37 Trending Green Nails to Envy: Emerald, Olive, Sage, Mint & More!

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    37 Trending Green Nails to Envy: Emerald, Olive, Sage, Mint & More!

    Green nails is a gorgeous manicure that you should try. Whether going for a festive manicure on Christmas or looking to flaunt an unusual and stunning color like emerald green nails, you’ll likely find a style you won’t be able to turn down.

    If you believe this shade is too predictable or boring, think again. We reckon you’ll be taken aback by the many options available. From pretty olive green nails and lime green nails to mint green nails and striking neon green nails, you have a wide range of colors to experiment with.

    If you feel like taking things up a notch, try cute nail art. All set to hop onto the bandwagon? Let’s dive straight into the world of green nails.

    Green Nails Video Tutorial

    Learn how to do this fresh-looking green nail style yourself in this easy step by step tutorial.

    Green Nail Polish

    Excited to work on your next dreamy DIY manicure with a bottle of stunning green nail polish? Whether you go with dark green nails or flaunt pastel green nails, we’re confident you’ll turn heads with your gorgeous nails.

    Are you looking for solid nail polish recommendations? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for a curated list of our top green nail polish recommendations.

    This vegan nail polish is available in an olive green shade with a cream finish. Its drying time is super quick (around one minute, to be precise.)

    The product comes equipped with an angled brush, making it easier to apply nail polish quickly without creating a huge mess. The best part? You don’t need a top or base coat to use this product.

    Vishine 15ml Gel Nail Polish
    $6.99 ($13.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 09:02 pm GMT

    This emerald green gel nail polish contains a “non-toxic” and eco-friendly formula. It’s a long-lasting nail polish that is resistant to chipping. The color stays put for as long as 21 days.

    This vegan formula only needs a single coat for a highly pigmented and glossy finish.

    This mint sorbet nail polish from Sally Hansen is a high-quality product with a glossy finish. It offers an “easy glide” brush for faster application.

    Additionally, this product is formulated without potentially harmful and controversial ingredients like:

    1. DBP
    2. Toluene
    3. Formaldehyde

    If you’re after a pretty pastel shade, this nail polish may be precisely what you need to achieve your desired results.

    Now that you have a few product recommendations to choose from, it’s time to check out exciting ideas that’ll tempt you to experiment with green nails ASAP. Ready? Let’s get started.

    Emerald Green Nails

    Hear, hear. This is a classic shade that won’t ever let you down. Emerald green nails look ethereal on most, especially when paired with nude or light pink nails. To make your nails look even more glamorous, add a bit of glitter to the dark green shade for super-flattering results.

    Psst…you’ll probably be tempted to revisit this design many more times.

    Are you prepping for a big party? Wear a red dress with emerald green nails, and you’ll be ready to dazzle in no time.

    Dark Green Nails

    When in doubt, say yes to dark green nails, an understated and sophisticated choice that will elevate your look in no time.

    Also, here’s a helpful tip – dark green nails look lovely when paired with golden jewelry. Add stacks of gold rings to draw attention to your manicured nails.

    Are you worried about caring for your freshly painted green nails and need advice? Don’t fret; we’ve compiled a helpful list. Check out our top tips below.

    How to Care For Green Nails Explanation
    Don’t rule out regular nail polish. While regular nail polish isn’t as durable as gel polish, it’s a solid option if your nails seem weak.
    Pay attention to your products. A high-quality basecoat and top-notch nail polish are better for your nails than average options. This way, you’ll know you’re exposing your nails to ingredients that are good for them.
    Be smart about helping your polish dry. If you use a blow dryer to quicken the drying process, blast cool air on your nails instead of hot for the best results.

    All the basic rules apply when it comes to nail care – keep your hands moisturized, take breaks from wearing artificial nails and gel polish, and use cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy.

    Olive Green Nails

    Olive green nails are a solid bet. They’re aesthetically pleasing and a universally flattering option. Not sure which nail shape to opt for? Try almond nails for impressive results.

    You can switch things up with graphic shapes or try other nail art techniques for a feisty look. Prefer a minimalistic look instead? No worries. Opt for olive green nail tips instead.

