11 Top Hair Tinsel Looks & Products + Tutorial To Make You Shine Inside and Out

Updated on December 5, 2023
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    Hair TinselPIN

    11 Top Hair Tinsel Looks & Products + Tutorial To Make You Shine Inside and Out

    Say it with me: “I do believe in Fairies! I do. I do.”

    Have you ever heard of fairy hair? We’re not talking about the kind of hair like Tinkerbell’s, but shiny and sparkly streaks of color in your hair, kind of fairy hair. If you haven’t heard of it, fairy hair is another name for hair tinsel.

    Hair tinsel is thin pieces of iridescent tinsel that you attach to your strand, similar to hair extensions. You can incorporate some shine into your hair in two ways: silicone rings or your handy dandy fingers. This fun accessory allows you to integrate spunk and vibrancy into your hair without chemicals.

    Stars like Katy Perry and Beyonce have been spotted sporting glittery hair tinsel at some point in their careers. The sudden surge in the Y2K style can be attributed to the resurgence of the hair tinsel.

    There is a multitude of different colors that you can add to your luscious locks. You can even incorporate more than one color to create a multicolor shine to your hair.

    Top Hair Tinsel Styles

    If you want to add tinsel to your luscious locks but need help figuring out where to start with colors, we have loads of options you can scan for inspiration. Check out the list below of hot and trendy hair tinsel styles and colors.

    Fairy Hair Tinsel

    All hair tinsel looks pretty fairy-esqu; however, this one here hones that twinkling fairy spirit. The unique blend of colors makes this tinsel ‘fairy hair tinsel.’ The colors reflect the light and make you shine bright like those cute little mystical creatures. If Tinker Bell had tinsel in her hair, it would look like this.

    Gold Hair Tinsel

    No matter what hair color you are currently sporting, gold hair tinsel will undoubtedly look magical. We like gold hair tinsel the best because it’s the least in your face as it seems closer to a natural hair color.

    Gold is beautiful because it functions and mimics the appearance of water. Light reflects on it in a certain way making it glisten and appear like a movable surface. Adding that to your hair will increase its shine and give it that bouncy and flowy look we all wish it had.

    Hair Tinsel Blonde

    If you sit somewhere on the hair color spectrum closer to a blonde, we suggest adding some gold hair tinsel to your hair. Gold looks great on any hair color, but it looks excellent when paired with a blonde head of hair.

    We recommend gold hair tinsel for a blonde because:

    1. The gold and blonde colors blend seamlessly
    2. The two colors compliant each other
    3. The gold brightens the appearance of blonde hair
    4. Both gold and blonde are warm hair colors

    Hair Tinsel Black Hair

    For our black-haired friends, we suggest you give purple and blue hair tinsel a whirl. We find that the darker colors of tinsel complement your stunning dark strands. The lighter shades of tinsel will look good, but matching darker hair with dark tinsel works well. Going for a purple color will give your dark strands the look of purple hair, and blue will provide them with the look of blue hair.

    Hair Tinsel In Curly Hair

    No matter the texture or hairstyle of your luscious locks, you can add tinsel. However, there are some steps you may need to consider to add tinsel to curly hair, such as curling the tinsel before adding it to your strands. You don’t need to do this step; however, it will help make the tinsel blend more seamlessly into your curly strands rather than just laying straight through them.

    Check out this step-by-step on how to curl tinsel for curly hair:

    1. Take a single strand of tinsel from the package at a time.
    2. Place the top of the tinsel across a blade of a duff knife or one side of a pair of scissors and hold it down with your thumb.
    3. Carefully, with light pressure, pull the tinsel over the blade, keeping your thumb in place over the top of it.
    4. The harder you press on the edge with your thumb, the tighter the curl will get.

    Silver Hair Tinsel

    Silver hair tinsel is another versatile color that looks great on any hair color. That said, silver tinsel pairs perfectly with platinum-blonde hair. We suggest this because silver is more of a cool-toned shade, as is usually platinum blonde. Pairing cool-toned tinsel with cool-toned hair color will compliment you best.

    Similar to gold, silver reflects light, making it glisten and look like a moveable surface. This will give your hair that bouncy and flowy look we all admire.

