15 Amazing Light Purple Hair Styles To Tickle Your Fancy

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    Light Purple HairPIN

    15 Amazing Light Purple Hair Styles To Tickle Your Fancy

    The great thing about light purple hair is that it looks chic, unusual, and stunning. If you choose the right shade for you and your complexion, the perfect light purple color freshens your look, makes your eyes pop, and makes you look younger. Due to the rich palette of light purple shades you can choose from, you are bound to find something that will make you happy.

    When dying your hair a color like purple, you can risk its quality not being done correctly. This is why we recommend getting your hair done by a professional. At the salon, a few questions are worth asking your stylist before deciding to go light purple, such as:

    1. “Is my hair a good candidate for going light purple without running the risk of compromising its health?”
    2. “Will I be able to afford the kind of hairstyle?”
    3. “What are the best ways to maintain the color?”

    Once you have the answers to those questions and more, it’s time to pick out what color you want. One of the main factors in deciding what shade of light purple to choose is your skin’s undertone. There are three different undertones skin can have, and we recommend dying your hair a light purple hair that has the same undertones as your complexion.

    Check out the chart for the characteristics of each undertone in hair to help determine what one will be best suited to you:

    Cool-toned Hair Characteristics Warm-toned Hair Characteristics
    Has a matte finish Makes the hair look thicker and fuller
    Can sometimes cancel out redness in the skin Adds vibrancy to the strands
    Slightly silver in appearance Reflects light making the strands shine

    Take a peak at the images below of light purple hair color to inspire ways to purplfy your hair, whether it’s long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly.

    Pastel Light Purple Hair

    This pastel light purple hair color is a soft and elegant shade. This hue of light purple hair can be either warm or cool-toned, making it a versatile shade. The pastel hair in the photo is neutral-toned, meaning it has both coolness and warmth, perfect for neutral-toned people.

    Short Light Purple Hair

    Light purple hair looks great on any length or haircut you have or decides to pair with it. This short light purple hair is a cute and fun way to take your pixie cut to the next level. What we like about this inspirational photo is the layering of different purple coloring. The deeper purple paired with, the lighter purple gives the hair more dimension and character.

    Dark to Light Purple Hair

    Dark to light purple hair derives from an ombre dye technique. It looks like the color of your hair is gradually fading as it starts darker and gets lighter towards the ends. Typically ombre hair is two colors. However, you can also do three, like in this image. Ombre is a simple yet unique-looking technique that can add character to your hair. It’s also great for indecisive people who need help deciding what color to choose, as they don’t have to settle on one.

    Black and Light Purple Hair

    One color that purple, no matter the shade, pairs well with is black. Black and purple always look great, especially on the hair, hence the photo. You can pair black and purple differently, but this thick purple streaking is an excellent way to show off your love for purple.

    Light Purple Hair Underneath

    Light Purple Hair UnderneathInstagram@chris0712PIN

    What makes this hair unique is the placement of the purple under the black. The hidden purple is a secret only seen in specific movements and when the hair is tied into a ponytail. It’s kind of a way to half commit to the purple, great for if you are in a situation where you might only want black hair.

    Very Light Purple Hair

    This violet blonde hair color is a very light purple hair suitable for everyone. What we like about this style is the same stubble hues of purple that are almost unnoticeable. This style of light purple hair is ideal for blondes wanting to take a swing at something unique.

    Blonde and Light Purple Hair

    If you have blonde hair and want to try switching your locks by adding a sprinkle of purple coloring, we recommend going for a light purple over any other shade. Blonde and Light purple hair blends much more seamlessly than darker purple.

    Light Purple Hair With Dark Roots

    Light purple hair with dark roots looks nicer than it sounds. The transition between the dark roots and purple highlights will look seamless if done correctly. What’s also nice about this style is that it won’t be so harsh on the hair since you are only bleaching highlights on a small section of the hair rather than the whole head.

