28 Burst Fade Hairstyles for Men

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    Burst FadePIN

    28 Burst Fade Hairstyles for Men

    Are you tired of your hair looking stuck in the Stone Age? Well, hold onto your combs because we’re about to catapult your style game into the future!

    Enter the burst fade haircut – it’s not just a haircut; it’s a one-way ticket to Hairstyle Valhalla. Think of it as the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” for your hair, wiping out the ordinary and rebooting it with pure style.

    The burst fade isn’t just for trendsetters; it’s for anyone who’s ever had a hair day that made them question their life choices.

    Ready to level up your hairstyle game?

    Keep reading as we dive into burst fades and find the perfect style for you.

    So, grab your hairbrush, and let’s embark on this stylish journey together!

    What Is a Burst Fade?

    A burst fade refers to a type of haircut that features a gradual fade, with the hair tapering down from the top in a circular or “bursting” manner. This creates a stylish and eye-catching effect that adds a unique touch to your overall appearance.

    It is a versatile haircut that suits various hair types and lengths. A burst fade can be customized to suit your preferences and style whether you have:

    • Short hair
    • Medium-length hair
    • Long hair

    The burst fade is often paired with other haircut styles to create a more dynamic and visually appealing look.

    For instance, you can combine a burst fade with a:

    This combination allows you to experiment with different textures and lengths, giving you endless possibilities for expressing your personal style.

    One of the reasons why the burst fade has become so popular is its ability to enhance facial features. By tapering the hair down in a circular pattern, it creates a natural frame for your face, accentuating your cheekbones and jawline. This can help create a more defined and chiseled appearance, adding a touch of masculinity and sophistication to your overall look.

    The Pros and Cons of Burst Fade Haircuts

    Like any other haircut, burst fades come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks.

    Here’s a closer look at both sides of the coin to help you make an informed decision.


    • Stylish and modern look
    • Versatile and can be adapted to various hairstyles
    • Allows for creative designs and patterns
    • Low maintenance
    • Offers a smooth transition between hair lengths


    • Requires regular maintenance to maintain the desired look
    • May not be suitable for conservative or traditional environments
    • Requires the skills of a professional barber for precise execution
    • May not complement all face shapes or hair types as desired

    Ultimately, embracing the burst fade should align with your style, grooming routine, and individual preferences, ensuring that it enhances your overall look and confidence.

    Burst Fade Mullet

    If you’re someone who loves embracing the best of both worlds, a mullet burst fade cut might be the perfect choice for you. Combining the trendy burst fade with the classic mullet, this haircut offers a unique blend of styles, including:

    • Rebel
    • Modern
    • Retro

    The burst fade creates a striking contrast with the longer hair at the back, resulting in a look that is effortlessly cool and edgy.

    Low Burst Fade

    For those who prefer a more subtle and understated look, burst fade low cut is an excellent option. With the fade starting at a lower point on the sides and back, this variation provides a seamless blending effect that creates a softer transition between different hair lengths. This makes it a great choice for those who want a versatile haircut that can be easily styled for both formal and casual occasions.

    Burst Fade Curly Hair

    If you have curly hair and want to enhance your natural texture, consider how a burst fade with curly hair can work wonders:

    1. Enhanced Texture: The burst fade adds dimension and depth to your curls.
    2. Volume Control: It helps in managing overall volume effortlessly.
    3. Seamless Transition: The fade transitions from tightly coiled curls to shorter hair.

    A curly burst fade allows you to confidently rock your curls while maintaining a polished and sleek appearance.

    Burst Fade Mohawk

    For those who want to make a bold statement, a burst fade mohawk is the way to go. This daring variation combines the burst fade with the iconic mohawk style to create a truly unique look. The burst fade on the sides emphasizes the elevated strip of longer hair at the center, drawing attention to your distinctive hairstyle.

    Zohna Tip

    To truly own the burst fade mohawk, consider adding a personal flair by experimenting with different lengths and textures for the elevated strip of longer hair at the center.

    Whether you opt for a subtle burst fade or a more dramatic one, this edgy haircut is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    Mid Burst Fade

    The mid burst fade strikes the perfect balance between the low and high variations. It starts at a mid-level point on the sides and back, creating a smooth transition that complements various hairstyles.

    The mid burst fade offers versatility in terms of styling options, allowing you to experiment with different lengths and textures without compromising on the overall aesthetic.

    Burst Fade Straight Hair

    Straight hair can sometimes lack volume and texture, but with a burst fade, you can add more dimension to your locks. The burst fade works wonders in providing structure and depth to straight hair, making it appear fuller and more dynamic.

    Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or a messy and textured one, the burst fade can elevate your style game to new heights.