    Zohna Tip

    Always use a top coat to make your nail polish last longer.

    Sage Green Nails

    These trendy nails are easy to recreate and perfect for any occasion. Sage green nails work well for ombre designs and to pull off a classic monochromatic look.

    Want to mix things up a bit? Try combining light sage green and white nails. Thank us later.

    This nail polish shade also looks great with other colors like:

    • Brown
    • Black
    • Light pink

    Lime Green Nails

    If bright hues make you unbelievably happy, you must give lime green nails a whirl. They’re unique, refreshing, and the perfect way to add color to a dreary day.

    Here’s a helpful tip – lime green nails look particularly stunning on coffin-shaped nails and are effortlessly stylish. The only caveat is that you need long nails to truly nail this look, pun intended.

    To strengthen your nails, consider adding cuticle oil to your daily regimen and using a supplement like biotin.

    Mint Green Nails

    Mint green nails look particularly dreamy when paired with silver glitter. Take inspiration from the example pictured above and add a hint of glitter to your nails for picture-perfect results.

    Alternatively, combine peach and mint green hues with subtle nail art for summer nails. With mint green nails, you’ll likely discover just how versatile they are – this shade is a good fit for multiple styles and nail shapes. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

    Forest Green Nails

    Forest Green NailsInstagram@thezoyajoPIN

    Forest green nails never fail to impress. However, when you want to make a splash with your style, say yes to stiletto nails and a swanky design filled with green swirls, a light pink base, and sparkly gold rings.

    Make no mistake. Forest green nails are also rather pretty on their own. Follow your instinct and choose a style that speaks to you the most.

    If you love nail art and need inspiration while choosing a design for green nails, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Browse our list of ideas below for major inspo.

    Design Ideas for Green Nails Description
    Inspired by nature Take a cue from the beauty of nature and try green nails with a stunning leaf design like this or a similar style that speaks to you.
    Geometric shapes to the rescue Have some fun with your manicure and dive into the world of graphic lines and quirky geometric patterns for your next manicure.
    Swirls are your friends Green nails with swirls and floral designs look pretty. Try a style like this, and be prepared to be blown away by the results.

    When it comes to green nails, there’s a lot that you can experiment with. Keep an open mind and explore different nail art ideas until you find an option you love.

    Neon Green Nails

    Nothing says you like bold colors as much as a set of bright neon green nails. This vibrant pick can be personalized based on your likes and dislikes.

    Take inspiration from the picture above and shake things up by adding white and sparkly silver hues to your claws, along with neon green colors.

    Also, you can rock several different neon green nail finishes, such as:

    • Matte finish
    • Glossy finish
    • Glitter and sparkles

    Light Green Nails

    Light Green NailsInstagram@cyan.sgPIN

    Light green nails are almost always a flattering choice. Choose oval nails if you’re going with this color.

    Want to have a bit of fun with your manicure? Add a couple of emoji designs for comedic relief. Try experimenting with nude and light green nails if you prefer shorter nails.

    Black and Green Nails

    Do you know a sexy combination we think you should go for? Black and green nails! This trendy pick will amp up your style like nobody’s business.

    If you think your natural nails can’t handle the pressure, consider getting acrylic nails instead.

    Acrylic nails work for several reasons, including but not limited to the fact that they are:

    • Long-lasting
    • Sturdy
    • Highly customizable

    Plus, acrylic nails allow you to experiment with an endless variety of nail shapes without worrying about growing out your natural nails.

    Matte Green Nails

    Matte Green NailsInstagram@getklawedPIN

    Want to sport an evergreen shade that never quite gets old? How about matte green nails?

    This safe and wonderful option won’t disappoint you in professional settings. It doesn’t hurt that matte green nails are rather sophisticated and classy. When overwhelmed with far too many options, turn to matte green nails. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Pastel Green Nails

    Listen up – if you’ve been longing to get pastel green nails, we’re here to remind you to seize the day and just go for it.

    Pastel green nails are universally appealing and look incredible when paired with cute designs. For example, you could go for tiny little dots, as pictured in the example above.

