15 Beautiful Pastel Acrylic Nails Perfect for Spring

Updated on March 1, 2024
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    Pastel acrylic nailsPIN

    15 Beautiful Pastel Acrylic Nails Perfect for Spring

    Colors don’t have to be loud to make a statement, and that’s reflected in the rise of pastel manicures. These subdued but totally fun colors look right at home any time of the year. And especially as we approach Spring and Summer they are the perfect complement to any outfit and occasion.

    From pale blues to soft greens to baby pink — there’s an entire soft rainbow of options available for you to choose from. That’s why we love this idea, too. It’s super easy to create a wide variety of looks perfect for almost any taste and style.

    Are you on the hunt for some cute designs for your acrylic nails? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 15 awesome ideas that will look great no matter what the occasion is.

    A few of our favorite ideas for pastel acrylic nails include:

    • Pastel acrylic summer nails ideas
    • Pastel spring acrylic nails ideas
    • Pastel color acrylic nails ideas
    • Cute pastel acrylic nails ideas
    • Acrylic pastel ombre nails ideas

    So, if you’re looking for some new ideas, be sure to keep reading!

    Acrylic Nails Designs Pastel

    Who doesn’t love a good design on their nails? Especially when you’re in the hands of a pro manicurist who can really nail the look for you. This design is a funky, nearly-70s-inspired retro abstract print that is super cool and definitely on-trend. It incorporates a handful of colors so it feels like a pastel, free-form rainbow, and we love it.

    Abstract not your thing? 

    There are plenty of other types of acrylic nails designs pastel you could go with:

    • Horizontal or vertical stripes
    • Polka Dots
    • Flowers
    • Hearts
    • Geometric shapes
    • Ombre
    • French tip
    • Chevrons
    • Grid pattern

    Really, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to acrylic nails designs pastel, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

    Pastel Summer Acrylic Nails

    This classic cornflower pastel blue, accented with dainty daisy patterns, feels like the most classic take on both pastel and floral manicures — both hallmarks of a perfect Summer look. What we love most, though, is how the nails use negative space and create a fresh, modern look.

    This inspiration picture is definitely on natural nails, but we think this would look great as a fresh set of pastel summer acrylic nails!

    Pastel Spring Acrylic Nails

    The best part of Spring is all the colors everywhere. In the trees, the flowers, the grass — and in our style! That’s why we think that nothing says spring like pastel nails in a variety of beautiful shades. We absolutely love this floral reverse French manicure for that reason! It incorporates several colors at a time and makes it Spring-fresh.

    And the best part about acrylic nails is that you don’t have to be an expert nail artist, just sit back and enjoy!

    Pastel Color Acrylic Nails

    There’s a whole rainbow of colors in the pastel universe to choose from. Whether you want a monochromatic look or one that tries as many colors as possible, it’s good to know what’s out there.

    Some of the most commonly used pastel nails colors are:

    • Blue pastel acrylic nails
    • Pastel green
    • Pastel pink
    • Pastel yellow
    • Lavender
    • Tangerine

    Wondering how to pull off these colors alone or separately? Here are some ideas.

    Pastel Blue Acrylic Nails

    It’s always a good time to refresh your nails with a new manicure. And we’ve been loving the trend of pastel blue nails and wanted to share one of our favorite designs with you. This dreamy pastel cloud set of long coffin nails is absolutely stunning! With a hint of bling that almost looks like a shining star, we love the pure whimsy of these blue pastel acrylic nails.

    Pastel Green Acrylic Nails

    Did someone say sage? This super trendy color is absolutely everywhere. We’ve seen it in home decor, fashion, and definitely in cool acrylic pastel green nails like these. We love the plain, solid nails accented by two different accent nails. The classic french tip paired with the funky abstract swirl both use negative space to make an impact, and we for one, love it.

    Pink Pastel Acrylic Nails

    How adorable are these pink pastel acrylic nails? With a barely-there, ballet slippers shade of pink accented by the colorful, delicate pink, blue, yellow, purple, and green hearts on the pinky and ring fingers, this look is perfect for those who like subtlety in their nails, but want to keep it pretty neutral.

    Zohna Tip

    If acrylics aren’t your thing, but you want to try this look at home, we’d recommend pairing Essie’s shade Ballet Slippers as the pale pink, and using a dotting tool to make the tiny hearts with a set of pastel shades from Kleancolor.

    Pastel Yellow Acrylic Nails

    These pastel yellow acrylic nails are short and extra cool! The accent with the polkadot pattern on the fingers of this set is so subtle and pretty. We can appreciate the minimalist feel of this design which works great for an every day summer look.

