27 Trending Pink and White Nails You’ll Love

Updated on January 3, 2024
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    Pink and White NailsPIN

    27 Trending Pink and White Nails You’ll Love

    Grab your cowboy hats, and buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, cause we’re about to take you on the ride of your life through the various pink and white nail designs we know and love.

    By the end of your journey across the wild west of pink and white, we’d bet you a buck or two that you’ll be giddying up to the nail saloon ASAP!

    What Are White and Pink Nails

    There are no tricks here, white and pink nails are exactly as they sound, nails that are painted white and pink. We will say, however, that the types and styles of white and pink nails seem endless, like the wild bare desert spread before you. You can pair white and pink together in your manicure in many unique ways, or if you’re a Plain Jane (and there’s nothing wrong with that), you can always keep it simple.

    Perhaps by the end of this article, you will have discovered that milky white nails combined with pink are not your thing, which is okay. Maybe black and white nails are more your speed. You’ll never know until you try!

    When to Consider Pink and White Nail Designs

    You can consider pink and white nail designs whenever you feel like them. If it’s your first time getting pink and white nails, and they’re looking bland to you, spice them up with some designs!

    There are many different ways you can elevate your pink and white nails, such as:

    • Chrome pigment
    • Glitter
    • Shimmer polish
    • Acrylic nails
    • Gel polish
    • Ombre
    • Rhinestones or diamonds
    • Nail stickers

    Whichever you choose, your pink and white nails will be looking extra fabulous.

    How To Do Pink and White Nails

    Depending on the type of pink and white nails you want, this step-by-step tutorial might be helpful. We love pink and white nails with glitter the most; therefore, we want to tell you how to do it yourself.

    What you’ll need to do pink and white nails with glitter:

    1. White nail polish
    2. Pink nail polish
    3. White glitter
    4. Makeup sponge
    5. Makeup or nail brush
    6. Top coat
    7. Base coat

    Step #1

    Apply a layer of base coat to prep the nails and prevent premature chipping.

    Step #2

    Paint a couple of layers of pink polish onto each nail. Ensure they are fully dry before moving on to step #3.

    Step #3

    Paint the pink and white onto the makeup sponge stacked horizontally. We suggest putting white at the top and pink at the bottom.

    Step #4

    Dab the sponge onto your nails until you get the desired ombre effect. You might have to reapply the polish to the sponge a few times to get a fully saturated nail.

    Step #5

    Once the nails are dry, apply a layer of top coat to get the nails wet again. Do this step and the top coat one nail at a time. Dip the nail brush into the glitter very gently, then tap the brush’s side repeatedly as it hovers over the nail. This will give the nails a light dusting of glitter.

    Step #6

    After repeating that process over every nail, seal everything up with a layer of top coat, and there you have it: pink and white glitter nails.

    Pink And White Ombre Nails

    If you want to be a part of the hit new nail trend, you must try pink and white ombre nails. Not only are they feminine, flirty, and fun, but they’re also sophisticated and classy looking with a twist of uniqueness.

    If you don’t know what ombre is, it’s a color gradient from one shade into another, usually from dark to light.

    If you are intrigued by pink and white ombre nails, we can tell you how to do them! Check out our table below to learn how to create ombre nails at home.

    What you need for DIY pink and white ombre nails:

    1. Base Coat
    2. Top Coat
    3. Pink nail polish
    4. White nail polish
    5. Makeup sponge
    How to Do Pink and White Ombre Nails Description
    Preperation Apply a layer of your base coat to each nail to help protect and prime them. Ensure you let them fully dry before moving on to the next step.
    First application Paint your nails in either pink or white color. You can add as many layers as you want, but we suggest at least two and no more than three.
    Sponge preparation Once your polish is dry, grab your makeup sponge and paint on both colors, stacking them horizontally onto the sponge. You can put either shade at the bottom, but we suggest the darker one.
    Second application Dab the sponge onto your nails several times until you get the desired ombre effect. You might have to reapply the polish to the sponge a few times to get a fully saturated nail.
    Seal the deal Once everything is dry and you are happy with the ombre, add a layer of your top coat to seal everything in and add a glossy finish.
    Extra This step isn’t necessary, but if you want to add any designs, rhinestones, glitter, or chrome pigment, now is the time. Remember to add a layer of top coat once you’re done to seal it all in.

    Pink And White Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic nails are probably one of the most popular types of nails to get at the salon, and for a good reason.

    People love acrylic nails because they:

    • Add length
    • Create more room for designs
    • Make nails appear thicker
    • Make you feel confident
    • Last much longer than regular nails

    If you are convinced you want acrylics, then these pink and white acrylic nails might just be what you are searching for. The combination of pink and white is stunning, but coupling that with your favorite acrylic shape will make them even more beautiful. If you don’t have a favorite acrylic shape or don’t know the exact one you want, check out the table below to help you determine.

