17 Trending Matte Green Nails + Best Polish To Fog it Out

Updated on January 1, 2024
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    Matte green nailsPIN

    17 Trending Matte Green Nails + Best Polish To Fog it Out

    Blast the hot air cause it’s getting foggy in here!

    Ever thought of what the opposite of glossy nails might be? Well, they’re called matte nails, and are they ever cool! To help you better visualize, they look similar to the inside of your car windshield when it fogs up.

    You might be curious about what your manicure might look like instead of your usual glossy one. Check out the table below to discover the differences and similarities between matte and shiny nails.

    Matte Nail Polishes Glossy Nail Polishes
    • Zero shine
    • Doesn’t last as long as regular top coat
    • Doesn’t ot reflect light
    • Harder to find
    • Any color can be matte
    • High shine
    • Light reflective
    • Easier to find
    • Any color can be glossy

    Now that you know the difference, we have selected three different matte green nail polishes and a bunch of fun matte green nail designs to check out below. The matte green nail designs range from different colors, gemstones, and drawings.

    Matte Green Nail Polish 3 Picks

    If you are curious to know more, we have selected two of our favorite matte green nail polishes and one of our favorite matte top coats to turn glossy green nails into matte green nails.

    Gel Baby Gel Nail Polish
    $9.99 ($19.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 01:26 am GMT

    Gel Baby gel nail polish is your go-to matte green color. Sage the Spirit is a gorgeous sage green color that finishes frosty and matte.

    Key features:

    • Opaque in only 1-2 coats
    • Never peels
    • Made for oily and dry nail beds
    • Can be cured with UV or LED lights
    MAYCHAO Gel Nail Polish
    $6.99 ($13.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 01:56 am GMT

    This dual top coat polish in color Sage Green is a beautiful gel polish. You can choose between using the shine or matte top coat to change the appearance of your green nails.

    Key features:

    • Glossy or matte
    • Long-lasting
    • Non-toxic
    • Cured in LED light
    Essie Matte About You Top Coat

    apply Essie’s Matte About You mattifying top coat nail polish instead!

    10/31/2023 01:40 am GMT

    It’s hard to find specifically matte nail polishes on the market. However, plenty of great matte top coats can turn any green nails into matte green nails. This Essie matte top coat is one of the best mattifying polishes.

    Key features:

    • Proves a velvet finish
    • Easy application without streaks
    • Salon-quality
    • High-performance

    Matte Olive Green Nails

    I olive you!

    Olives are a fantastic, tasty treat, but have you ever thought about their color? An olive green color is beautiful, especially on your fingernails. These matte olive green nails are stunning and will graciously compliment anyone with an olive skin tone.

    Matte Dark Green Nails

    These matte dark green nails will do the trick if you want something more subtle and causal. These are stunning and simple but unique enough to make you stand out.

    Matte Emerald Green Nails

    If you want to feel like royalty, these matte emerald green nails are velvety heaven. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a color like emerald if you want to feel sophisticated.

    Matte Sage Green Nails

    Sage green is one of those soft but loud colors. These matte sage green nails are perfect for the spring or summertime to show your bubbly but sophisticated side.

    Matte Army Green Nails

    These matte army green nails are glamorous, to say the least! The addition of gemstones elevates these nails so you can shine bright like the diamond you are.

    Other matte green nail designs can be:

    1. Nail stickers
    2. Acrylics
    3. Multi-colored nails
    4. Nail glitter

    Matte Mint Green Nails

    Who doesn’t like to feel fresh? Well, these matte mint green nails look fresh as hell, and you don’t want to miss out on these!

    Matte Lime Green Nails

    If you like to show off your fun side through your nails, these matte lime green nails will be perfect. This zebra pattern might look complicated, but you will surely get the job done with proper tools like a nail art stencil.

    Matte Green Nails with Gold

    Matte green and gold are stunning pairs that look gorgeous together, including on your fingers. We recommend pairing gold and green to jazz up your matte green nails.

    Short Matte Green Nails

    The thing we love about matte green nails is that they look great on any nail length. Getting short matte green nails is a great way to elevate your nails without adding acrylics or other intense designs.

    Matte Green Nails Christmas

    Matte Green Nails ChristmasInstagram@v.x.nailsPIN

    Sometimes less is more when it comes to the holidays. These matte green nails Christmas edition are simple yet elegant. The added matte red makes them stand out as the perfect Christmas manicure.

    Matte Green Nails with Glitter

    If matte green isn’t cool enough, we suggest giving matte green nails with glitter a swing. The pop of glitter will elevate your nails, perfect for a night out or a fun event.

    Matte green pairs nicely with the following:

    • Pink glitter
    • Silver glitter
    • Gold glitter
    • Blue glitter

    Zohna Tip

    Glitter can be very stubborn to remove. A 100% pure acetone nail polish remover will best remove the glitter.

    Matte Green Nails with Jewels

    Adding jewels to your matte green nails is a fun way to elevate your manicure. There are many different types of gems to choose from that reflect you and your taste.

    Coffin Matte Green Nails

    The coffin nail shape is described as being long and flat at the tip, resembling a coffin. People usually get coffin matte green nails on acrylics because the length makes it easier to get the coffin shape.

    Matte Green Nails Winter

    When we think of winter, we automatically think of Christmas. These matte green winter-themed nails encapsulate the holiday spirit perfectly. Consider this look for those holiday party events that call for classy winter nails.

    Fancy Matte Green Nails

    We recommend these fancy matte green nails to take things up a notch. Nothing screams fancy more than rhinestones and glitter!

    Matte Green Nails with Marble

    If you like unique things, these matte green nails with marble are your vibe. We recommend getting press-on nails because recreating that marble design won’t be easy.

    Black Matte Green Nails

    Black and green are a color pair that compliant each other well. If you want your matte green nails to stand out, adding black will make the green pop!


    • What Color Goes with Matte Green Nails?

      The two colors we suggest pairing with your matte green nails for the nicest manicure are nude and white. They are simple, yet they elevate and make the green pop.

    • Can You Make Matte Green Nail Polish?

      Making green nail polish matte is simple, and you don’t need to buy a new one. All you need is a matte top coat. One layer of the top coat will almost instantly turn your shiny green polish into matte green polish.

    Fog it Out

    Whether you have heard of matte green nails before or this is your first time; hopefully, you learned something. If matte green nails aren’t your thing, there are hundreds of other matte colors that you can get at your fingertips. We wish you luck on mattifying your fingers!