18 Trending Army Green Nails + Best Polish Worth the Fight

Updated on January 1, 2024
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    Army green nailsPIN

    18 Trending Army Green Nails + Best Polish Worth the Fight

    Dear John, army crawl your way to the nail salon because you’ll feel like you’re missing in action if you don’t get these army green nail designs on your fingers ASAP.

    Beware because there are loads of acrylic nail shapes ahead. To prepare you for the battleground of acrylics, check out the chart below to become familiar with all the shapes mentioned so you can choose your weapon army green nail design.

    Acrylic Army Green Nail Shapes Description
    Stiletto Long and spiky shape with the point curving to the base.
    Almond Slim on the sides with wide bases that join at the tip in a peak shape resembling an almond.
    Round Straight sides that round off at the tip.
    Coffin Long with a flat tip to resemble a coffin.

    Even though there are many styles and army green nail designs, don’t discharge yourself out of fear, but strap in and enjoy the ride.

    Army Green Nail Polish 3 Picks

    If army green nails sound like something you might like to sault, you will want to continue reading. We have listed three of our top army green nail polish for you.

    Revlon’s beauty brand has been around for many years, making it reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend their Ultra HD Snap nail polish in the 022 Commander In Chief color. We’re sure you’d love this beautiful army green color.

    Key features:

    • 100% vegan
    • No base or top coat needed
    • One coat provides full coverage
    • Easy application

    Zoya’s nail polish in the shade Gemma is a stunning army green that will look great on your fingertips. Founded in 1989, Zoya has been around the block and knows what’s up with their nail polish.

    Key features:

    • Best choices for pregnant or health-conscious people
    • Formulated without formaldehyde
    Imtiti Green Gel Nail Polish
    $6.99 ($13.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 04:15 am GMT

    If you’re looking for something to last longer than regular army green nail polish, this Imtiti green gel nail polish in the shade Olive Green will be what you want. Gel polish not only lasts much longer than regular nail polish, but it also makes your nails look and feel thicker.

    Key features:

    • High quality
    • Easy to apply
    • Dries fast
    • Long-lasting

    Army Green Acrylic Nails

    If you are tired of seeing little stumps for nails, it might be time to invest in acrylic nails. They add length and thickness. The army green acrylic nails look fabulous, especially with a glittery accent finger.

    Army Green Matte Nails

    Tired of the gloss and glamour? Ever thought of trying army green matte nails instead of glossy ones for a frosted look?

    Army Green and Gold Nails

    Add gold accents to your fingernails to compliment the army green nail polish. Army green and gold pair very nicely together; just look at them.

    You can use a few tools to get army green nail designs, such as:

    1. Nail decals
    2. Nail stencils
    3. Nail art tape
    4. Dotting tool

    Army Green Ombre Nails

    Army Green Ombre NailsInstagram@hersnailsPIN

    If you want to elevate your army green nails, we suggest an ombre effect. Ombre is defined as a gradual color change from one darker color to another lighter one.

    Army Green and Black Nails

    Trying to figure out how to elevate your army green nails? Go for these army green and black nails, using the ladder color to add fun designs.

    Army Green Fall Nails

    For some of us, wearing plaid in the fall is essential; therefore, so is ensuring your army green nails match it for army green fall nails.

    Short Army Green Nails

    Short Army Green NailsInstagram@musky.kwPIN

    Trust us when we say that short nails are in! These short army green nails are a great way to show your short claws that you appreciate them.

    Army Green and Pink Nails

    Army green and light pink are the nail polish combo you had no idea you needed. These army green and pink nails are stunning manicures that we suggest everyone try at least once.

    Army Green Gel Nails

    If you are someone whose nails chip fast, these army green gel nails will help prevent that. Gel last much longer and often looks nicer. We suggest buffing some green chrome pigment onto a few of your fingernails to give them that glossy iridescent appearance.

    Army Green French Tip Nails

    We get it if you’re not into having too much color on your nails. That’s why army green French tip nails are the perfect compromise. You get some color, but only a bit of it.

    Coffin Army Green Nails

    If your wanting to go longer with your fingernails but are still determining the shape, these coffin army green nails might be perfect for you.

    Dark Army Green Nails

    It may be wintertime, and light and bright colors don’t fit the vibe. These dark army green nails might do the trick of matching those dark vibes.

    Black and Army Green Nails

    Want your army green nails to pop? Incorporate some black nail polish to help the green stand out. Try going for an ombre effect like this; it looks super cool.

    Army Green Stiletto Nails

    Stiletto nails are an acrylic nail shape that is unreal. They are described as sharp and pointy, just like a stiletto heel. If you like the sharp vibes, try these army green stiletto nails.

    Army Green Marble Nails

    If you want a unique nail design, army green marble nails will be perfect. This design is not easy; therefore, we suggest looking for marble style press on nails.

    Army Green Nails With Glitter

    Adding glitter to your manicure is ideal for incorporating glitz and glam. These army green nails with glitter will 100% make you feel glamorous in all the best ways possible.

    Zohna Tip

    Remove glitter with a 100% acetone nail polish remover. It's the most stubborn nail polish to remove.

    Army Green Almond Nails

    Almond nails are one of the most popular acrylic nail shapes. Adding army green to the shape will accentuate them and undoubtedly look fantastic.

    Army Green and Orange Nails

    It might seem like an unlikely couple, but army green and orange work well together. These army green and orange nails are the perfect fall manicure to match the autumn vibes.

    Army Crawl to Perfect Nails

    Now that you’ve made it to the end, hopefully, you’ve also made it to the end of the battle between choosing which army green nails to select. If army green isn’t doing it for you, don’t worry; there are many other styles to choose from, like sage green nails, emerald green nails, or olive green nails.

    There are so many army green nail options exploding with greatness. All jokes aside, guns and war are terrible, but we just want you to have the perfect manicure!