19 Juicy Peach Nails for a Refreshing Summer Manicure

Updated on January 3, 2024
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    19 Juicy Peach Nails for a Refreshing Summer Manicure

    The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The air is a little warmer; everything is just peachy.

    Peach nails are perfect for spring and to kick off summer. The pale, pastel orange shade is versatile, ranging from subtle peachy-nude to vibrant peach sherbert. It’s a tasteful choice for weddings and graduations and an energetic color for festivals and parties.

    So many celebrities rock peach nail polish for photoshoots, special occasions, and red-carpet events:

    • Hailey Bieber
    • Kehlani
    • Rihanna
    • Camila Cabello
    • Blake Lively

    We love using various techniques and nail art ideas to play with peach-colored nails. The most popular peach nail designs include:

    • Marble
    • Ombre
    • Gradient
    • Galaxy
    • Tips
    • Tye dye

    Refer to the chart below for a brief description of each of the peach nail techniques mentioned above.

    Peach Nails Techniques Description
    Marble Two dots of peach and white polish and a dot of glitter polish brushed together into a swirl effect
    Ombre Peach, and nude or white polish colors transitioned into each other from light to dark
    Gradient Peach and one or morel polish colors transitioned together into a cascading design
    Galaxy Peachbase color polish with a white shimmer or glitter top coat
    Tips Peach nail polish with a visible divide at the tip of the nail
    Tie Dye Peach, and white polish brushed together on top of solid base color polish

    What We Love About Peach Color Nails

    What’s not to love about peach color nails? They’re the perfect blend of summery colors and complement many outfit colors and every skin tone.

    Peach nails are made of three colors:

    1. Orange
    2. Yellow
    3. Pink

    Lighter shades of peach are mixed with white to give that pastel peach color, whereas darker shades contain more saturated orange, pink, or yellow hues.

    Are you excited to try out some juicy peach nails for yourself? We’ve gathered 19 trendiest peach nail ideas from talented nail artists on social media.

    Summer Peach Nails

    Kick off summer with a juicy new manicure. Peach is the perfect color for summer nails to welcome the warmest season. We love starting with pale pastel peach in the late spring and early summer months and going a little more vibrant as the summer progresses.

    If you didn’t know, peaches are harvested from the end of June until late August. Opt for peach nails with bright colors and hand-painted tropical designs to make epic summer peach nails.

    Coral Peach Nails

    Darling, it’s better

    Down where it’s wetter

    Under the sea!

    The coral color is inspired by the vivid colors of an aquatic ecosystem, a coral reef. This beautiful pink-orange tone is similar but darker and more orange than the true peach tones; if you want a gorgeous manicure that’s a shade between, go for coral peach nails. We love adding a glitter confetti accent nail to give your fingers a little sparkle.

    Peach Nails with Glitter

    There’s nothing like a refreshing and bubbly sparkling peach Bellini to quench your thirst on a summer day. Peach nails with glitter look like a fancy frozen peach cocktail. They’re perfect nails for your peach prom dress or peach-colored accessories for a special occasion.

    You can get DIY peach nails with glitter by adding a sparkly top coat to your peach nails.

    Light Peach Nails

    Sip on a glass of sparkling peach Prosecco. These light peach nails have a refreshing vibe; the color is close to nude but with a tinge of vibrance. When you want a simple manicure with a hint of color., light peach polish is the one for you.

    Neon Peach Nails

    Make Your peach nails stand out to the max by choosing a vivid color. Neon peach nails are a bold choice for a lady with class and confidence. You can keep bright nails plain and simple or give them extra attention with glitter and rhinestones.

    Peach Nails Coffin

    Classy but sassy. The coffin nail shape gives a dramatic edge to soft, feminine colors. We love the long, tapered nail shape with the practicality of a flattened-out tip for nails that make a statement while being functional in day-to-day activities. If you want an edgy appeal to a light and girly color, ask your nail artist for peach nails coffin.

    Matte Peach Nails

    Matte nails create a smooth finish with no shine. They’re for someone self-confident who likes to look classy without drawing too much attention.

    We love how matte peach nails have a flat, velvety finish that looks clean and elegant.

    Try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte Top Coat for DIY matte peach nails. Matte is a type of nail polish finish and the opposite of sheer nails or glitter nails.

    The five most common peach nail polish finishes are:

    • Matte peach nails
    • Creme peach nails
    • Glitter peach nails
    • Sheer peach nails
    • Chrome peach nails

    The chart below compares matte peach nails to different peach nail polish finishes.

    Nail Polish Finish Description
    Matte peach nails
    • Opaque peach color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    Creme peach nails
    • Opaque peach color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    Glitter peach nails
    • Translucent peach color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    Sheer peach nails
    • Transparent peach color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    Chrome peach nails
    • Opaque peach color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine

    Ombre Peach Nails

    Ombre is a gorgeous technique used in modern beauty from hair to makeup, to nails.

    From the French word ‘to shade‘, ombre nail designs create a gradient effect between two or more colors or a single shade into nude.

    These ombre peach nails use an airbrush nail art technique to lightly fade the peach nail color into neon nails at the tips.

    Acrylic Peach Nails

    What’s long, flawless, and peach all over? Acrylic peach nails! While it’s possible to file natural nails into almost any nail shape, acrylic nails offer the most durability for filing and a larger canvas for nail art.

