18 Beautiful Large Knotless Braids Hairstyles

Updated on November 7, 2023
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    18 Beautiful Large Knotless Braids Hairstyles

    Are you tired of bad hair days? If the answer is yes, it might be time to switch things up. Large knotless braids might be just what you need to unleash your inner goddess and eliminate bad hair days from your vocabulary. Bad hair days? Don’t know her.

    These stunning hairstyles have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

    In this article, we will delve into the appeal of large knotless braids, how to prepare your hair for this style and showcase 18 incredible hairstyles to inspire your next look. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed by these jaw-dropping braided styles.

    Benefits of Large Knotless Braids

    Large knotless braids offer a multitude of benefits that make them an attractive option for people seeking a new hairstyle. Take a peak at the table below to know more.

    Benefits of Large Knotless Braids Description
    Low Maintenance They are incredibly low-maintenance, allowing you to rock a fabulous look without spending hours in front of the mirror. With proper care, these braids can last for up to two months, giving you the freedom to indulge in other activities without worrying about your hair.
    Gentle on Hair Large knotless braids are gentle on your hair. Unlike some other braiding techniques that can cause tension and damage, knotless braids put less stress on your scalp and hair follicles. This makes them ideal for those with fragile or fine hair who want to enjoy the benefits of braided styles without compromising their hair’s health.
    Protects Natural Hair Furthermore, large knotless braids provide excellent protection for your natural hair. By braiding your hair in this manner, you are shielding it from environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and pollution. This can help prevent breakage and promote hair growth.
    Several Styling Options Large knotless braids offer endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with different lengths, thicknesses, and colors to create a unique and personalized look. Whether you prefer a long and flowing mane or a short and sassy bob, knotless braids can be customized to suit your desired aesthetic.
    Natural Looking Large knotless braids are a great way to embrace your natural hair texture. By using a technique that mimics the way your hair naturally grows, these braids seamlessly blend with your own strands, creating a cohesive and authentic look. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals who want to enhance their natural beauty without resorting to chemical treatments or extensions.

    Top 18 Large Knotless Braids Hairstyles

    Let’s explore some incredible hairstyles. We’ve curated a list of the top styles that are sure to turn heads and leave you feeling like a queen.

    The Goddess Braid Crown

    One of the most regal and elegant large knotless braid hairstyles is the Goddess Braid Crown. This style features a series of intricate braids that wrap around your head, creating a stunning crown-like effect. It’s perfect for special occasions or when you want to feel like royalty. If you like the sounds of this style check out, goddess knotless braids.

    Large Knotless Boho Braids

    If you’re looking for a more laid-back and bohemian vibe, the large boho braids are a great choice. These braids are slightly looser and messier, giving you a carefree and effortlessly chic look. Add some colorful beads or feathers for an extra touch of boho charm.

    The Jumbo Ponytail

    For a sleek and sophisticated look, try the Jumbo Ponytail with large knotless braids. This style involves gathering all your braids into a high ponytail, creating a voluminous and statement-making hairstyle. It’s perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

    To add some more volume there are a few products you can try, such as:

    • Volumizing shampoo and conditioner
    • Volumxing mousse
    • Volumizing hair spray
    • Dry-texture spray

    If the jumbo style seems like a new go-to for you, ever heard of jumbo knotless braids?

    The Half-Up Half-Down Braids

    If you want to show off the length of your large knotless braids while still keeping them out of your face, the Half-Up Half-Down Braids style is a fantastic option. Simply gather the top half of your braids and secure them with a stylish hair accessory, leaving the rest of your braids flowing freely.

    The Side Swept Braids

    Add a touch of glamour to your large knotless braids with the Side Swept Braids style. Sweep all your braids to one side and secure them with bobby pins or a decorative hair clip. This style is perfect for a night out or any special event where you want to make a statement.

    The Braided Bun

    The Braided BunInstagram@19queen85PIN

    For a classic and timeless look, opt for the Braided Bun with large knotless braids. Gather all your braids into a neat bun at the back of your head, and secure it with hairpins. This style is perfect for formal events or when you want to keep your hair off your face during hot summer days.

    The Zigzag Parting

    Add some visual interest to your large knotless braids by incorporating a zigzag parting. Instead of a straight center or side part, create a unique and edgy look by parting your hair in a zigzag pattern. This simple twist can elevate your entire hairstyle and make it stand out. If you like funky knotless braids, take a look at bohemian knotless braids.

    The Braided Headband

    If you want to add a touch of femininity and whimsy to your large knotless braids, try the Braided Headband style.

    Follow these quick steps for the braided headband look:

    1. Take a small section of your braids from one side of your head and braid them tightly
    2. Wrap the braid across your forehead like a headband
    3. Secure it with bobby pins

    The Fishtail Braid

    For those who love intricate and detailed braids, the Fishtail Braid with large knotless braids is a must-try. This style involves weaving two sections of hair together to create a beautiful and textured braid that resembles a fishtail. It’s a versatile and stunning option for any occasion.

    The Braided Space Buns

    If you’re feeling playful and adventurous, the Braided Space Buns style is perfect for you. Divide your knotless braids into two sections and create two high buns on top of your head. Add some braids to each bun for a fun and unique twist. This hairstyle is perfect for festivals, parties, or whenever you want to make a bold fashion statement.

    Large Knotless Braids with Beads

    The beauty that large knotless braids with beads bring is unparalleled. The blend of the braids’ thickness and the added beads gives your look a beautiful aesthetic. Adding beads not only ups the glamour points but also enables the personalization of your braids with varying colors, sizes, and types of beads.

    Zohna Tip

    When choosing beads, pick lightweight ones so there isn't any added strain on your scalp.

