18 Trending Bohemian Box Braids Hairstyles

Updated on October 27, 2023
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    18 Trending Bohemian Box Braids Hairstyles

    If you’re itching for a hairstyle makeover that screams, “I woke up like this… in a field of wildflowers,” maybe it’s time to check out bohemian box braids.

    Bohemian box braids are versatile and come in different styles suited to various face shapes, skin tones, moods, outfits, and accessories.

    So why have they become so popular, and what are they exactly? Also, what are the best types of Bohemian box braids to wear for what occasions or moods?

    This article explores this trending hairstyle and shows you the 18 best styles to rock, whether you are going to paint the town red, attend a formal gathering, or have a casual coffee meet-up with a loved one.

    What Are Boho Box Braids?

    Bohemian box braids vary from traditional box braids but with a Bohemian twist. These braids have a more relaxed and undone look, giving off that chic vibe. They’re often styled with loose ends, colorful braid accessories, or even adorned with beads and feathers.

    One of the defining characteristics of boho box braids is the use of loose ends. Instead of securing the ends of the braids tightly, they are left free-flowing, creating a more relaxed and Bohemian vibe. This allows for movement and adds an element of playfulness to the hairstyle.

    In addition to the loose ends, boho box braids are often adorned with colorful accessories, including:

    • Strings
    • Cuffs
    • Spirals

    These items are commonly used to enhance the overall look and add a touch of Bohemian flair.

    Zohna Tip

    Place these accessories strategically throughout your braids or concentrate on the ends; it creates a look that uniquely you!

    Medium Bohemian Box Braids

    If you want a versatile and easy-to-manage style, medium Bohemian box braids are perfect.

    Like this picture, your medium Bohemian box braids must range from 10 to 20 inches; think shoulder or middle back length. The lovely combination of twists, curls, and light brown color radiates with slightly darker skin tones and is perfect for casual everyday wear.

    Add some colorful beads or accessories for a boho touch.

    Bohemian Goddess Box Braids

    These tightly knitted Bohemian goddess box braids create a standout look with a boho touch. In this style, less hair is left curly, creating a more elegant and inspiring look that frames the face perfectly.

    Zohna Tip

    Boho goddess box braids are typically better suited for medium to long hair. However, if you have short hair and want to go longer, check out knotless braids to gain that extra length.

    Add hair jewelry or wrap a scarf around your head to enhance the boho vibe.

    The length and thickness of these braids make them perfect for leaving them loose or creating intricate updos and hairstyles. You can experiment with:

    • Braided buns
    • Goddess crowns
    • Fishtail braids

    The possibilities are endless, and you’ll feel like a true queen with these Bohemian goddess box braids.

    Bohemian Box Braids with Color

    Why stick to traditional black when you can add a pop of color to your Bohemian box braids?

    Experiment with ombre shades, pastel tones, or vibrant red hues like this picture. Leave them loose or tie them up for a lush hairdo that stands out with your favorite color, making a statement.

    Get ready to turn heads with your bold and beautiful Bohemian box braids with color.

    Bohemian Knotless Box Braids

    If you’re looking for a more natural and seamless look, try knotless box braids.

    These braids have smaller sections and are gold and black, resulting in a smoother finish that exudes elegance and sophistication.

    Knotless Bohemian box braids are perfect for those who want a hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic and doesn’t put too much tension on the scalp.

    Short Bohemian Box Braids

    Who says Bohemian box braids are only for long hair?

    Short Bohemian box braids are chic and trendy, giving you a sassy and edgy look. Experiment with different lengths and styles to find the perfect short boho box braids that suit your personality.

    You could tie the back of your hair up while leaving the sides down for an edgy but elegant look that’s especially suitable for fancy nights out.

    Short box braids are an excellent option for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that still makes a statement. With shorter braids, you’ll spend less time styling and more time enjoying your fabulous look.

    Small Bohemian Box Braids

    Small Bohemian box braids are a work of art.

    The smaller sections allow for more intricate and detailed styling options. You can create beautiful patterns and twists from different colors, including:

    1. Brown
    2. Auburn
    3. Blonde

    As you can see, this hairstyle is an ideal choice for those who like to be daring. The mixture of thin black braids and the light touch of brown highlights in between makes it a versatile option for various outfits.

    Jumbo Bohemian Box Braids

    If you want to make a bold statement, jumbo Bohemian box braids are the way to go.

    These thick braids exude confidence and are rocked in different lengths, from short, medium, or long. However, we recommend going with the long jumbo boho braids with highlights if you want a style that’s adaptable while still commanding attention.

    Style them in a high ponytail or hang them loose for a fierce and dramatic look.

    Messy Bohemian Box Braids

    The effortlessly cool vibe of messy Bohemian box braids is something to be admired.

    Messy Bohemian box braids are about embracing imperfections while celebrating your hair’s natural texture and fullness.

    You can achieve this look by gently pulling some strands from your braids or leaving the end curly to create a relaxed and messy effect.

    Boho Box Braids Crochet

    If you’re looking for a quicker way to achieve Bohemian box braids, try the crochet method. Crochet boho box braids are installed using a crochet hook, making the process faster and easier. This is a fabulous option for those who want to experiment with different hairstyles without committing to long-term braids.

    Crochet boho box braids offer a convenient, time-saving alternative to traditional braiding methods.

