The 14 Top Edgar Haircut Styles for Every Hair Type

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    Edgar HaircutPIN

    The 14 Top Edgar Haircut Styles for Every Hair Type

    Sick of blending in with the hair herd?

    Ready to rock a style that says, “Hey world, check me out!”

    Well, cue the drumroll, because the Edgar haircut has strutted onto the scene to turn heads and leave your old hair in the dust.

    Whether you have fine hair, curly hair, coarse hair, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

    Join us as we dive into the world of Edgar haircut styles for every hair type!

    Edgar Cut Meme – Where it Started

    If you’re wondering where it all started, prepare to journey back to the digital realms where follicle magic and meme culture collide.

    The Edgar haircut meme flourished like a wildfire of creativity from:

    • TikTok
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Reddit

    It was born from the hands of barbers, yes, but it was the online community that gave it wings. Memes flooded timelines, juxtaposing the Edgar cut with unexpected pop culture references and humorous captions. People from all walks of life found common ground in this unique style, celebrating the audacity to stand out and be different.

    So, as you admire those sleek lines and daring angles of an Edgar cut, remember that it’s not just hair – it’s a meme that started a movement, a playful rebellion against the ordinary, and a testament to the boundless power of creativity in our digital age.

    The 6 Top Edgar Haircuts

    No matter your hair type or personality, an Edgar style is waiting to transform your locks into a work of art.

    So, fasten your seatbelts because we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of the six top Edgar haircuts rewriting grooming rules.

    Fluffy Edgar Haircut

    Let’s delve into the timeless charm of the classic fluffy Edgar haircut, which embraces volume and texture.

    Envision a plush cloud of hair adorning the crown of your head, imparting an air of confidence and carefree elegance. You can amplify the effect by accentuating your natural curls or incorporating waves for extra flair.

    Check out our table explaining all there is to know about the fluffy Edgar haircut.

    Characteristic Explanation
    Description Experience the charm of the classic fluffy Edgar haircut, characterized by its voluminous and textured appearance that exudes confidence.
    Customization for Hair Length Tailor this style to suit your hair length, whether long or short, and enhance its allure with an ample application of mousse or texturizing spray.
    Styling Options Embrace versatility in styling your fluffy Edgar haircut. Opt for air drying on casual days, allowing your natural curls to shine.
    For a more refined look, employ a diffuser attachment with your blow dryer to enhance curls and boost volume.
    Straight Hair Transformation Even if you possess straight hair, you can achieve the fluffy Edgar appearance using curling irons or hot rollers.
    Safeguard your hair with a heat protectant spray before applying any heat to prevent damage.
    Maintenance Essentials Sustain the allure of your fluffy Edgar haircut through regular trims, vital for preserving its freshness and abundant volume. Schedule a hairstylist visit every 6-8 weeks to eliminate split ends and maintain the haircut’s distinctive shape.

    The classic fluffy Edgar haircut is a testament to its timeless appeal, offering a versatile canvas for personalized expression. This style is brimming with creative possibilities, from enhancing natural curls to mimicking textured waves.

    With due maintenance, you’ll enjoy a perpetually fresh, voluminous look that captures attention and compliments your charm.

    Curly Edgar Haircut

    Curly hair possesses an irresistible charm, and the curly Edgar haircut is here to unleash its full potential. This style pays homage to your natural texture, transforming your locks into a canvas of effortless elegance and timeless allure.

    From framing your face with voluminous curls to enhancing your distinct curl pattern, the curly Edgar haircut empowers your innate beauty like never before.

    Let’s unveil the curly Edgar cut further:

    • Description: Embrace your curls with the curly Edgar haircut, revealing a mesmerizing display of buoyant, voluminous curls that radiate sophistication and charm.
    • Achieving the Look: Elevate your curls with curl-defining products and skillfully executed layered cuts, allowing your curls to cascade gracefully with every movement.
    • Customization: The curly Edgar haircut seamlessly adapts to diverse curl patterns, complementing your unique coils, waves, or spirals effortlessly.
    • Maintenance Tips: Nurture your curls’ vibrancy and keep frizz at bay through regular deep conditioning and applying nourishing leave-in conditioners.
    • Product Selection: Select specialized products for curly hair, including curl creams and serums, designed to enhance definition while preserving natural bounce.

