Quan Wen

Lead editor at Zohna, yogi and clean beauty fanatic

Expertise: Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition
Education: - BA in English - French Translation, University of Ottawa
- Certificate in Project Management, McGill University


  • 7+ years of experience in the digital marketing space (SEO, content marketing & project management)
  • Fitness, nutrition, and yoga aficionado
  • Cruelty-free beauty advocate
  • Lover of all things culture, music and art.

“Editing is the art of refining thoughts, shaping words, and unveiling the true brilliance hidden within every expression.”— Quan Wen


From a young age, Quan has always been passionate about words and languages in general. A fluent speaker of four languages (English, French, Mandarin and Spanish), Quan understands and appreciates the intricacies and subtleties of the languages she masters. An avid reader and podcast listener, Quan’s penchant for linguistic expression is manifested in her work as an editor at Zohna.

With a bachelor’s degree in translation and a certificate in project management, she launched her career in digital marketing more than 7 years ago and has been working as an editor, project manager and content strategist ever since.

Quan is a strong advocate of clean and cruelty-free beauty and believes everyone deserves to have access to sustainable beauty products without posing a challenge to the environment. Quan believes that life lies in movement and makes a conscious effort to maintain a holistic lifestyle including having a balanced diet and incorporating movements in her daily life such as yoga, swimming, and dancing.

About Zohna

Zohna is your ultimate guide for beauty and wellness, serving up advice, trends, and tips from hair and nails to skincare, makeup, and overall well-being. Our articles are your toolkit, blending examples, infographics, how-to guides, videos, and product recommendations to keep you in the know.

What makes Zohna stand out? It’s our commitment to keeping it real, staying relatable, and diving deep into thorough research. We’re not just a publication; think of us as your beauty bestie, ensuring no one feels left out or priced out in the quest for beauty and wellness wisdom. Our research team goes the extra mile, cutting through the noise of sponsored opinions to provide honest insights on what truly works for everyone in the beauty and wellness space.