    High Burst Fade

    For those who want a more dramatic and attention-grabbing look, the high burst fade is an excellent choice. Starting at a higher point on the sides and back, this variation creates a striking contrast between the shorter and longer hair.

    The high burst fade exudes confidence and boldness, making it a perfect match for individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

    Burst Fade Long Hair

    Long hair offers versatility, but if you’re seeking a unique twist to your style, the burst fade can work wonders.

    Unlock the secrets of how a burst fade can transform your long locks with these compelling reasons:

    1. Striking Contrast: The burst fade adds a distinct visual contrast to your long hair, making your style stand out.
    2. Enhanced Dimension: This variation introduces a new dimension to your look, adding depth and intrigue.
    3. Style Freedom: Whether you prefer letting your long hair flow freely or tying it up elegantly, the burst fade complements your choice, giving your hairstyle an extra edge.

    With the burst fade, your long hair becomes a canvas for creativity, allowing you to express your unique style effortlessly. Elevate your look and make a statement with this stylish haircut choice.

    Burst Fade Edgar

    The burst fade Edgar cut is a variation that takes its inspiration from the iconic Mexican-American comedian, Edgar “Wero” Valdez. This haircut features a burst fade with a defined and sharp line design across the sides and back. The burst fade Edgar offers a unique blend of style and individuality, making it a favorite among those who want to make a bold statement.

    Burst Fade with Design

    If you’re someone who loves to experiment with your hair and wants to showcase your creative side, a low burst fade design is the way to go. By incorporating various patterns and shapes into the burst fade, you can create a truly personalized and eye-catching look.

    From geometric designs to intricate symbols, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to express your unique personality through your hairstyle.

    Burst Fade V Cut

    The burst fade V cut is a variation that combines the burst fade with a sharp V-shaped hairline at the nape of the neck. This haircut offers a distinctive and angular look that adds a touch of edginess to your overall style.

    The burst fade V cut is ideal for those who want a haircut that is both trendy and bold.

    Burst Fade Taper

    Thanks to the burst fade taper, achieving a seamless and elegant transition between various hair lengths has never been easier. This versatile haircut choice boasts:

    1. Gradual Taper: The burst fade gracefully transitions to a shorter length at the bottom.
    2. Sleek Aesthetic: It creates a sleek and refined look that suits a range of occasions.

    Whether attending a formal event or enjoying a casual outing, the burst taper fade ensures you look effortlessly polished.

    Burst Fade Short Hair

    If you prefer a shorter hairstyle that is easy to maintain yet stylish, a burst fade with short hair might be the perfect fit.

    With the fade starting at a higher point, this variation keeps the sides and back shorter while maintaining a burst fade effect. The burst fade short hair offers a clean and polished look that is perfect for those who value simplicity and minimalism.

    Burst Fade Buzz Cut

    For those who love the low-maintenance nature of a buzz cut but want to add some flair, a burst fade buzz cut is an excellent choice.

    By incorporating a burst fade into the usual buzz cut style, this variation creates depth and texture that elevates your look from ordinary to extraordinary. The burst fade buzz cut is a versatile and timeless option that suits a wide range of face shapes and personal styles.

    Burst Fade Comb Over

    The burst fade comb over is a variation that combines the burst fade with the classic and sophisticated comb-over hairstyle. This haircut features a burst fade on the sides and back, with the longer hair on top styled neatly to the side.

    The burst fade comb over offers a refined and polished look that is perfect for both professional settings and formal occasions.

    Burst Fade Wavy Hair

    Wavy hair possesses inherent charm and volume, and the burst fade can amplify these attributes.

    Here are three key enhancements of burst fade wavy hair:

    1. Texture Boost: The burst fade enhances the texture of your wavy locks.
    2. Definition: It adds definition to your waves, accentuating their natural beauty.
    3. Contemporary Appeal: This style keeps you in vogue while celebrating your waves’ allure.

    For those looking to embrace the natural beauty of their waves while maintaining a stylish and contemporary appearance, the burst fade for wavy hair is the ideal choice.

    Burst Fade Middle Part

    If you’re someone who loves the timeless appeal of a middle part hairstyle, a burst fade can give it a modern twist. The burst fade middle part combines the classic middle part with a fade effect on the sides, creating a well-balanced and eye-catching look.

    This variation adds depth and dimension to your hairstyle while retaining the elegance and symmetry of the middle part.

    Burst Fade Slick Back

    The burst fade slick back seamlessly blends the timeless sophistication of a slicked-back hairstyle with the modern flair of a burst fade. This haircut is characterized by clean lines and high contrast, with the sides and back tapering close to the scalp and gradually transitioning into longer hair on top.

