12 Top Adore Hair Dye Colors + Color Chart

Updated on August 25, 2023
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12 Top Adore Hair Dye Colors + Color ChartPIN

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    12 Top Adore Hair Dye Colors + Color Chart

    Switching up your hair color can be one of the best things you can do when you need a makeover but don’t feel like cutting your hair. Whether you choose to get your hair colored at a salon or decide to dye your hair at home, it’s crucial to use a product that can give you impressive results without damaging your tresses.

    Also, it doesn’t matter whether you decide to dye your hair with a demi-permanent hair color or permanent dye. You always want to ensure you’re picking a high-quality product like Brad Mondo Hair Color or Adore hair dye to avoid damaging your hair.

    As a brand, Adore hair dye is known for its wide range of semi-permanent and permanent hair dye options. It has plenty of hair color options worth considering ranging from crimson, burgundy, brown, and honey brown to pink, ocean blue, sky blue, and much more.

    Adore Hair Color

    The company behind Adore hair dye, Creative Image Systems, prides itself on using nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe vera in some of its products to keep hair soft and healthy.

    Additionally, Adore hair dye is cruelty-free and not tested on animals. You can choose between semi-permanent hair color for a temporary makeover and permanent dye options (for long-lasting color) while experimenting with Adore hair color.

    Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color

    Adore hair dye has an impressive number of semi-permanent hair color options to choose from (56 shades, to be precise.) Once you look at the options, you’ll likely be tempted to color your hair at home as soon as possible.

    Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and choose a bright shade like green or mix different colors to achieve rainbow hair. Either way, you’ll be glad to know that Adore hair dye is a good pick if you’re looking for semi-permanent hair color options and is likely to leave your hair soft, shiny, and healthy.

    Adore semi-permanent hair color is formulated without:

    • Ammonia
    • Peroxides
    • Alcohol

    Adore hair dye also has an option for those who need a super gentle product for their tresses: the Adore Plus Extra Conditioning Semi-Permanent hair dye. Made with ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil, herbs, and Vitamin E, the product includes 16 different shades.

    Adore Hair Color Chart

    Are you confused and need some help picking a shade from the impressive range of colors Adore hair dye offers? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you out.

    The Adore hair color chart includes lots of gorgeous shades like Sunrise Orange, Raspberry Twist, Violet Gem, Aquamarine, and more.

    Look at the handy Adore hair dye color chart below for some inspiration.

    [Coming very very soon!]

    Also, don’t forget to consider your skin undertones before finalizing your Adore hair color for the best results. Ideally, you want to choose the most flattering pick for your complexion.

    We’ve got your back if you need more help picking your perfect color. Refer to the table below.

    Skin Undertone The Best Shades For You
    Warm Warm shades like caramel brown, golden blonde, caramel, chestnut brown, and dark chocolate will look stunning on you.
    Neutral You can pick from a plethora of shades like strawberry blonde, auburn, and honey brown. For more variety, feel free to experiment with vibrant rainbow hues.
    Cool Go for hair colors like platinum blonde, burgundy, red, ash blonde, and lavender.

    One of the easiest rules to remember is to avoid colors that are too similar to your complexion. These shades can make you look washed out and tired, which you definitely want to avoid.

    Zohna Tip

    When in doubt, consult a professional colorist for solid advice on picking a hair color that's perfect for your complexion.

    Paprika Hair Color

    This alcohol-free Adore Paprika hair color is perfect for someone looking for a bright orange-red shade. It’s easy to apply and is a great way to test a new color if you’re curious about this shade but don’t want to commit to it before trying it out.

    Also, here’s some good news for those with thick and long tresses. If you are worried about the quantity of hair color in the 4-ounce bottle, you’ll be happy to know that it easily saturates long hair from root to tip. No need to worry about buying an extra bottle.

    Spiced Amber Hair Color

    The Spiced Amber hair color from Adore hair dye is worth considering if you’re into experimenting with different shades of red. Psst…you can also mix it with other crimson shades for gorgeous color.

    It’s especially a good pick if you’re thinking about dyeing your hair red but want to find out what you’ll look like with red hair first.

    Adore Ginger Hair Color

    The Adore Ginger hair color is another beautiful shade of red that’s likely to make you experiment a lot more with different hair colors. It claims to leave hair soft and easy to manage to post the coloring process.

    Also, you can expect Adore’s hair color to last for 12 washes or more.

    If you want Adore hair dye to last longer, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Wash your hair less frequently – restrict it to a couple of times a week
    2. Use a dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling fresh between washes
    3. Turn to cold water instead of hot water while showering to protect your hair color

    Cinnamon Adore Hair Color

    This vibrant shade is perfect for someone who is bored of their current hair color and needs a quick transformation from the comfort of their home.

    Plus, the Cinnamon Adore hair dye is formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera. It is safe for those who want to dye their hair without using harsh chemicals. Aloe vera is often praised for its moisturizing properties and natural ability to leave hair shiny and soft.

    Wait, there’s more – Adore hair dye conditions hair during the coloring process, providing a much-needed boost to parched strands. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

    Zohna Tip

    Make sure to wear high-quality gloves while dyeing your hair to avoid staining your skin.

    Adore Wild Cherry Hair Color

    Can’t get enough of red hair? We hear you. Perhaps you’d like to take a look at this offering from Adore hair dye. A luscious shade of red, the Adore Wild Cherry hair color is ideal if you want nothing less than a vibrant, bold red color that makes a statement of its own.

    That said, do a patch test a couple of days before using Adore hair dye to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

    Adore Hair Color Red

    One thing is for sure: Adore hair dye has a broad range of red hair colors to offer to those who wish to experiment with crimson hues to their heart’s content.