    In a realm of myriad styles, the curly Edgar haircut stands tall, celebrating the allure and grace of natural curls. Embrace your curls with confidence, as the curly Edgar haircut empowers you to embrace your distinctive beauty in all its glory.

    Edgar Cut Fade

    Ready to take your Edgar cut to the next level?

    Look no further than the Edgar cut fade! This style combines the edginess of an Edgar cut with the clean lines of a fade haircut and eyebrow slit.

    The result is a style that is:

    • Bold
    • Turn heads
    • Versatile

    The Edgar haircut fade features short and tapered sides, gradually transitioning to longer hair on top. It creates a strong contrast that accentuates the texture and volume of the fluffy Edgar cut.

    An advantage of the Edgar cut fade is its low-maintenance nature. With short and tapered sides (check out the Takuache haircut for inspiration,) you won’t have to worry about frequent trips to the barber for touch-ups.

    The longer hair on top can be styled with minimal effort, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a fuss-free grooming routine.

    Edgar Cut with Taper

    For those seeking an air of sophistication and polish, the Edgar cut taper fade is the ideal choice. This haircut skillfully merges shorter sides with longer hair on top, resulting in a refined and sleek appearance that exudes elegance.

    Here are various aspects that make the taper Edgar haircut a winner.

    Aspect Description
    Precision and Skill Achieving the Edgar cut taper demands meticulous precision, skillfully blending varying lengths for a flawlessly sleek and refined finish.
    Complementing Face Shapes Whether you possess a round, square, or oval face, the Edgar cut taper adapts harmoniously, accentuating your unique features to their best advantage.
    Enhancing Facial Structure The shorter sides contribute to a well-defined jawline, while the longer top hair adds both height and dimension, enhancing your overall facial structure.
    Maintenance Tips Regular trims for short sides and occasional styling of the longer top hair maintain the crisp and fresh appeal of your Edgar cut taper.

    The Edgar cut taper epitomizes sophistication and adaptability, transforming your look into timeless refinement. With its blend of precision and creativity, the Edgar cut taper is your passport to a consistently sharp and effortlessly chic appearance.

    Messy Edgar Cut

    Messy Edgar CutInstagram@faderaul_PIN

    For those who thrive on the allure of an “I woke up like this” aesthetic, the messy Edgar cut is the ultimate choice. This effortlessly chic style captures the essence of carefree disarray by intentionally tousling your hair, creating a relaxed and disheveled appearance.

    Here’s a table showcasing the nuances of the messy Edgar haircut.

    Nuance Explanation
    Description Embrace the disheveled charm of the messy Edgar cut, embodying a nonchalant yet stylish look achieved by artfully tousling your hair.
    Playing with Texture Elevate the bedhead vibe by experimenting with texture. Utilize matte texturizing clay for a flawlessly imperfect finish that exudes character.
    Low-Maintenance Rebelliousness The messy Edgar cut epitomizes easy grooming with a dash of rebellious allure, offering a style that demands minimal upkeep.
    Styling Techniques Attaining the desired balance between tousled and unkempt is key. Start with clean, dry hair, then apply matte texturizing clay to your fingertips. Focus on roots and mid-lengths, using your fingers to tousle and scrunch your hair, generating volume and fluid movement.
    Embrace Controlled Messiness Embrace the controlled chaos by allowing your hair to appear effortlessly messy, striking the perfect equilibrium between spontaneity and style.

    The messy Edgar cut isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of deliberate disarray that exudes confidence and laid-back charm.

    With artful tousling and a touch of texturizing clay, you’ll effortlessly master the art of controlled messiness that leaves a lasting impression.

    Edgar Cut with Mullet

    Incorporating a touch of retro charm into your Edgar cut?

    Why not take the plunge and embrace the audacious fusion of an Edgar cut with the timeless business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back essence of a mullet? This avant-garde amalgamation introduces an electrifying juxtaposition, seamlessly merging the edginess inherent in the Edgar cut with the iconic quirkiness of a mullet.

