27 Light Blue Hair Styles to Make You Feel Magnificent

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    Light Blue HairPIN

    27 Light Blue Hair Styles to Make You Feel Magnificent

    Make a splash this year with a vibrant new hair color! If you love refreshing shades like turquoise, sky blue, and aquamarine, why not consider a light blue hair color?

    Light blue hair colors can be subtle and sophisticated or vivid and vibrant.

    Some of the trendiest light blue hairstyles you might have seen include:

    • Ice blue hair
    • Unicorn blue hair
    • Pastel blue hair
    • Platinum blue hair
    • Aquamarine hair
    • Silver blue hair

    Hollywood is going nuts over the light blue hair trend. Fashion icons like Lady Gaga wore periwinkle blue hair to the Golden Globes. Others like Kylie Jenner have been spotted with all shades of aqua and icy blue hair.

    Light blue is usually harder to achieve than dark blue hair and is more high maintenance, but the results are worth the time and effort.

    The chart below shows the differences between light and blue hair dye.

    Light Blue Hair Dye Dark Blue Hair Dye
    • Works best on bleached and light blonde hair
    • Fades to green
    • High maintenance
    • Works best on dark blonde to dark brown hair
    • Fades to a dull blueish-brown
    • Semi-high maintenance

    Light Blue Hair Color Chart

    Light blue hair colors tend to be more vibrant than dark hair colors. Dark blue hair can be vibrant, but intense colors show more vividly when starting with a light or bleached base.

    Some popular light blue hair colors include:

    • Teal
    • Dusty blue
    • Aqua
    • Powder blue
    • Periwinkles
    • Slate blue

    The chart below shows a visual of the popular shades of light blue hair color.

    If you’re ready to make a splash with this vivid hair color trend, we’ve gathered 27 of the trendiest light blue hair colors for 2023.

    Pastel Light Blue Hair

    Pastel Light Blue HairInstagram@chris0712PIN

    Nothing says adorable like pastel hair colors. These playful and cheery colors are great for spring and summer. Pastel light blue hair is a pale, powdery blue color. To achieve the perfect pastel light blue hair color, your hair must be bleached or light blonde.

    For permanent pastel light blue hair, check out this DIY kit from L’Oreal Paris Feria Smokey Pastels in Smokey Blue.

    Short Light Blue Hair

    When you have short hair, you have less hair to work with and are limited in what color techniques you can do. Short light blue hair looks stunning as a stand-alone hair color or blended with multicolored light blues.

    Light Blue Hair Men

    Ladies aren’t the only ones wearing light blue hair color. Light blue hair like platinum blue and light aqua blue are increasingly popular for men’s hairstyles. Singer-songwriter Dominic Fike has shown just how attractive a light blue buzz cut looks on young men!

    Dark and Light Blue Hair

    Light and dark blue hair colors together create mesmerizing blue hair designs. We love the look of dark and light blue on braided hair. You can get a similar look quickly with clip-in hair braids.

    Black and Light Blue Hair

    Electrify light blue hair on a background of midnight black hair. Black and light blue hair is a unique color combination that looks stunning. This hair color will take time compared to other light blue hair ideas.

    To achieve black and light blue hair, you must follow these steps:

    1. Dye hair jet black; this can take multiple stages if you’re starting with blonde or light brown hair.
    2. Select the pieces of your hair to dye light blue.
    3. Bleach the selected hair pieces to remove the black pigment.
    4. Apply a light blue hair dye to the bleached hair.

    It is best to consult a professional hair colorist before dying your hair black and light blue.

    Light Blue Hair Tips

    Want a way to try light blue hair with less commitment? Try light blue hair tips! Dip dye hair involves dipping just the tips of your hair in dye. It’s perfect if you don’t want like the color and want to trim it off rather than bleach it out. Light blue tips work best on blonde hair, or you will have to bleach the strands first before adding them to darker hair colors.

    Light Blue Hair Highlights

    Refresh plain hair colors by adding tasteful light blue hair highlights. Light blonde hair with aqua and icy blue highlights is one of the trendiest highlight ideas for 2023. Adding highlights under the top layer of your hair is an excellent choice if you don’t want to show off too much blue color.