    Pink Hair Tinsel

    Do you love the color pink? If you answered yes, we got just the tinsel for you. This pink hair tinsel is excellent for those pink lovers out there wanting nothing more than to be pretty in pink.

    Adding pink tinsel to your hair will elevate any hairstyle and give you a cute but unique look everyone will admire.

    If pink isn’t your color, we suggest a deep red shade of tinsel. This will look pretty paired with auburn hair.

    Christmas Hair Tinsel

    Christmas Hair TinselInstagram@qhairyegPIN

    If you really wanna tis’ the season, check out this Christmas hair tinsel look you Christmas lovers will obsess over!

    Add tinsel that’s either red, green, or both to your strands to bring to life the spirit of Christmas. Colors like gold and silver are also perfect for the holiday season if you don’t specifically celebrate Christmas.

    Brown Hair Tinsel

    Brown hair works well with any tinsel color. However, our favorite has to be a light blue color. We find that it adds just the right amount of color without looking too early 2000s, in the worst way.

    Blue is also easy to pair with other colors, which is excellent for people with a colorful wardrobe.

    Hair Tinsel With Beads

    If adding straight-up tinsel isn’t enough for you, we have a trick to elevate your hair further. Try incorporating both beads and hair tinsel. It may sound complicated, but it’s simple as long as you know how to braid. We don’t know about you, but this tinsel and bead combo gives us mermaid hair vibes.

    Check out this table for a step-by-step guide for incorporating tinsel and beads into the hair.

    Steps To Achieve Hair Tinsel With Beads Description
    Placement The first step is selecting where you want your beads and tinsel in your hair. Make sure you give the spot an excellent brush to avoid running into any tangles.
    Sectioning Part the section of hair into three strands to begin the braiding process.
    Adding Tinsel Before you start braiding, place the tinsel into the strands of hair by whatever method you choose. You can add as many strands as you like.
    Braiding Once you have secured the tinsel, you can begin the braiding.
    Adding Beads Stop braiding once you have gone about an inch down the hair. Slide a bead up one of the three strands of hair till you hit the end of the braid you have so far.
    Continue the process Once the bead is added, continue braiding as usual until you hit another spot along the strands of hair that you want to add a bead, and repeat the 5th step above. Make sure you braid as tight as possible under the bead, so it stays in place.

    The first step is selecting where you want your beads and tinsel in your hair. Make sure you give the spot a brush to avoid running into any tangles.

    Heat Resistant Hair Tinsel

    Depending on where you buy your hair tinsel, it may not be heat-resistant, and depending on how long you plan to keep the tinsel in your hair or how you want to style it, you may want to invest in heat-resistant hair tinsel.

    With heat-resistant hair tinsel, you can curl, flatten and blow dry your hair without worrying that the tinsel will melt into your strands, which would be a catastrophe.

    If you purchase hair tinsel that can withstand heat, we recommend using a low heat setting on your hot tools, just in case.

    Zohna Tip

    Whenever you use heat on your hair, you should always apply a heat protectant to help keep your stands healthy and protected from heat damage.

    Hair Tinsel Kit

    If we have convinced you to add sparkle and glitter to your hair with some tinsel, we have just the kit for you. This hair tinsel kit on Amazon has everything you could need to incorporate color into your hair at home. The inclusion of 10 tools makes the process of adding tinsel to your hair as painless and effortless as possible.

    This kit is great for any event or holiday you feel like jazzing your hair up for. You could even match the shade of the tinsel to a hair wax color and put both in your hair for some extra fun. Plus, the tools will make it a quick and easy process if you are pressed for time before going out.

    We suggest this kit because it:

    • Includes 3200 strands of hair tinsel, one crochet hook, one plier, one rat tail comb, two hair clips, one threader, one pack of colorful rubber bands, and three packs of micro silicone link ring beads.
    • Includes 14 colors: sky blue, red, golden, blue, black, mixed colors, violet, pink, green, silver, fluorescent blonde, fluorescent pink, light pink, and copper bronze.
    • Includes heat-resistant hair tinsel that can also be washed
    • Includes adjustable hair tinsel strands

    If this kit doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other ones out there that you can choose from. This seller on Amazon has other kits with more colors and tools if you feel this doesn’t have the shade you want or the tools you think will be helpful. What we’re trying to say is don’t stress; there are many options you can choose from.