    Army Green Nails

    Are you a fan of earthy colors? If you said yes, you’ll love flaunting army green nails. Consider trying army green powder nails with a hint of ombre for results that’ll leave you admiring your nails for days.

    Also, if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a full-fledged manicure, you can get a set of army green press-on nails like these ones.

    Press-on nails work for several reasons. They’re convenient and a quick solution.

    Additionally, press on-nails are:

    1. Low-maintenance
    2. Less harsh on natural nails compared to other options
    3. Relatively affordable

    Hunter Green Nails

    Are you a fan of all things nature? If you said yes, here’s your chance to channel your inner nature lover – flaunt a set of ravishing hunter green nails the next time you’re in the mood for an upgrade.

    If you’re motivated, you can take things further by adding gold accents to your manicure. Trust us; you’re likely to be overwhelmed by all the compliments you receive.

    Pink and Green Nails

    Pretty pastel colors never look dull or boring. Switch up your manicure by embracing beautiful pink and green nails.

    Brownie points if you opt for an ombre effect, like the example pictured above.

    Blue and Green Nails

    Let’s face it – blue and green nails make the perfect pair, especially when you get to play with spunky marble nails.

    Do you know what else you need? Just a couple of gemstones on acrylic nails, and you’re all set. Nails on fleek? Nails on fleek!

    Coffin Green Nails

    Show off your sexy claws by flaunting sexy coffin green nails. Not only do they make a solid style statement, but coffin green nails are also perfect for special occasions when you need something extra special to make a lasting impression.

    This nail shape works for shades of green ranging from olive and sage green to forest green and dark green matte nails.

    Jade Green Nails

    Want an option that’s elegant and effortlessly stylish? If you said yes, you’ve got to give jade green nails a shot.

    If you want to make your jade green nails stand out, try the popular marble nails trend for eye-catching results. You won’t be disappointed.

    Purple and Green Nails

    Channel your inner Disney princess by trying purple and green nails. They’re sparkly, glamorous, and impossible to overlook.

    If you’ve got short nails but want to experiment with a different style, do yourself a favor and ask for acrylic nails at your next manicure session.

    Red and Green Nails

    Nothing says it’s the festive season like a glorious set of red and green nails.

    If you want to add more color to the festivities, give your nails a quick makeover and opt for festive red and green nails. This winning combination will likely earn you compliments from your friends and family.

    Ombre Green Nails

    Lime green ombre nails with a nude base are the perfect way to add color to your manicure.

    Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to one option, though. You can try plenty of different combinations while trying ombre nails, like:

    • Black and green
    • Peach and green
    • Green and white

    Seafoam Green Nails

    Looking to nail that mermaid aesthetic? Say hello to seafoam green nails.

    This is a good pick for anyone who wants to try shimmery gel nails. If you prefer shorter nails, this is tailor-made for you. One of the best things about this shade is that it looks great on medium-length nails.

    Short Green Nails

    Don’t let anyone tell you that short green nails aren’t trendy. Short green nails are beautiful, but they’re also a convenient and low-maintenance pick compared to other options.

    Perfectly manicured nails with bright green nail polish will always look stunning with minimal effort. So, don’t discount this option if you’re a short-nails fan.

    Long Green Nails

    Long Green NailsInstagram@nailsets_PIN

    While short nails have plenty of fans, it’s fair to share that many of us can’t get enough of long nails and can’t wait to try different nail shapes while we’re at it. The cardinal rule is simple – you do you, girl.

    If long nails are your jam, treat yourself to a relaxing manicure and sexy acrylic stiletto nails.

    Acrylic Green Nails

    Need a quick pick-me-up? We know what you should do ASAP…get your nails done!

    Acrylic green nails with cute nail art, like the ones pictured above, will make your day instantly brighter. Psst…add stackable rings to elevate your hands further.

    Stiletto Green Nails

    Stiletto green nails are more stylish than you think. These sassy nails are perfect for nearly every occasion – from a fancy brunch to a new year’s eve party.

    Want to dress to impress? Pair stiletto green nails with your favorite black cocktail dress to help make your nails pop, giving them a mesmerizing effect.

    Almond Green Nails

    Almond Green Nails