    Zohna Tip

    Experiment with light blue highlights or add a light blue money piece before committing to a full head of vibrant blue color.

    Light Blue Hair Extensions

    Enjoy light blue hair color without the commitment or hassle! Light blue hair extensions are perfect for trying out light blue hair before committing to the color. Clip-in hair extensions are easy-to-use and perfect for an event or a night out.

    Dusty Light Blue

    Get light blue hair without all the vigor and vibrance. Dusty light blue hair is a muted shade of light blue with ashy tones like slate grey and smoky blue. It’s a trendy hair color in grunge fashion. Light blue hair often appears whimsical and free-spirited, but dusty light blond hair takes a more serious approach to the light blue locks.

    Light Blue Hair with Dark Roots

    Perhaps one of the most creative ways to make light hair colors last is by contrasting light hair with intentionally dark roots. Dying your hair deep blue at the roots and transitioning into a lighter blue makes it much less noticeable when your natural hair color starts to show. Plus, the light and dark blue hair color contrast make a beautiful aquamarine color combination.

    Blonde and Light Blue Hair

    Blondes can still be bombshells with a taste of blue hair. Light blue and blonde hair go well together because they’re both light, cool colors. The best thing about blonde and light blue hair is your hair is already light enough to get vibrant blue.

    Popular blonde and light blue hair color combinations include:

    • Golden blonde and cyan
    • Platinum blonde and icy blue
    • Sandy blonde and turquoise
    • Bleach blonde and pastel blue

    Silver Light Blue Hair

    Bring home a medal with this light blue hairstyle. Silver light blue hair is an icy blue hair color with shimmery metallic tones. Silver hair with metallic light blue highlights creates a multidimensional effect that looks beautiful on short and long hairstyles.

    Light Blue With Purple

    For a perfect pastel hairstyle, go with a pastel light blue and purple hair color. Weaving powder blue and lilac highlights into light blonde hair are perfect for someone who wants subtle hair colors.

    Ombre Light Blue Hair

    The most mesmerizing hairstyles on social media are the colorful ombre designs. Ombre light blue hair offers endless possibilities to blend multiple light blue colors into one faded hair design. Periwinkle roots into light aqua tips look stunning for a light blue ombre design.

    Light Blue Hair Weave

    Want a long-lasting, flawless light blue hair color without ever having to dye your hair? Welcome to the world of weaves!

    Weaves or sew-in-hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension woven into braided or cornrowed hair. They are made of artificial or human hair and come pre-dyed in your ideal shade of light blue hair.

    Light Blue Hair Chalk

    Get the benefits of light blue hair for a festival or a night out. Light blue hair chalk is a hassle-free way to get baby blue hair that easily washes out. Like temporary hair dye, chalk coats the cuticle of your hair rather than depositing color. Hair chalk is best for creating colored streaks, so it’s a great tool if you want multicolored hair.

    Edge Blendable Hair Color in Light Blue is a highly recommended hair chalk that shows up on dark hair.

    Light Blue Hair Underneath

    Don’t be shy to show off beautiful blue hair! But if you don’t care for the attention that comes with vibrant hair, you can always opt for light blue hair underneath.

    Similar to peekaboo hair color, the bottom layer of your hair is dyed differently from your top layer. It’s great if you want a natural hair color to take precedence, with some vibrant color showing through.

    The chart below compares the difference between light blue hair underneath and light blue peekaboo color.

    Peekaboo Light Blue Hair Light Blue Hair Underneath
    • Top layer is a natural color
    • Bottom layer is partially light blue
    • Light blue streaks or highlight
    • Top layer is a natural or vibrant color
    • Bottom layer is fully light blue
    • Solid light blue color

    Really Light Blue Hair

    Really Light Blue HairInstagram@cibuhairsPIN

    Platinum blue? Ice blue? Powder blue?

    Really light blue hair can be classified as many different light blue hair colors. Professional platinum blue dye jobs involve removing hair’s natural color pigment and then adding a hint of blonde and blue pigment to the hair.