    Acrylic Nail Shape Shape Details
    Coffin Shape
    • Angular shape
    • Straight edge
    • Flat at the tip
    • Resembles coffin shape
    Stiletto Shape
    • Pointed tip
    • Traditionally long
    • Resembles a stiletto shoe
    Almond Shape
    • Rounded peak
    • Resembles the shape of an almond
    • Typically medium in length
    Square Shape
    • Flat at the tip
    • Straight sharp corners
    • Most natural looking
    Pointed Shape
    • Long length
    • Filed into a point

    Pink And White Nails With Glitter

    Adding glitter to anything makes it that much better. It adds shine, shimmer, and extra glossiness. So, why not add some glitter to your pink and white nails? These pink and white nails with glitter are perfect for a weekend getaway or to put a pep in your step.

    Check out the pink and white nails tutorial further down to see how you can recreate this manicure at home.

    Solar Pink And White Nails

    Before you go all cosmic on us, solar nails are not about outer space, planets, and stars. Solar Nails is a brand of acrylic powder made by CND. Solar nails are great because they last longer, are cheaper in the long run, and are lower maintenance. This type of acrylic powder is pink and white, perfect for this specific manicure.

    Hot Pink And White Nails

    If you like your pink hot, then these hot pink and white nails are the optimal manicure for you. We highly suggest getting your hot pink and white nails done via this cool-looking color gradient method. This might be trickier to accomplish at home, but we have a sneaky feeling your manicurist might know how to do it.

    Pink And White Coffin Nails

    Pink and white coffin nails are the ideal manicures for those who love pretty long claws. The acrylic coffin shape is different looking without being too outside the box. That touch of gold glitter on the ring finger elevates these elegant pink and white nails just enough.

    Pink And White Gel Nails

    Here at Zohna, we love to see all the fun nail art that people come up with. These pink and white gel nails are the perfect example with the tiny little white hearts. Gel manicures are generally great but also fantastic when incorporating hand-painted designs. Gel tends to be thicker than regular nail polish and appears 3D, making it perfect for designs.

    There are very few cons of gel nails, but there are still a few to consider. Check out the table below to see the pros and cons of a gel manicure to assess if it fits you!

    Pros of Pink and White Gel Nails Cons of Pink and White Gel Nails
    • Lasts longer than regular polish
    • Makes nails appear thicker
    • Has extra gloss
    • Requires barely any dry time
    • Can cause brittle natural nails
    • Can cause breakage of natural nails
    • Is more expensive
    • Cures under UV light

    Short Pink And White Nails

    Short nails are the new long nails. People are embracing their natural beauty more, including their nails. Most people’s nails don’t naturally grow out to the length of acrylics. That said, embrace your nail’s natural length with these stunning short pink and white nails.

    Zohna Tip

    To help your nails get strong and healthy, try a nail strengthener nail polish in between manicures or as a base coat.

    Pink And White French Nails

    French tip nails are a classic. Many people suggest changing the traditional white tip to a different color. But why change a good thing? We suggest sticking with the white tips for these pink and white French nails. Their classy, elegant, and beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with switching up the tradition, but we say stick to it this time!

    Pink And White Marble Nails

    Pink and white marble nails are all the rage. This nail trend is a newer one on the block, and we love it. This manicure is unique and pretty, perfectly on-trend. We will say, however, that achieving these nails at home would be a battle, so we suggest searching for press-on nails that already have this design.

    Press-on nails are fun and easy to remove, plus they already have 80% of the work done; all you have to do is attach them to your fingers, and bam! You look fabulous.

    Light Pink And White Nails

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping things light. These light pink and white nails prove that point; just look at them. They’re elegantly simple, and we love that in a good manicure. Plus, the soft almond shape perfectly matches the vibes of the muted pink and white shades.

    Pink And White Dip Nails

    If you are confused about what pink and white dip nails are, it’s just as it sounds. Dip powder is like a dry polish; dip the finger into the colored powder and place a clear sealant overtop. This nail polish lasts for many months and is nearly chip resistant.

    The powder comes in many shades, but if you want these exact nails, you must use white and pink colored powder.

    White And Pink Powder Nails

    White And Pink Powder NailsInstagram@sp_nails1PIN

    If you want your nails to look powdery, we know just the trick. You might think, “Who wants their nails to look powdery?” But, listen to us when we say, they look super unique. All it takes is a matte top coat to get the powder look. Matte top coats remove any signs of gloss and shine, revealing a chalky, powdery appearance.

    Pink And White Full Set Nails

    A full set of pink and white nails refers to getting a full set of acrylics. Some people choose to get a fill, where they don’t remove the acrylic nail but just remove the polish overtop and change it out.