    Large Knotless Braids with Curly Ends

    Are you looking to elevate your braided hairstyle with a playful twist? Look no further than large knotless braids with curly ends. This stunning style adds a touch of extravagance and elegance to your braids. The curly ends create a beautiful and eye-catching effect.

    There are various techniques you can use to achieve those gorgeous curls, such as:

    • One popular method is to apply hair mousse to the ends of your braids and use a curling iron to create soft, bouncy curls. This technique not only adds volume and texture to your braids but also gives them a romantic and feminine touch.
    • Another technique to achieve curly ends is by using perm rods or flexi rods. After braiding your hair, you can wrap the ends around these rods and leave them overnight.

    Large Knotless Box Braids

    Large knotless box braids are perfect if you are seeking a head-turning style. Their larger size not only adds a bold and statement-making look but also makes them quicker to install than their smaller counterparts.

    With large knotless box braids, you also have the freedom to experiment with different styling options. You can wear them down, allowing the braids to cascade beautifully over your shoulders, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect. Or, you can gather them into a high ponytail, giving you an effortlessly chic and sophisticated look that works for any occasion.

    Large Goddess Knotless Braids

    Inspired by the classic Grecian hairstyles, large Goddess knotless braids bring a touch of ethereal and divine beauty. These braids are super trendy, known for their signature ‘curls’ or ‘waves’ embedded within the braid, creating an alluring texture different from other braided styles.

    You can opt for a full head of braids, cascading down your back in a mesmerizing display of elegance. Alternatively, you can choose to have a half-up, half-down style, allowing the braids to frame your face and accentuate your features.

    Large Knotless Braids with Color

    Color gives life, and personality, and can dramatically change the look of your large knotless braids. It adds a touch of vibrancy and uniqueness to your hairstyle, allowing you to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your large knotless braids, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a natural shade that complements your skin tone and enhances your features, or you can go bold and daring with vibrant and eye-catching hues. From dazzling blondes that exude radiance to fiery reds that ignite passion, from cool blues that evoke a sense of tranquillity to vibrant purples that symbolize creativity, you have a vast spectrum of colors to choose from.

    Long Large Knotless Braids

    If you’re seeking a hairstyle that oozes elegance and sophistication, long large knotless braids should be at the top of your list. These long braids can be accessorized with beads, hair cuffs, or even bright-colored threads to elevate your style quotient.

    One of the advantages of long braids is that they provide a canvas for creativity. With their length, you can experiment with intricate braiding patterns, adding a touch of artistry to your overall look. From fishtail braids to goddess braids, the choices are abundant.

    Large Triangle Knotless Braids

    Looking for a more distinctive style? Opt for large triangle knotless braids. These braids are characterized by triangle-shaped sections that the braids stem from, giving the hairstyle an eye-catching geometric appeal. While this style requires some extra time and effort, the stunning final look is worth it.

    Large Blonde Knotless Braids

    Large blonde knotless braids are not just a hairstyle, but a bold statement that exudes confidence and style. The vibrant shade of blonde adds an extra touch of allure and draws attention wherever you go. When combined with the larger size of knotless braids, the result is a stunning and eye-catching look.

    Blonde knotless braids offer a versatility that is unmatched. Regardless of your skin tone, these braids effortlessly complement and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you have fair, medium, or deep skin, the blonde hue adds a touch of radiance and luminosity to your overall appearance.

    Preparing Your Hair for Large Knotless Braids

    Before you go to the salon for large knotless braids, it’s essential to prepare your hair properly. With the right techniques and products, you can ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong throughout the braiding process.

    Essential Hair Care Tips

    Prioritize your hair health by adopting a regular hair care routine, such as:

    1. Moisturizing your hair with deep conditioning treatments and oils will keep it hydrated and nourished, reducing the risk of breakage during the braiding process.
    2. Trim any split ends to promote healthier hair growth and prevent tangles.
    3. It’s also crucial to give your scalp some attention. Exfoliate your scalp to remove any buildup or dead skin cells, which can hinder hair growth and cause discomfort during the braiding process.
    4. Gentle scalp massages improve blood circulation and promote a healthy scalp environment.

    Choosing the Right Hair Products

    Investing in quality hair products is key to achieving the best results with large knotless braids. Look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that will gently cleanse and moisturize your hair without stripping away its natural oils. Deep conditioning treatments enriched with proteins and vitamins will further strengthen your hair, preparing it for the stress of braiding.

    Prior to braiding, applying a lightweight oil or braid spray to your hair will lubricate each strand, making it easier for the stylist to braid and helping to prevent breakage. Opt for products that are specifically formulated for braided hairstyles to promote hair health while your braids are in.


    • How Long Do Large Knotless Braids Last?

      Large knotless braids not only look great but also have a decently long lifespan. On average, these braids can last anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks with proper maintenance. Hair wrapping at night, keeping the scalp clean, and moisturizing your hair are some ways to extend the lifespan of your braids.

      It’s also important to remember that while these braids are low-maintenance, they still need care. To prevent damage to your natural hair, don’t keep the braids in for too long, and give your hair a break in between braid installations.

    • How Much Do Large Knotless Braids Cost?

      There are multiple factors that will affect the price of large knotless braids, such as hair length, and thickness of the braids. On average, you can expect to pay between $150 to $700 for large knotless braids.


    Whether it’s the free-flowing beauty of large knotless braids with beads, the allure of curly ends, the classic charm of box braids, the divine touch of goddess braids, or the bold statement of blonde, large knotless braids promise a perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality. So, gather your hair inspiration and express your style with your choice of large knotless braids.