    Helpful Tools

    There are tools out there that we highly suggest you invest in to help add some tinsel to your locks. These tools are necessary for your tinsel to last a few days, whereas using them will help it stay for weeks.

    Loop Tool

    A loop tool is what you use to help loop the tinsel and hair through the silicone link rings. It’s called a loop tool because it’s the shape of a loop. This tool is less crucial than others because you can add tinsel to the hair without the link rings, but this tool will help quickly get the tinsel and hair through the rings. Think of it as a tool that would help you thread a needle; convenient, right?

    Silicone Link Rings

    These little handy dandy rings are a must when adding tinsel to your hair that you want to last. This tool helps hold the tinsel close to the scalp so it won’t fall out of the hair. These tools are needed when you plan to have your tinsel sticking around for a couple of weeks.


    Pliers can be used as a hair tinsel tool if you decide to use silicone link rings. The pillars help to flatten the rings so that they squish and hold down the hair and tinsel together to keep everything in place.

    Best Places To Purchase Hair Tinsel

    Hair tinsel is a hot commodity that can be surprisingly hard to find in the store. We recommend surfing the web for hair tinsel at Walmart and Amazon. Those two places are likely to have the largest selection to choose from.


    Fairy Hair Tinsel Kit for Women

    Walmart is a great place to find those random things you can’t find anywhere else. For example, this tinsel hair kit they sell is a great option. This kit has 12 different tinsel colors, a hair extension tool, one crochet, one pair of tweezers, and 200 silicone link rings.


    Amazon has absolutely everything you can ever need; it’s terrifying and super cool at the same time. If the tinsel hair kit from Amazon mentioned above wasn’t your cup of tea, you will 100% find a different one.

    This tinsel hair kit from amazon might be just the one. Not only does it have all the necessary tools for the job, but they have also included some gems to take your hair to the next level. You’ll be shining bright like a diamond after using this kit. It has 14 tinsel colors, one crochet hook, pliers, a comb, two hair clips, 200 micro silicone rings, rubber bands, and rhinestones.

    How To Put In Hair Tinsel – Two Different Ways

    There are two ways you can add some pretty tinsel to your locks. The most effective way is using the proper tools. But if you don’t have them, simply tying the tinsel into your hair with your fingers also works. The tools will ensure the hair tinsel stays in for weeks or months, whereas the finger method will only allow them to stay for a week or two.

    Hair Tinsel Tutorial (with Fingers)

    If you have thinner hair, we recommend using the tools, as with the tie method, they tend to slip out easier.

    If you want to know how to do both, check out the step-by-step guides on incorporating tinsel into your hair.

    What you’ll need to put tinsel in your hair with your fingers:

    • Tinsel
    • Scissors
    • Hair comb
    • Hair clip

    Step #1

    Hold the tinsel up to your roots and cut it where the end of your hair meets the strand of tinsel, so it’s the same length as your hair.

    Step #2

    Once you have chosen a section of hair that you want to place your tinsel on, brush it out and clip back any surrounding hair that might get in the way. The smaller the section of hair, the better; we recommend 5-9 strands of individual hair.

    Step #3

    Take a strand of tinsel and fold it over to that it’s doubled with a loop at the top. Then at the top loop, tie a slip knot that is open enough to place your index and thumb through it.

    Step #4

    Place your thumb and index finger in between the loop, and use them to grab the strands of hair you selected.

    Step #5

    Once you have hold of the hair strands pull the ends of the tinsel and hair strands away from each other through the loop until the end of the hair is completely out of the loop. Pull tight, so the knot closes completely onto the hair strand.

    Step #6

    One at a time, tie a regular knot with each of the two strands of tinsel and the hair you have attached to ensure the tinsel stays in place. You can repeat this a few times.

    Step #7

    To lock it in place, gather one of the tinsel strands and combine it with the strands of hair. Using the second strand of tinsel, repeat the step above.

    Hair Tinsel Tutorial (with Tinsel Hair Kit)

    Now for those who purchased a tinsel hair kit and have all the proper tools, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use them to incorporate tinsel into your locks.