    We love acrylic and artificial nail enhancements for several reasons:

    1. Versatile nail shapes
    2. Durability and long-lasting
    3. Long canvas for nail art
    4. Streamlined length and appearance

    Acrylic peach nails are a gorgeous way to elongate your nails for an ultra-feminine manicure. We love adding glitter to long acrylic nails for fingertips that look like sparkling peach wine.

    White and Peach Nails

    Peaches and cream is the dessert of summer! We love white and peach nails that create a scrumptious blend of juicy and creamy colors. Choose a pale shade of peach and French vanilla white for a softer combination or a vivid orange peach with bright white for a stunning contrast.

    Short Peach Nails

    Peach is a stylish and sophisticated nail polish color that looks posh in every length. Short peach nails bring just the right amount of attention to your fingertips. You can opt for a plain peach manicure or add a white or gold accent nail to add some flare.

    Pink Peach Nails

    If you thought life is pretty in pink, it’s even prettier in pink peach. Peach is a blend of orange, yellow, and pink tones; as you might guess, pink peach contains predominantly rosy hues. Try beautiful pink peach nails when you want a change from your pale pink manicure.

    Pastel Peach Nails

    Pastel Peach NailsInstagram@34bea.utyPIN

    When it comes to manicures, we love playful pastel nails. Pale colors made with a significant amount of white create those powdery colors that are perfect for spring and summertime.

    Light peach nail polish is often a pastel orange color with pale yellow and pink undertones. Choose pastel peach nails for a soft, elegant manicure that goes with every outfit.

    Zohna Tip

    Make your own pastel peach polish by adding a few drops of white polish into an orange-yellow color and mixing it well.

    Cute Peach Nails

    Peach is such a versatile color; it can look elegant, sexy, simple, or cute. If you want cute peach nails, try experimenting with playful nail designs. Hearts, flowers, and candy shapes are adorable choices, or you can get creative with colorful geometric lines.

    Nude Peach Nails

    The color nude is a timeless trend in fashion and beauty. Nude nail polish is a stylish choice that flatters all skin tones. Peach nail polish is like the vibrant sister of nude polish; mixed with more hues of pink and yellow, peach is a bold alternative to a subtle nude shade.

    Try nude peach nails for the perfect balance between classic nude and colorful peach.

    Bright Peach Nails

    Kick off your summer with a barbecue, bonfire, or party. These nails are the perfect party nails.

    Bright peach nails are loud and energetic for someone who loves to be the life of the party. We love how bright peach nail polish compliments every complexion; it pops on tanned skin and flatters pale skin tones.

    Black and Peach Nails

    Black nail polish makes a bold statement on its own or when paired with any bright color. Peach nail polish is thought to be a light, feminine, and superficial color. Pairing black with peach creates a dramatic contrast to draw attention to your fingertips. Choose black and peach nails if you want to add a little edginess to your manicure.

    Orange Peach Nails

    Quench your thirst with this juicy citrus color. Orange peach nails burst with apricot, tangerine, and golden fruity tones. Orange nail polish is a bright and bold color choice, but it’s the perfect shade of sunshine when fused with peach.

    Long Peach Nails

    Long nails and peach polish are dynamic when you want a subtle look that attracts attention. Long peach nails are a sophisticated way to show your confidence with fancy fingernails. Simple nail art like diamonds and glitter is a great choice to texturize the nail canvas of long nails.

    Peach Nail Polish

    “Peach nail polish, please.”

    Oh honey, if it were only that simple. There are so many shades of peach nail polish you need to know your options before sitting in the salon chair.

    Some of the most popular peach nail polish shades include:

    • Pink peach
    • Nude peach
    • Neon peach
    • Pastel peach
    • Chrome peach
    • Peaches and cream

    And, of course, with clever names like “Freedom of Peach” and “Coral-nig Your Spirit,” it can make determining the shade a bit tricky.

    OPI Peach Nail Polish

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    When it comes to peach nail polish, stick with a reputable brand with true-to-color results. The OPI Nail Lacquer Washing DC collection offers 17 peach, pink and orange shades to choose from. Our favorite peach nail polish is Freed of Peach.

    OPI Nail Lacquers are liquid creme nail polish finishes offering up to seven days of chip-free wear. The patented ProWide brush offers smooth, streak-free, and even application. The polish is quick-drying with a high shine for fast and convenient peach nails.

    The key product features include:

    • Salon-quality nail polish
    • Creme finish
    • ProWide brush
    • Quick-drying
    • Seven-day wear


    • Why Are Peach Nail Designs So Popular in the Summer?

      Peach nail designs are a popular choice for summer for many reasons. Peach is a light and refreshing color, like a cool summer drink on a hot day. It’s a shade that goes with white, cream, and pale colors and bright orange, pink, and neon tones. Peach nails go with summer fashion and look amazing on sun-kissed skin.

    • What Color Goes With Peach Nails?

      Peach nails are a versatile manicure color that goes with many different outfits. Nude peach nails go with almost every color, whereas pink peach goes with pink and red colored ensembles. Neutral shades of peach work best with natural tones. Neon outfits compliment your bright manicure if you have bright peach nails.

    • What Does Peach Nail Polish Mean?

      Peach nail polish means you are elegant, sophisticated, and poised. It is a manicure color that stands out without intentionally drawing attention. Peach nails are for the woman who holds her beauty standards high while being casual and compassionate.

    Life is Peachy with Peach Nails

    Life is peachy with peach nails! Peach nails are perfect for the summer and warmer weather but are also a great choice to brighten your day.

    Peach nails complement every skin tone and almost every outfit, so what are you waiting for? Go and paint those nails in your perfect shade of peach.