Best Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes + Top Styles, Tips & Tutorial

Updated on November 28, 2023
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    Downturned EyesPIN

    Best Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes + Top Styles, Tips & Tutorial

    The window into the soul, the eyes, comes in many different shapes and sizes. People don’t often think about their eye shape because why would it matter? Well, it only matters because there are ways to do your makeup based on the beautiful shape of your eyes, and that’s where we come in.

    Downturned eyes are a stunning eye shape that should be accentuated for their beauty. In this article, we spill all the tea on downturned eyes and ways you can apply your makeup to suit their shape better.

    What Are Downturned Eyes?

    Downturned eyes, also known as descending eyes, are one of the six most common eye shapes someone can have. You will see if you or someone you know has downturned eyes if the outer corners of your eyes have a downward tilt. That tilt can also make your upper lid look more prominent than the bottom lid.


    If someone has downturned eyes, they are likely born with them. There isn’t necessarily something that happens to cause downturned eyes.

    However, suppose your eyes appear droopy and more downturned than usual. In that case, it could be a sign of ptosis caused by nerve damage, medical conditions, or more severe factors such as stroke or neurological disorders.

    Hooded Downturned Eyes

    The cool thing about eye shapes is that they can be morphed together. Someone could have hooded eyes and almond eyes or upturned eyes and round eyes. Someone can also have hooded downturned eyes.

    Hooded downturned eyes are downturned at the outer corners and have a crease that isn’t visible or barely visible because of a flap of skin. If you are someone with hooded downturned eyes, it’s important to investigate ways to not only do makeup for downturned eyes but also for hooded eyes. Due to the shape of hooded eyes, eyeliner especially can become hard to achieve. That said, don’t be discouraged because there are many tips and tricks to help.

    Clint Eastwood, for example, is someone who has hooded, downturned eyes.

    Are Downturned Eyes Attractive?

    Yes, of course! Any eye shape is stunning when paired with a gorgeous face like yours. If you play your cards right and use proper techniques and products, you can make your downturned eyes even more attractive.

    Celebrities such as Sydney Sweeny, Princess Diana, Kate Holmes, and Lucy Hale all have downturned eyes and look absolutely stunning with them. If they can find ways to accentuate their eye shape with makeup, so can you.

    Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes – Top 4 Picks

    One of the fun things about makeup is trying out all the different products, and one of the best feelings about makeup is finding the holy grail products that work best for you and your features. We want to cut some of that searching time out for our downturned-eyed friends and provide you with a list of our top 4 eyeliners for your eye shape.

    Finding the proper tools will make a world of difference. Check out the list below of our 4 top eyeliner picks for you.

    Zohna Tip

    Try a dark brown eyeliner color for a more natural and warm look.

    Best Overall

    We recommend this eyeliner for downturned eyes because it creates an eye-opening effect and has many great features. This two-time award-winning product will give you an exact line almost every time.

    Some of this product’s notable features are its:

    • Matte finish
    • Stay all day power
    • Intense pigment
    • No smudging
    • Quick drying

    Liquid Eyeliner

    Try out this product if you are searching for liquid eyeliner to achieve the perfect look for your downturned eyes. Maybelline is a beloved brand that knows its clients and their makeup needs, and this easy-to-use liquid liner reflects that.

    Some of this product’s notable features are its:

    • Flex tip brush
    • Hexagonal grip
    • 24-hour lasting power
    • Intense pigment

    Drugstore Eyeliner

    Covergirl is one of those trust worth drugstore eyeliners. We suggest you give their Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner a shot. This product is a soft eyeliner pencil great for creating a smokey eye or lining your waterlines.

    Some of this product’s notable features are its:

    • Soft smudger tip
    • Broad color range
    • Soft formula
    • Cruelty-free
    • Sharpens itself

    Gel Eyeliner

    You can use many different types of eyeliner, and it all depends on what you find works best with your eyes. Gel eyeliner is less popular, but we have considered it a product often slept on in the makeup world.

    This gel eyeliner by L’Oreal Paris is ideal for beginners or experts.