    You can choose from various crochet boho box braid styles, including:

    1. Medium
    2. Long
    3. Jumbo

    With crochet boho box braids, you can effortlessly achieve your desired Bohemian look by adding the braids to different areas of the head. You don’t need to focus on specific sections; instead, leave space between them so your natural volume can fill the gap.

    Blonde Bohemian Box Braids

    Add a touch of sunshine to your bohemian box braids with blonde shades.

    Let’s look at some of the styles you could explore and the vibe they emanate.

    Blonde Hairstyle Description Vibe/Effect
    Honey highlights on blonde hair Natural and Sun-Kissed
    Platinum blonde braids Chic and Edgy
    Blonde Bohemian box braids (beachy boho vibe) Bohemian and Beachy
    Ash blonde ombre waves Cool and Gradient
    Dirty blonde tousled bob Casual and Effortless
    Strawberry blonde curls with a natural glow Warm and Radiant

    Blonde Bohemian box braids are perfect for those who want to add a touch of warmth and brightness to their hairstyle.

    Superb for any skin tone, this style is the ideal match for those who want to change their hair color or are just searching for a new look.

    Long Bohemian Box Braids

    If you want to make a statement with your Bohemian box braids, go for long braids that cascade down your back and past your hips. Long Bohemian box braids are glamorous and eye-catching, giving you endless opportunities for styling, accessorizing, and showing off your hairstyle.

    The length of these braids gives you endless styling options, whether you prefer to have long curly ends, pigtails, or a messy head free-spirited vibe.

    You can also experiment with different hairstyles, such as a side braid, a braided crown, or even a long ponytail.

    Curly Hair for Bohemian Box Braids

    If you have naturally curly hair, welcome your texture and combine it with Bohemian box braids.

    Leave some hair out near the roots for a seamless blend between your natural curls and braids.

    Combining curly hair with Bohemian box braids creates a beautiful contrast and adds dimension to your hairstyle.

    You can let your natural curls frame your face or tie them up behind your head while the braids add length and volume.

    Red Bohemian Box Braids

    Add a fiery touch to your Bohemian box braids with red shades.

    Red Bohemian box braids are bold, vibrant, and fierce.

    Whether you choose deep burgundy or bright cherry red, get ready to make a strong statement.

    These colors are synonymous with courage, love, and strength, making it the ultimate choice for the independent, caring woman.

    Check out this table comparing different outfits to mix with your red Bohemian braids.

    Outfit Description Styling Effect
    Neutral-toned jumpsuit Hair steals the show
    Monochromatic red dress Bold and coordinated look
    White blouse and black pants Red braids as statement piece
    Earthy-toned maxi skirt and crop top Bohemian chic with a pop of red

    The rich and vibrant red color adds a touch of intensity to your overall look while showing you’re a determined woman, who knows what she wants.

    Bohemian Bob Box Braids

    If you’re looking for a shorter and chic Bohemian box braid style, the bob is the way to go. A Bohemian bob with box braids is trendy, sophisticated, and can be styled in various ways.

    Play with curl lengths and locations to create a look that’s quaint and face-framing.

    You can experiment with different bob styles, such as:

    1. A blunt cut
    2. An asymmetrical bob
    3. A layered bob

    Throwing the hair to one side and exposing a particular section of the head or tying the hair up into a small bun is an excellent way to spice up this style.

    Ombre Bohemian Box Braids

    Combine the Bohemian aesthetic with the ombre hair trend for a stunning look.

    Ombre Bohemian box braids showcase a seamless blend of colors, creating a gradient effect. From subtle transitions to bold contrasts, ombre braids will make your boho hairstyle truly unique.

    The gradual color change adds depth and dimension to your braids, making them visually appealing and beautiful.

    You can choose a natural ombre effect, such as transitioning from dark brown to full-on white blonde for a more unconventional combination.

    Shoulder Length Bohemian Box Braids

    If you want a practical and stylish Bohemian box braid style, go for shoulder-length braids. This length is easy to manage and offers numerous styling possibilities.

    Wear them down and leave 2 to 3 inches of curls at the end of each braid for a carefree boho feel.

    Boho Box Braids Updo

    This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions like a company event, high-class gala, or affluent social gatherings.

    Gather your Bohemian box braids into a high bun or a braided updo, leaving a few loose braids or tendrils for a romantic touch.


    • How Long Do Bohemian Box Braids Last?

      The duration of Bohemian box braids largely depends on how well you care for them and your hair’s natural growth rate.

      On average, they can last anywhere from four to eight weeks.

    • How Do I Take Care of My Bohemian Box Braids?

      Proper care is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of your Bohemian box braids.

      Be sure to moisturize your scalp, avoid excessive manipulation, and protect your braids at night by wearing a satin bonnet or silk pillowcase.

    • Can I Swim With Bohemian Box Braids?

      Yes, you can swim with Bohemian box braids. However, it’s important to rinse your braids thoroughly after swimming in chlorinated water or saltwater.

      Also, consider wearing a swim cap to protect your braids from excessive exposure to water.

    • Can I Style My Bohemian Box Braids in Different Ways?

      Of course. Bohemian box braids offer endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with.

    Follow the Bohemian Spirit

    There is our guide to the trending Bohemian box braids hairstyles.

    Whether you opt for medium, long, colorful, or curly Bohemian box braids, channel your inner boho spirit and let your hair make a statement.

    Experiment, have fun, and express your unique style with these fabulous braided hairstyles.