where to start, or you’re simply looking for a splash of inspiration – you’ve come to the right place!

    So without further ado, let’s dive into 26 ideas for summer coffin nails!

    Coffin Summer Nails

    Ah summertime – the smell of fresh flowers, blue skies – what more can you ask for from a season? Well, how about some long coffin summer nails that have both!? Check out this gorgeous set of girly, on-trend pastel blue coffin nails that just scream summer.

    Bright Summer Coffin Nails

    Who doesn’t want to have bright, colorful nails?! And how about ALLLL the colors in one look? These bright summer coffin nails incorporate purple, pink, orange, and yellow colors in a tie dye swirl and a gorgeous high-shine finish. You’ll feel like a queen with this mermaid nail inspired look.

    Summer Simple Coffin Nails

    Sometimes summer calls for simplicity! And why not be simple AND chic at the same time? These elegant coffin nails are a gorgeous shade of soft pink that has a subtle coffin ombre nails effect. We love that these nails could be just as at home on a short set or a longer set like those pictured.

    Summer Long Coffin Nails

    Long nails are simply the best way to showcase some gorgeous nail art like this. They’re the perfect canvas for your summer long coffin nail art fantasy! We’re into the combination of geometric blocking, jade green, the twist on the classic French mani, and the pretty summer blossoms poking out from the edges of the nails.

    Coffin Summer Cute Nails

    Don’t you want to get a set of coffin summer cute nails when you see nails like these? They’re super on trend with funky nail tie-dye tips and pretty shades of pink. The only question you need to answer is where you will wear such an adorable mani!

    Matte Summer Coffin Nails

    Don’t matte if I do! These nails are a muted take on some classic ombre nails, and we’re into it. The bright orange tips blending into the soft nude reminds us of the sun setting on the beach in paradise. Now that’s the perfect way to feel the good summer vibes all year long.

    Summer Coffin Nails Short

    Just because you want coffin nails, doesn’t mean you necessarily want long ones, so why not try this shortened take on a trendy negative space mani? The idea behind this uber-cool look is to utilize a bare or nude canvas to do your nail art on top of, whether that’s cute little blobs like these or some other geometric or abstract looks.

    Summer Matching Coffin Nails and Toes

    Summertime is the time of sandals and getting your toes some much-needed sunshine after being hidden away all winter long. So if you’re going to get a summer matching coffin nails and toes set next time you head to the salon, maybe you should consider a bright neon shade like this one. Not a fan of a salon mani-pedi? Pick up a bottle of Orly’s Nail Lacquer in the shade Melt Your Popsicle and some matte topcoat like Wet n Wild’s Matte Top Coat to get the same look.

    Summer Short Coffin Acrylic Nails

    Get wavy with these summer short coffin acrylic nails! We love how these wiggly, coffin-shaped orange nails work for warm summer days. They remind us of a melted popsicle on a hot summer day.

    Coffin White Nails and Toes

    When you’re rocking your best summer tan, nothing pops off more than a matching white mani-pedi like this! A true staple of summertime, white nails are perfect for any occasion – from the beach to the office. We love the classic white shade set on the coffin-shaped set; the white toe polish really pops out.

    Vacation Nails Coffin

    Want to feel like you’re on vacay every day? Dive into these funky vacation nails coffin set shaped to perfection. We love the hot pink and neon yellow stripes down the sides of the nails – they’re brighter than the sun, and that’s perfect for vacay.

    Coffin Summer Gel Nails

    Nothing is sadder than a gorgeous mani chipping away. The solution? Coffin summer gel nails! A gel manicure lasts three to four weeks, while regular polish will chip in under a week. Also, gel polish comes with a quick-dry formula that must be cured under a gel lamp. The result is that air bubbles are minimized, and the possibility of smudges is reduced.

    Coffin Nails Summer Colors

    Summer is the perfect time to sport your favorite color. If you are like us and love bright shades, then these summer coffin nails are just what you need! They are so cute that they can make even the most boring outfit look great. The best part is that they don’t need many accessories because their design already makes them stand out.

    Coffin White Summer Nails

    When your tan is deep, why not make a statement with some white coffin nails? These nails pull double style duty with an ombre finish and a linear, graphic outline simultaneously.

    Summer Coffin Nails Orange

    Summer Coffin Nails OrangeInstagram@gesanailsPIN

    Orange you glad you checked this idea out? Orange is a bright, warm color that looks great on summer nails. Like this sweet set, it can be used as an accent or as the main color in your design. If you’re feeling adventurous, try combining orange with other shades like pink or purple.

    Summer Coffin Nails Teal

    Want nails that look like they have been dipped in water and sand? Try this set of summer coffin nails! This set has something for everyone with a glassy finish, gold flecks, and dramatic length. Plus, the teal and the blue polish angle looks like a beautiful beach with waves crashing on the shore.

    Beach Coffin Nails

    Let’s go to the beach-each! Beach coffin nails are a great way to bring the beach into your everyday life. And if you live in an area that doesn’t get much sun or sand during the summer, these nails will help compensate for it.