    Some of this product’s notable features are its:

    • Glossy finish
    • Smoothly formula
    • Lasts up to 24 hours
    • Smudge-proof

    Top Downturned Eyes Eyeliner Styles

    There are many different styles of eyeliner that you can try, no matter your eye shape. However, there are certain styles that better suit specific eye shapes. Here are a few of our favorite styles and the methods of doing them that suit downturned eyes.


    We suggest a winged look if you want to jump in guns blazing for your first eyeliner attempt. Wing eyeliner takes time and practice to perfect, and you may find that your wings look more like long-lost cousins than twins at the beginning.

    Here’s a quick step-by-step how to do winged eyeliner for downturned eyes:

    How To Do Winged Eyeliner On Downturned Eyes Description
    Eye Prep Make sure you use an eyelid primer to ensure that your wing stays pointed and on fleak for as long as possible during its wear.
    Lining Drag the liner across the upper lashline. Look straight into the mirror, start your wing just before the end of your lashes, and line outwards and upwards towards the tail end of your brow. Remember to connect the wing to the liner along the waterline.
    Clean up and shaping Using a wet cotton pad or Q-tip, wipe upward underneath the wing to clean the edges and get the proper angle.


    Sometimes, a little goes a long way, especially with eyeliner. Downturned eyes are a gorgeous shape that should be embraced. That said, we suggest sticking to the basics with an eyeliner pencil. An eyeliner pencil is excellent because there doesn’t need to be a ton of precision. Pencil eyeliner, when buffed out, looks like eyeshadow packed onto the lash line. However, the liner will stay a lot longer than an eyeshadow will. Using eyeshadow as a liner with a small liner brush will give you an eyeliner pencil look if you don’t have the latter at home.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on using an eyeliner pencil to get a simple look for downturned eyes.

    How to do Simple Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes Description
    Eye Prep Make sure you use an eyelid primer to ensure that your eyeliner and eyeshadow are on fleak for as long as possible during its wear.
    Lining Take your eyeliner pencil and run it along the upper lash line and on the upper waterline. Don’t worry about keeping it tidy. In fact, we want you to get kindy messy and careless with it. Use the same pencil eyeliner and line the lower lashline and lower waterline.
    Blending Take a dense blending brush and buff out the liner on the upper and lower lash lines to get a smokey effect. If you want to take it further, use an eyeshadow color similar to the eyeliner and buff out the eyeliner with it.
    Clean up There is minor cleanup with this one. But if it’s too intense, buff it out with a brush until you get it right where you want it. You may have to repeat this whole process a couple of times.

    Puppy Eyeliner

    This is our favorite eyeliner look for downturned eyes, and we highly recommend you give it a swing. We like this look the best because it does a beautiful job of highlighting and accentuating the shape of your eyes. Sometimes people don’t love cat-eye liner, so an alternative, aka puppy eyeliner.

    Check out the chart below to see the steps we suggest you follow for the cutest puppy eyeliner look.

    How to do Puppy Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes Description
    Prep Always prep your eyes with an eyelid primer to ensure everything sticks all day.
    Upper Lining Draw a thick or thin line across your upper lash line, and then angle your wing slightly downward, following the shape of your eye.
    Lower Lining Connect the bottom end of the upper wing with another line that extends down to your lower lash line. Instead of lining the bottom lashes with eyeliner, we suggest eyeshadow for a softer look. It should look like one blend of eyeliner that goes nearly all around the eye.
    Clean up Take a wet Q-tip to help clean up the edges if necessary.

    Fox Eyeliner

    Fox eyeliner is another style of eyeliner that is similar to a winged eyeliner. However, fox takes winged eyeliner to the next level by lining your inner corner, aka your tear duct. Creating a sharp point following your tear duct line will accentuate your eyes, making them pop.

    We recommend this eyeliner style for people with wide-set eyes because it will help to give the appearance of closer-set eyes.

    Reversed Winged Liner

    This style of eyeliner is unique and reminds us of what big cats’ eyes look like. It’s just like winged eyeliner, except the wing is on the bottom lash line. Basically, reverse what winged eyeliner looks like.

    The thin line goes on the top lash line, and the thick liner with a wing pointing up towards the brow bone goes along the lower lash line. This will also help to lift your downturned eyes the perfect amount.