    Aside from the logistics of a full set, check out these stunning white and glitter-pink nails. The soft layering of white over the pink glitter creates a beautiful effect that we can’t take our eyes away from.

    Pink And White Valentine Nails

    Pink nails with white hearts are our favorite Valentine’s Day nails. This manicure is simple yet cute, which we believe encapsulates the actual meaning of the holiday. Everyone gets wrapped up in gifts, chocolate, and dates, but it’s actually about showing your love for those you love.

    Pink And White Almond Nails

    All we have to say is wow!

    These pink and white almond nails are fabulous yet so perfectly simple. Sometimes less is more when it comes to manicures, and this manicure perfectly embodies that. The simple white detail makes this manicure.

    We 100% think you should get these nails if you like things classic but want some uniqueness for a vacation or a summer weekend.

    Cute Pink And White Nails

    The things that we find cutest here at Zohna are animals! These cute pink and white nails are adorable only because of the little flamingos. These nails are perfect for a trip to Florida or any tropical vacation. It’s also perfect for your little ones.

    Pink And White Nails With Diamonds

    Pink and white nails are incomplete without dazzling diamonds. Rhinestones, diamonds, or gems are all fantastic items to incorporate into your manicure if you want extra pizzazz.

    It may appear complicated, but adding diamonds to your nails is simple, and we can tell you how!

    What you need for pink and white nails with diamonds:

    • Diamonds
    • Top coat
    • Tweezers

    Once you have the three tools you need, it’s time to get bedazzling:

    1. While your nails are still wet from the pink and white polish, use the tweezers to pick up and place the diamonds in the spots you want them. If your nails are dry before you start this step, apply a thin layer of top coat.
    2. Once the diamonds are in place, let them dry for at least five minutes to ensure they are stuck.
    3. Once nothing seems like it will move, apply a layer or two of top coat over the diamonds. This will help seal them in extra good.

    Pink And White Stiletto Nails

    The stiletto-shaped acrylics are the longest and pointest. We recommend being careful with these bad boys, or they might poke an eye out!

    All jokes aside, these pink and white stiletto nails are about the drama. They give off the vibes they like to have fun but do it with class and style. If you relate to these pointers, these might just be your nails.

    Dark Pink And White Nails

    These dark pink and white nails scream summer in the winter. They look like they should be worn in the summer, but the stunning darker pink shade makes them the perfect candidate for a winter manicure.

    This manicure is another great example of ombre nails, showing the color gradient perfectly.

    Pink White And Gold Nails

    Pink White And Gold NailsInstagram@rizos_spaPIN

    Add some swirls and twirls to your next manicure by taking inspiration from these beautiful pink white and gold nails. The accent of white and gold swirled onto the nail over top of a pretty pink base gives these nails a girly and whimsical look and feel.

    Coupled with the girly polish are the soft yet pronounced almond-shaped acrylic nails. If you choose softer colors such as pink, white, and gold, pairing them with a soft acrylic shape is a match made in heaven.

    Pink And White Swirl Nails

    These pink and white swirl nails remind us of fairy tales. Feel young again and be transported to the world of fairy tales, enchanted forests, and knights in shining armor by getting this manicure at your next nail salon visit.

    Recreating the pretty little Disney-looking stars is pretty straightforward. All you need is white nail polish and a toothpick.

    Here’s how to design tiny Disney stars for your pink and white swirl nails:

    1. Once you have finished your pink and white nails, ensure they are completely dry. You can add a layer of top coat if you want, but it’s unnecessary.
    2. Carefully use a toothpick to dip in the white nail polish bottle and drop a small dollop of white polish on the nail in the spot you want the star.
    3. Quickly, before it dries, use a new toothpick or the other end of the same one, and place it in the middle of the dollop. With light pressure, pull the white polish outwards to create the arm of the star. Repeat the pulling from the middle four times.
    4. Repeat the process for as many stars as you like. Remember to do it one at a time, or the polish may dry before you can complete the star.
    5. Apply a final layer of clear top coat to seal everything in.

    Pink Black And White Nails

    Who said each fingernail had to be the same color? That’s right, no one!

    Switch up your fingers by alternating colors for these pink black and white nails. This manicure is perfect for those indecisive folks who can never settle on a color without regretting they didn’t settle on the other option. Now, you don’t have to settle! And all we can say is never settle.

    Pink White And Silver Nails

    Are you heading to a punk rock concert? If the answer is “hell ya,” then you will not want to pass up on this. This head-banging, show-stopping nails are the perfect mix of rockin, rollin’, and girly vibes. The chrome middle finger and tiny chrome star give this manicure its edgy side, while the pink and white give it the girly sweetness.

    Pink And White Nails With Rhinestones