    Long Coffin Summer Nails

    Soak up the sun with these sunshiny long coffin summer nails. Long coffin summer nails are a great way to show off your style and personality. The bright yellow color is perfect for this time of year, but you can also try other shades like blue or red. With these long coffin summer nails, you can create beautiful designs that will make everyone want their own set!

    Coffin Summer Holographic Nails

    Say ‘hello’ to these holo beauties! Holographic summer coffin nails are a fun way to add sparkle to your look – minus the over-the-top glitter some looks utilize. They’re also great for standing out at the beach and pool because they catch the sunlight, dazzling you and everyone else around you with holographic brilliance.

    Pretty Summer Coffin Nails

    Pretty summer coffin nails are really up to your imagination. Just consider these pink retro-inspired press-on nails, for example. They use a funky 70s-inspired print to make waves, and the result is a look ready for adventure. This can be as bold or subtle as you like. There’s something here for everyone.

    Watermelon Coffin Nails

    Watermelon coffin nails are a juicy look for any nail art enthusiast. This set takes a slice out of this classic summer icon by adding a simple slice of watermelon on one of the accent nails, while the other nails are a perfectly pink shade of watermelon-inspired polish. We also love the glittery pinky accent nail that looks like it’s been dusted in sugar.

    Flower Summer Coffin Nails

    Flower coffin nails are a great way to add some summer flair to your nails. They’re also super easy to do, and you can use them as a base for any other design you want.

    To get started, all you need are a few tools:

    Now you’ve got the tools you need to get started, here’s how to nail this look at home:

    1. Apply your coffin shaped nail tips as per the package. Usually, this entails using provided glue and letting it dry. Alternatively, you can get the coffin shaped nails you’re dreaming of by filing your nails into a short, squared-off angled shape by working a little at a time in one direction only to avoid breakage.
    2. Prep your nails with a good quality basecoat. Ensure your nails are dry before you move on to the next step.
    3. Paint all but 2 of your nails with a deeper shade of purple polish. Apply 2 to 3 coats to make it opaque, allowing each coat to dry properly in between applications.
    4. On the unpainted nails, start by using one shade of purple polish and your skinny nail art brush to make eight petals that merge in the center. Don’t worry too much about how these cross, as you’ll cover them up in a moment. Repeat this process with the white polish and the additional shade of purple on both nails, cleaning your art brush in between each flower with nail polish remover.
    5. Next, dab your dotting tool into the yellow nail polish and stamp in the cross hairs of each flower to make the center. Repeat for each flower design. You may need to do this a second time to get a truly opaque look. Just be sure to let it dry between each application.
    6. Once your designs are fully dry, seal the look in with a top coat, and voila! You have some gorgeous DIY flower summer coffin nails.

    Summer Coffin Nails Pastel

    When we think of summer, we usually imagine bright colors and sunshine. But what if you want to create a different mood? If so, then pastel coffin nails are perfect for you!

    Pastels are soft, delicate shades that look great on long or short nails. They can be used as an accent nail or even as the main color of your design. They’re perfect for any occasion – from everyday wear to special occasions like weddings and proms.

    DIY Summer Coffin Nails

    Want to make sure your nails look hot all summer long – but you don’t want the price tag associated with paying someone else to do them for you? Have no fear – Zohna’s DIY guide to summer coffin nails is here!

    Before you start, assemble the tools and supplies needed for the perfect set of summer coffin ombre nails.

    What You’ll Need:

      • Basecoat
      • Nail file
      • 2-3 shades of nail color in Summer colors like orange and pink
      • Topcoat
      • Design brush, dense or fan
    • Coffin-shaped acrylic nail tips
    • Nail glue
    • Nail polish remover
    • Cotton swabs

    Steps to completing your very own DIY summer coffin nails are outlined in the table below.

    Step What To Do
    Step 1: Basecoat Apply base coat to your nails and let dry.
    Step 2: Shape Shape your nails using a nail file and set the file aside, or alternatively, apply your coffin nail tips as directed by the package. Ensure they are set and dry before proceeding.
    Step 3: Color Apply the lightest color of your choice to one nail using a nail polish brush. Paint from the top of your nail downwards to the middle of the nail to the cuticle. A light color will work best, but opt for something opaque enough your nail is fully covered. Then, apply your secondary color, this time starting from the bottom up, going under halfway up the nail.
    Step 4: Blend While the secondary color is still wet, take your fan brush and blend up towards the tip of the nail. Slowly pull the color over the lighter color, tapping and blending until the desired ombre effect is achieved. Repeat for each nail.
    Step 5: Design Allow to dry. Design the nails as desired using your additional nail brush. You can paint stripes, dots, geometric designs, and more, or apply rhinestones and gems to the look to finish it off.
    Step 6: Set Apply topcoat to each nail. Allow drying before moving on with your day.

    Soak Up the Summer

    If you’re looking to make a statement with your nails and want something that doesn’t look like everyone else is doing this summer, then summer coffin nails are a great decision. They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, and whether or not you go big with neon summer coffin nails or keep it chic with some pretty coffin summer nails is up to you. Either way, you’ll be keeping the temperature turned up on your nail look all summer long!