    Pin Up Eyeliner

    This eyeliner look is all about the upper lash line. Forget about your bottom lashline and focus on creating a stunning eyeliner wing starting from the inner corner lining the lash line to the outer corner and ending with a flick upwards. The lack of eyeliner on the bottom lashes will help to keep the eyes looking awake and open.

    How To Do Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes

    Our favorite eyeliner look for downturned eyes is puppy eyeliner. We love this look as it compliments your eye shape, and who doesn’t enjoy a compliment every once in a while?

    If you wanna know more, say less. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do eyeliner for downturned eyes, our favorite way.

    Step #1

    Prep your eyes with an eyelid primer to ensure everything sticks all day. Don’t be shy; take the primer to the bottom lash area.

    Step #2

    Draw a line as thick or as thin as you prefer across your upper lash line. Once you get to the end of your lash line, continue to line but angle your wing slightly downward, following the shape of your eye. We don’t suggest going for a super long wing; it might look funny.

    Step #3

    Extend the bottom side of the upper wing down to your lower lash line.

    Step #4

    Instead of continuing to line the bottom lashes with your eyeliner (if you are not using an eyeliner pencil), we suggest using eyeshadow for a softer look. It should look like one blend of eyeliner that goes nearly all around the eye.

    Step #5

    Clean up any edges that need sharpening or buffing.

    Downturned Eyes Makeup Tips

    Now that you know what eyeliner products are good to try and how to use them, it might be helpful to know a few tips and tricks to get started. Here are a few tips worth knowing for doing makeup for downturned eyes.

    #1 Lashes & Eyeshadow For Downturned Eyes

    If you’re doing a bold eyeshadow look, you must, we reap, you must, wear lashes or, at the very least, some mascara. But we’ll get to mascara later.

    When applying eyeshadow to downturned eyes, we suggest focusing darker shades at the eye’s outer corner, on both the lower lashline and the eyelid’s outer v area. Getting heavier with the eyeshadow towards the outer ends of the eyes will bring intensity to your eye shape. Use a soft neutral tone on the lid and blend up into the crease and towards the outer corner and the darker shadow.

    For lashes, we suggest choosing a fake lash that has very elongated lashes towards the outer ends.

    Choosing long outer edge lashes will help:

    1. Elongate the eyes
    2. Lift the eyes
    3. Open the eyes

    #2 Mascara Wand Shape

    A cone shape is the best mascara wand for your lashes with downturned eyes. This is because cone-shaped wands are good at including all the lashes on the playground, especially the ones in the inner and outer corners. This will help to elongate the eyes and give the appearance of a leveled-out eye shape.

    #3 Considering Angles

    When working with downturned eyes, it’s all about the angles, just like taking a good photo. By angling your makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc., you can temporarily alter the appearance of your eyes to look like a different eye shape.

    Angling your eyeliner more upwards when you wing it out with help give the allusion that they aren’t as turned downwards. If you angle your eyeliner more with the natural angle of your eyes, it will accentuate your eye shape.


    • How To Make Downturned Eyes Look Upturned?

      If you want to play around with eye shapes and see what you can create with the power of makeup, you have to consider angels. Turning your downturned eyes temporarily with makeup into upturned eyes takes a bit of angling. For example, winged eyeliner that flares out and up will create the appearance of an elongated eye that is upturned.

      Using a mascara that has a cone-shaped wand will also help to coat the outer lashes more so they can become longer and help transform your eye shape. Or choosing fake lashes that have longer lashes at the end will also do.

    • How To Lift Downturned Eyes

      If lifting your downturned eyes with makeup isn’t cutting it for you, there are other options.

      A canthoplasty procedure is a surgical procedure that is used to tighten the muscles or ligaments that support the coroner of the eyelids. This surgery is what can help to alter the shape of your eyes permanently. This will be an invasive surgery, so you must do proper and adequate research or talk to your doctor to assess your options.

    • What Ethnicity Has Downturned Eyes?

      There isn’t one specific ethnicity with downturned eyes. It is common to see it in caucasian people, however.

    Downturned Eyes Galore

    Now that we have spilled all the tea on downturned eyes, you will likely build up the perfect makeup routine that fits your ideal eye look. There are many ways to create makeup looks that either accentuate or alter the shape of your eyes.