    Leaving the roots a natural color helps with the following:

    • Helps keep the growing hair healthy
    • Keeps the hair looking natural
    • Keeps the hair look healthier

    Light Purple Hair Extensions

    Light purple hair extensions are great for people who aren’t fully committed. Dying your hair, in general, can be harsh on your strands, causing concerns like damage and breakage. Therefore, many people opt out of permanently or semi-permanently dying their hair. This is where hair extensions fit in. They can give you the appearance of dying your hair without damage.

    If you want to make sure light purple hair will suit you, getting hair extensions will be able to tell you. If you dislike them, you can take them out.

    Brown and Light Purple Hair

    Brown and light purple hair pair well together. The naturalness of the brown and the artificial purple are mixed to create a unique contrast that looks fun yet elegant at the same time. There are different ways you can incorporate brown and light purple. Similar to the image, one way is highlighting specific strands of hair purple.

    Dark Brown to Light Purple Hair

    Check out this gorgeous dark brown to light purple hair. The creamy blend of cool-toned purple and dark brown will bring to life your complexion. Ask your hairstylist to add some Money Pieces, aka two small dyed front strands, to help frame your face. This added detail will accentuate your face and allow the color to complement you further.

    Money Pieces Light Purple Hair

    If you want to add some oomph to your strands with a touch of light purple but aren’t entirely sure what to ask your hairdresser, we suggest asking for light purple Money Pieces accompanied with lighting throughout the hair. Money Pieces are the highlighted strands of hair that frame your face.

    Adding money pieces to your luscious locks will:

    • Frame the face
    • Soften your complexion
    • Brighten your complexion
    • Bonus: their easy-to-maintain

    Thick Money Pieces Light Purple Hair

    You’re in luck if you are intrigued by the money pieces and want to take them further. Some people are extending the dye into thicker sections of hair, like in this image. This style looks cool and segregates the dye to only one area of the hair, which is a bonus if you’re trying to maintain the health of your hair.

    Dip Dye Purple Hair

    A fun way to incorporate a little bit of purple into your strands is by dip-dying them. It might seem complicated, but all it entails is dipping the ends of the hair into that purple hair dye. This technique has become increasingly popular on social media. This method of hair dying also is excellent for creating dip-dyed dark purple hair, plum-colored hair, and auburn hair color.

    Light Purple Hair Roots

    Light Purple Hair RootsInstagram@foxycutPIN

    Often you will see girls with natural roots that seamlessly blend into a pretty light purple color. However, this style is a unique, upside-down version of the norm. Give this different hairstyle a try if you want to stand out and look fantastic.

    After Care Tips For Light Purple Hair

    If you have decided to dye your hair a light purple color, there are a few tips and tricks that will be worth your attention to help you maintain your new color.

    Things to avoid:

    • Hot water on the hair
    • Swimming
    • Increased sun exposure
    • Washing your hair the day after you dye it

    For some of you, avoiding things like swimming or sun exposure might be impossible, which we understand. In all honesty, you will inevitably have a hot shower and spend time in the sun. However, if you want to decrease the risk of fading, limit those activities more than usual. You could also tie your hair up while you swim or wear a ball cap in the sun.

    Another critical factor of color fading in hair comes from overwashing.

    We have a few tips to be mindful of to help mediate the fading, such as:

    • Washing the hair less than usual and use dry shampoo instead
    • Use cold water when washing your hair
    • Use color-saving shampoo and conditioner

    Zohna Tip

    Use can switch out your regular shampoo for purple shampoo once a week to help maintain that purple glow.


    • How to Get Light Purple Hair?

      Technically, there is only one way to get light purple hair: dying it. If you have blonde hair or hair lighter than light purple, the process will be more straightforward and less damaging for your strands. However, if your hair is naturally darker than pale purple, you will have to subject your hair to bleaching, which can lead to damage. When you bleach your hair, it rids the strands of its natural coloring, leaving a blank canvas for the dye to go onto.

    • What Is Light Purple Hair Called?

      Light purple hair can sometimes be referred to as Lilac hair, but people will probably understand you more if you say light purple.

    Hop On The Purple Craze

    All we can hope for is that one of these light purple hairstyles stands out to you and that you feel inspired. Each style is different and unique, so you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. Make sure you show your hairdresser a picture of whatever style you like best and ask them the questions we mentioned.