    The best way to get really light blue hair at home is to dye your hair bleach blonde and dilute light blue hair dye with regular conditioner. You can also add a hair pastel-izer to light blue hair dye to make it super light.

    Red Over Light Blue Hair

    Dare to do something different? Red over light blue hair is a one-of-a-kind way to wear light blue hair. Faded red and light blue go surprisingly well together. It’s a great color combination for people with light hair.

    Icy Light Blue Hair

    Baby, it’s cold outside. Icy light blue hair is a very light blonde color with a frosty glow. Ice blue hair combines light blonde, silver, and metallic blue tones.

    Long Light Blue Hair

    It’s okay to be envious of those with lovely long tresses. Long light blue hair allows you to get creative with stunning hair designs. We love the braided icy blue hair with dark blue hair at the roots. Lengthy light blue can be a pricey investment, but the results are well worth the money!

    Pink and Light Blue Hair

    For a look that’s as sweet as sugar, go for candy-floss-colored hair. Pink and light blue hair designs are playful and fun. Light blue and pink hair colors are great for casual wear and popular for festivals.

    White and Light Blue Hair

    Want an edgy way to wear light blue hair? White and light blue hair is a bold and dramatic color combination that’s sure to get compliments. Light blue and white hair really stands out when you wear dark-colored clothing.

    Unicorn light Blue Hair

    Unicorn hair is a blend of pink, blue, green, and purple pastel colors. Unicorn light blue hair layers pastels like baby pink and light purple hair color onto a powder blue base.

    Light Blue Galaxy Hair

    This hairstyle is out of this world! Galaxy hair combines vibrant blue, purple, and magenta colors into one milk way-way inspired hair design. Light blue galaxy hair uses ultralight colors with an emphasis on powder blue. Pair hair glitter with galaxy hair for a starry vibe.

    Light Blue Peekaboo Hair

    You’re never too old to play peekaboo! Peekaboo hair adds a few strips of vibrant color to the bottom layer of hair. Add light blue peekaboo hair to your natural hair color if you want just a hint of vibrant color.

    Bubblegum Light Blue Hair

    Blow big bubbles with this vivid shade of light blue. Bubblegum light blue hair is a highly pigmented shade of deep aqua blue. Try Crazy Color hair dye in Blue Jade for vivid bubblegum light blue color.

    Light Blue Hair Dye

    Light blue hair dye will almost always require lightening your hair, or the product will contain lightening agents like ammonia and peroxide to lighten the hair. If you want to avoid damaging your hair with lightning chemicals, it’s best to choose a dark blue hair color.


    • How to Go From Dark Blue to Light Blue Hair?

      Are you ready for a change from dark blue hair and want to try out light blue? There are several ways you can make your dark blue hair lighter without having to strip the color and start over.

      Here are several ways to go from dark blue to light blue hair:

      1. Mix hair a hair-lightening products into your shampoo
      2. Use a hair pastel-izer
      3. Wash your hair with white vinegar
      4. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo

      Once you have successfully faded your dark blue hair to a lighter color, you will likely want to refresh the vibrancy with a light blue hair dye of your choice.

    • What Eye Color Goes Best With Light Blue Hair?

      Light blue hair colors go well with every eye color, skin tone, and complexion. Blue and green eyes look best with cool light blue shades like dusty light blue or platinum blue. Brown and hazel eyes work well with warm, vibrant light blue shades like aqua and light bubblegum blue.

    • What Does Light Blue Hair Mean?

      Light blue hair is traditionally associated with liberals, feminists, environmentalists, and social justice advocates. In 2023, light blue hair color has no particular meaning and is just a fun way to get creative with hair color.

    • What Does Toner Do to Light Blue Hair?

      Blue hair toner is a great way to keep light blue hair vibrant. Light blue hair colors tend to fade into a green color and lose their vibrancy quicker than dark blue hair color. Use a blue hair toner on light blue hair every week to keep it looking fresh.

    Make a Splash with Light Blue Hair

    It can take some time and money to achieve the perfect shade of light blue hair; but if you’re a fan of vibrant hair colors, it is well worth the investment.

    Tranquil turquoise, alluring aqua, and baby blues create stunning hair designs, so go ahead and make a splash with light blue hair!