    What you’ll need to place tinsel in your hair with proper tools:

    • Tinsel
    • 2 Hair clips
    • Hair comb
    • Hook
    • Silicone micro ring
    • Pillars
    • Scissors

    Step #1

    Section off the hair where you want to add your tinsel. Remember to brush out the area; it will be challenging if you have tangles. If you need to cut the tinsel, line it up with your hair and cut it.

    Step #2

    Clip up the surrounding hair to expose the roots of the hair if you want to add the tinsel. Use the second clip to secure the tinsel right above the roots of the hair.

    Step #3

    Place one of the micro rings onto the hook from your tool kit. Then grab the section of hair you chose and the tinsel with the hook. Fish the bead off the hook and onto the strand of hair. At first, the hair will stick out of the top of the bead like a hoop. Use the same hook to pull the end of the hair and tinsel out of the ring, so it runs straight through instead of being looped.

    Step #4

    Once the tinsel and strands of hair run straight through the bead, push it up towards the scalp. Using the pliers, clasp down onto the bead so that it squishes flat and holds the hair and tinsel together.

    Step #5

    Unclip the hair clip holding the tinsel, and cut the tinsel as close to the top of the bead as you can. Now you have tinsel in your hair! Repeat this process throughout your strands until you have the desired amount.

    How To Remove Hair Tinsel

    Removing tinsel from your hair might seem complex when you first think about it. However, you’re in luck because it’s super simple. Just keep those tools that helped you get it into your hair, whether that was pillars or your fingers, because they will also help you take it out.

    Check out the table below to find out the best way to remove tinsel from your hair in two ways.

    Steps To Remove Hand-Tied Tinsel Steps To Remove Silicone Ring Tinsel
    1. Locate the knot of the tinsel near your roots
    2. Holding onto the root, gently pull the tinsel away from the head
    3. The tinsel should just glide off. If it gets stuck, you can hold the tinsel and gently pull the hair out of the knot
    1. Locate the squished silicone ring near the root of the hair strands
    2. Take your pliers and place the bead between them at either horizontal end of the ring.
    3. Apply force to the pliers to squish the ring into a shape close to what it was before.
    4. This will open the ring to simply slip down the hair shaft until it’s entirely out.

    It’s truly that simple to remove tinsel. If you’re having a hard time with it, we suggest using oil that might help loosen up and lubricate the strands, helping the tinsel or silicone ring slip off easier. If you have to use oil, take note likely tied the tinsel too tight or squished the silicone ring too tight, so you know for next time.


    • Can You Curl Hair With Tinsel In It?

      You can only curl your hair with tinsel if you purchase a heat-resistant one. You can wash, blow dry, straighten, and curl your hair with tinsel if it’s heat resistant.

      However, if you don’t purchase heat-resistant tinsel, you 100% should not curl your hair.

    • Can You Put Heat On Hair Tinsel?

      You can only put heat on hair tinsel if it’s heat-resistant. Otherwise, the tinsel might melt and stick to your hair, which would be a nightmare to try and remove.

    • Can You Shower With Hair Tinsel?

      You can shower with hair tinsel; tie your hair up in a bun. If you want to wash your hair with tinsel, make sure you purchase heat-resistant tinsel.

      Be aware that washing your hair might result in losing a couple of strands of tinsel, especially if you put them in using your fingers.

    • How Does Hair Tinsel Work?

      Yes, hair tinsel works, but only if you install it properly. If you don’t use the proper techniques, the tinsel will not only fall out quickly, but you could cause damage to your hair.

    • Can I Wash Hair With Tinsel In?

      You can only wash your hair with tinsel if it is heat-resistant.

    • How Much Does It Cost At A Salon?

      There isn’t a set amount for how much it costs because it depends on how much tinsel is used and how long it takes to install it. Depending on the thickness of your hair, it will likely cost more due to the need to use more strands of tinsel.

    The Hair of Fairy Tales

    If we have convinced you to add some twinkle to your strands; hopefully, you have read this far. The fun thing about hair tinsel is that it takes only a few strands to liven up your locks. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get creative with your hair without derailing and cutting your own bangs over your bathroom sink or spending tons of money at the salon. We can only hope that your new fairy hair will make you feel as sparkly on the inside as you look on the outside.