    Let’s learn how to achieve this look:

    Steps Description
    Apply Styling Product Begin with a strong-hold styling product on damp hair.
    Slick Back Use a comb or brush to slick the hair back flat against the scalp.
    Set with Blow Dryer Utilize a blow dryer to set the style in place.
    Hairspray Finish Finish with a spritz of hairspray for extra hold and shine.

    This style is especially well-suited for individuals with straight or slightly wavy hair. By following these steps, you can achieve the perfect burst fade slick back look, combining classic sophistication with contemporary style.

    Burst Fade Bajo

    If you’re looking to add a touch of Latin flair to your haircut, the burst fade bajo is the way to go. This style features a burst fade that starts low on the sides and back, creating a dramatic taper that emphasizes the length on top. It’s a bold and eye-catching look that is sure to make a statement.

    To maintain the burst fade bajo, regular trips to the barber are a must. The precise fading technique used in this haircut requires professional skill and precision. To style, apply a small amount of pomade or wax to the hair and use your fingers to create texture and volume on top. Finish off with a quick spritz of hairspray to hold everything in place.

    Burst Fade Back View

    Want a haircut that looks amazing from all angles?

    The burst fade back view is the answer. This style features a burst fade that is focused on the back of the head, creating a stunning visual effect when viewed from behind. It’s a great option for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing versatility.

    To maintain the burst fade back view, regular trimming is crucial. Because the fade is concentrated on the back, any regrowth can quickly disrupt the clean lines of this haircut. Use a comb to create volume on top, and finish off with a light hairspray to keep everything in place.

    Zohna Tip

    To ensure your burst fade back view consistently wows, consider incorporating subtle designs or patterns into the fade for an added style element.

    Burst Fade with Beard

    Looking to infuse your burst fade with an extra dose of masculinity?

    Consider pairing it with a well-groomed beard. The burst fade with a beard offers a seamless blend between your haircut and facial hair, elevating your overall appearance and imbuing it with a rugged touch.

    Follow these steps to accomplish this look:

    Steps Description
    Grow Beard to Desired Length Begin by growing out your facial hair to your preferred length.
    Trim Sides of Beard Keep the sides of your beard neatly trimmed for a polished look.
    Maintain Beard with Oil/Balm Use beard oil or balm to keep your beard soft and manageable.
    Style for Balance When styling your hair, focus on creating volume on top to balance the fullness of the beard.
    Add Texture and Hold A matte pomade is ideal for adding texture and hold to your hair.

    The burst fade with a beard is an excellent choice for those seeking a harmonious fusion of style and masculinity.

    Burst Drop Fade

    If you’re looking for a burst fade variation that stands out, the burst drop fade is the way to go. This style features a burst fade that drops dramatically towards the nape of the neck, creating an eye-catching visual effect. It’s a bold and unconventional choice that is sure to make you the center of attention.

    To maintain the burst drop fade, regular touch-ups are essential. The dramatic drop in the fade requires precision and expertise to achieve. When styling, use a matte clay or paste to create texture and hold. Don’t be afraid to play around with different styling techniques to find the look that suits you best.

    Burst Fade Faux Hawk

    Ready to unleash your inner rockstar?

    The burst fade faux hawk is the way to go.

    This daring style combines the edginess of a faux hawk with the clean lines of a burst fade, creating a look that is both bold and versatile.

    Burst Fade Perm

    If you’re looking to add some texture and body to your hair, why not try a burst fade perm? This unique style combines the tight curls of a perm with the sharp lines of a burst fade, resulting in a look that is both trendy and high-impact.

    To get the perfect burst fade perm, consult with a professional hairstylist who specializes in perming. The process involves chemical treatments that can be damaging if not done correctly. Once you have your perm, embrace the curls by using a curl-enhancing product and diffusing with a blow dryer. Finish off with a light-hold hairspray to keep the curls in place.

    Asian Burst Fade

    Asian hairstyles are known for their sleek and polished look, and the Asian burst fade is no exception. This style features a burst fade that seamlessly blends into longer hair on top, creating a modern and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

    Burst Fade Dreads

    If you’re a fan of dreadlocks and want to add a twist to your hairstyle, the burst fade dreads are the way to go. This style combines the boldness of dreads with the sharp lines of a burst fade, resulting in a look that is both rugged and refined.

    Burst Fade Blonde Hair

    burst fade blonde hairInstagram@pace_cutsPIN

    Looking to brighten up your hairstyle?

    The burst fade blonde hair is the way to go. This style combines the high-contrast burst fade with a vibrant blonde color, creating a look that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

    Burst Fade Fringe

    If you’re a fan of bangs and want to add some e