    Whether you’d like to opt for bold shades like Intense Red and Truly Red or try more subtle hues like Ginger, you have plenty of options. Remember that you’ll have to explore different shades to find the one that suits you best.

    Here’s a helpful list to help you pick your perfect shade:

    1. You’ll love colors like rose gold and strawberry blonde if you have fair skin.
    2. Those with olive skin tones will find that they prefer auburn and bright red hues.
    3. Chestnut and mahogany hues will flatter you the most if you have dark skin.

    Adore African Violet Hair Color

    The Adore African Violet hair color should be on your radar if you find yourself lusting after purple hair dye. This stunning hue is vibrant and rich and can easily add a pop of color to your tresses.

    This is a lovely option for someone who wants to try an unusual color without worrying about upkeep or making it last for a long time. You can even temporarily dye your hair for a special occasion like a Halloween party to make your look extra memorable.

    Adore Mocha Hair Color

    Curious about trying an eye-catching brown shade with subtle hints of red? If the answer is yes, you’ve got to take a look at the Adore Mocha hair color.

    Reviewers love the color for its easy application and the fact that it leaves hair shinier post the dyeing process. If you’re concerned about battling a strong chemical smell while coloring your tresses, don’t fret!

    Most reviewers reckon that the Adore hair dye smells great and isn’t overwhelming at all.

    Brown Adore Hair Dye

    Brown shades are another popular offering from Adore hair dye. Maybe you love dyeing your hair a delicious shade of chocolate brown or prefer to work with lighter hues of brown instead.

    Either way, you have several options to choose from like:

    • Sienna Brown
    • Copper Brown
    • Darkest Brown
    • Mahogany
    • Medium Brown
    • Dark Chocolate

    You can try multiple shades of brown before finalizing the shade you like the most.

    Adore Platinum Hair Color

    Adore hair dye is available in bold, eye-catching shades that are perfect for those looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try gorgeous hues like platinum blonde, gray, silver, and more.

    Another Adore hair color similar to the platinum shade is Aquamarine, ideal for someone who wants a gorgeous makeover. If you’re uncomfortable coloring your hair from root to tip, you can always choose to use the color on a few strands for peekaboo hair.

    Adore Hair Color Purple

    This Adore hair color is perfect for making a stylish, colorful statement. It is likely to look stunning on all kinds of hair textures.

    Purple Rage is a vibrant shade that looks best on pre-lightened or naturally light hair. Also, if you’re in the mood to experiment, try mixing it with a similar shade, like Violet Gem, for stunning results.

    Blue Adore Hair Dye

    If you’re the kind of person who never shies away from lively hair colors, you may want to consider trying blue Adore hair dye. The Indigo Blue hair color from Adore is as rich and beautiful as you’d expect it to be.

    This semi-permanent hair color is the perfect pick for someone who needs a complete hair transformation with blue hair dye. The best part? This damage-free option is perfect for anyone who wants to stay away from harsh chemicals.

    Adore Hair Color Instructions

    Thankfully, using Adore hair dye at home is a straightforward process that doesn’t require professional intervention. If you’ve never done this before and are nervous about dyeing your hair, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

    Take a look at the table below for a handy guide to dyeing your hair with Adore hair dye.

    Step Description
    Buy all the tools you need to color your hair at home. Don’t forget to get a pair of gloves, mixing bowls and brushes, a jar of Vaseline, and a hair cap.
    Use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair. Get rid of any build-up and wash your hair before coloring your tresses with Adore hair dye.
    Apply Vaseline close to your hairline. This helps avoid any staining from the dye.
    Mix your colors. It’s time to mix your products of choice in a mixing bowl with a brush.
    Dye your hair with Adore hair color. Color your hair with Adore hair dye, and make sure to cover every section. Don’t rush this process; take as much time as you need.
    Rinse out the color. After waiting 15 minutes, wash your hair in the shower with water.

    Using Adore hair dye is easy for beginners as well as those who’re more experienced than their peers. Be patient during the coloring process – the results will be worth the wait.


    • How to Use Adore Hair Dye?

      Adore hair dye doesn’t require any complicated steps to achieve your desired look. Simply cleanse your hair, apply Adore hair dye, and wait a few minutes before rinsing your hair.

    • How Long Does Adore Hair Dye Last?

      Typically, Adore hair dye is expected to last for 12 washes (or a few weeks.) The best way to prolong your hair color is to wash your hair less frequently.

    • Which Are the Best Places to Buy Adore Hair Dye?

      You’ll easily find Adore hair dye on sites like Amazon and Walmart.

    • How to Remove Adore Hair Dye?

      While semi-permanent hair color will likely fade in a few weeks, you may want a quick fix if you’re unhappy with your dye job.

      In this case, you can try an accessible hair color remover like clarifying shampoo to remove unwanted hair color quickly. Let the shampoo sit for 10 minutes before rinsing your hair.

      When in doubt, it’s best to talk to a professional hairstylist who can help you safely remove the unwanted color.

    • How Long to Leave In Hair?

      You only need to allow Adore hair dye to process for 15 minutes before rinsing off the hair color in the shower. Note that this applies to Adore semi-permanent hair color.

      If you are using Adore Plus Extra Conditioning Semi-Permanent hair dye, you’ll want to wait 20 minutes before washing your tresses.

    • Can You Use Adore Hair Dye Without Heat?

      Absolutely. All you need to do is put on a shower cap after applying Adore hair dye to your tresses and wait 15 minutes before rinsing it out.

    Ready to Experiment With Your Locks?

    Adore hair dye is a solid option if you’re looking for semi-permanent hair color options with bright, vivid shades. Whether searching for a vibrant blue shade or a deep, rich brown hue, you’ll likely find a hair color you’ll love.