    Pastel Blue Acrylic Nails With Flowers

    Who wouldn’t be head over heels for these acrylic nails pastel blue? From the perfect pastel blue to the two unique accent nails and the glossy finish, we are obsessed! The floral accent on these nails is so subtle, that you’d almost miss it! It even has a little blue and white repeating pattern in each of the flowers. We like that it mimics the French tip shape of the other accent nail. That way, it feels even more cohesive!

    Cute Pastel Acrylic Nails

    Did someone say cute nails?! These cute pastel acrylic nails feature adorable heart accents along with swirls of soft pink pastel that remind us of cotton candy! These nails feature a medium almond-shaped tip that feels both girly and subtle. Add in the almost transparent base color, and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty mani that is sure to leave you with heart eyes ????

    Acrylic Pastel Ombre Nails

    Looking for an edgy take on the pastel nails trend? How about these coffin acrylic pastel ombre nails? They offer you a modern, matte take on pastel rainbows and even feel like they are a nod to ombre as each color fades into a subtle nude hue. These pastels feel like a rainbow sherbert we could dig into on a hot Summer’s day, but they would look fresh and bright all year, too!

    Pastel Acrylic Glitter Nails

    Talk about whimsical! These nails have a suspension of superfine glitter, flakes of iridescent glitter, and little glitter butterflies! Against the range of pastel colors the artist chose, the glitter pops right out and feels like a fairy-inspired dream come true. We love the accent with the jewels along the cuticle for an extra pop of pizzazz on these pastel acrylic glitter nails.

    Zohna Tip

    These are an intricate set of acrylics that can not only take a long time but a lot of expertise — and with that comes the cost. Be aware if you want intricate acrylics like this, it may cost you more than your average French mani.

    Long Pastel Acrylic Nails

    If you’re into extra-long nails, this look is perfect for you! With a super dramatic length that stretches long past your natural nail, you could say these pastel pretties are going to be a handful in everyday life. But if you live for the drama, then why not go for it! Each nail in this set is a different shade of soft pastel color that is accented by the matte finish.

    We definitely enjoy how this turned out on these super long nails, but you could easily try this look on different nail lengths.

    The table below shows some common nail lengths that you might want to try for your next set of pastel acrylic nails.

    Nail Length Description
    Overlay Just long enough to cover your natural nail
    Short A little longer than your natural nail, by 1 to 2 millimeters
    Short-Medium Longer than your natural nail by 2 to 3 millimeters
    Medium Longer than your natural nail by 4 to 5 millimeters
    Long Longer than your natural nail by 6 to 8 millimeters
    Extra Long The longest acrylics available, and can be anywhere from 9 to 10 millimeters longer than your nail or upwards of an inch or more


    Remember that the longer you go, the more maintenance and challenge come alongside it. Extra-long nails can require some seriously careful maintenance and application. If you work with your hands, you may find it easiest to upkeep a set of short or medium-length acrylic nails.

    Teenage Pastel Summer Acrylic Nails

    For teens, acrylics can be a fun way to show individual style and taste, and based on what’s trending, we think these medium-length coffin tip nails are perfect for Summertime fun, especially if they have a big event like Prom or graduation in the cards. The subtle butterfly design accent nail says fun and not in a childish way, either.

    Pastel Matte Acrylic Nails

    Check, mate! These rainbow pastel matte acrylic nails are super matte and super cute! We love the four and six-square checkerboard look accented with a subtle yellow pastel French tip on the pinky for extra visual interest! With this many colors on your nails, you can look put together with almost any look, no matter what you put on in the morning!

    Pastel Tips Acrylic Nails

    How pretty are these shiny, but subtle rainbow ombre pastel tips acrylic nails? We love how simple and elegant these acrylics are and they look great on this medium almond nail shape, too.

    If you’re loving the idea of these ombre French tips, they are just the beginning when it comes to different ideas for a take on this classic mani.

    Different types of French tip styles and trends:

    1. Deconstructed french manicure
    2. Baby french manicure
    3. Double french manicure
    4. Deep french manicure
    5. Inverted french manicure
    6. Glass french manicure
    7. Filigree french manicure

    Ask your nail tech for advice about incorporating some fun tips into your next French manicure. After all, they are the experts you trust your claws to!


    As you can see, there’s no shortage of options for your acrylic pastel nails. With the right colors and designs, you can have fun with your nail polish for years to come!

    And now that we’ve polished off those ideas, you’re ready to head to the salon with the perfect look in hand to show your manicurist for the pastel acrylic nails look you’re dreaming of.