    Embarking on this daring style journey requires a bold spirit, as this hybrid creation is not tailored for the faint of heart. However, for those who crave adventure in their aesthetic choices, the Edgar-mullet fusion promises to be a guaranteed head-turner that will captivate attention wherever you go.

    The marriage of an Edgar cut, and a mullet is characterized by distinctive elements that showcase its uniqueness:

    • Signature Texture Up Top: The shorter top layers of this hybrid masterpiece retain the hallmark texture and finesse of the classic Edgar cut. Your crown becomes a canvas of modern sophistication, exuding confidence.
    • Retro Flair at the Back: The longer back of the mullet pays homage to its retro roots, infusing an element of nostalgia and playfulness into the overall look. The asymmetry adds depth and dimension, creating a dynamic visual impact.

    Embarking on this style journey allows you to tap into your inner rock star and fully embrace the spirit of individuality and self-expression.

    As you boldly traverse the realm of hair fashion, the Edgar-mullet fusion promises an unforgettable sartorial adventure that embodies both daring modernity and a nod to the iconic styles of yesteryears.

    8 Additional Edgar Cuts for Each Hair Type

    Edgar Cuts for Each Hair TypeInstagram@faderaul_PIN

    The Edgar haircut is your passport to a world of stylish possibilities, no matter your hair type. The Edgar cut has a special treat for every strand, from delicate and feathery to wild and wavy.

    Prepare to be dazzled as we unveil eight additional Edgar cuts for each hair type designed to celebrate your individuality and bring out the best in your locks.

    Short & Sweet: Edgar Haircut Style for Fine Hair

    Have fine hair that lacks volume?

    Don’t worry; the Edgar haircut can work wonders for you. It gives the illusion of more volume by adding the following:

    1. Texture
    2. Body
    3. Shine

    Choose a short length that suits your face shape and let your hair do the talking.

    Thick & Stylish: Edgar Haircut Styles for Coarse Hair

    Navigating the wild terrain of coarse hair can present unique challenges, but fear not, for the Edgar haircut emerges as a game-changing solution. Bid farewell to those unruly locks as this haircut works its magic.

    The Edgar cut orchestrates a harmonious balance by deftly removing strategic sections of bulk and introducing carefully crafted layers.

    Your once rebellious tresses are now liberated to cascade naturally and effortlessly, revealing a refined and polished appearance that showcases the true beauty of your hair’s texture and personality.

    Buzzworthy: Short Edgar Cut Styles for All Hair Types

    The hallmark of the short Edgar haircut lies in its impeccable clean lines, reflecting a fusion of modern sophistication and timeless charm.

    Employing a precision cutting technique, the hair is artfully trimmed close to the scalp, resulting in a sleek and polished aesthetic. This meticulous approach imparts a sharp and well-defined appearance and contributes to the haircut’s overall manageability.

    Check the advantages of short-cut Edgar styles:

    1. Effortless Elegance: The short Edgar haircut effortlessly exudes elegance and refinement. Its neatly groomed presentation offers a crisp and poised look that complements a range of personal styles.
    2. Simplified Maintenance: A distinctive advantage of the short Edgar haircut is its minimalistic approach to maintenance. The close-to-scalp trim requires less intricate styling, making it an ideal choice for individuals with busy schedules seeking a sophisticated appearance without the fuss.
    3. Time-Saving Appeal: Embracing the short Edgar haircut translates into valuable time savings. The simplified styling routine allows you to achieve a polished look swiftly, ensuring you step out confidently even on the most hectic days.

    As you explore this style, you’ll find that the short Edgar haircut elevates your appearance and aligns seamlessly with your busy lifestyle, allowing you to embrace a polished and poised demeanor easily.

    Fight the Frizz: Edgar Haircut Styles for Wavy Hair

    Edgar Haircut Styles for Wavy HairInstagram@cuts_byjcPIN

    The relentless battle against frizz is a common struggle for many individuals with wavy hair faces. Amidst this challenge, the Edgar haircut emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a solution that tames unruly locks and unveils the beauty of smooth, well-defined curls.

    Let’s delve into how the Edgar haircut effectively combats frizz, creating an oasis of sleekness within wavy hair.

    • The Frizz Conundrum: The quest for taming frizz involves a frustrating and time-consuming routine. Unruly hair can pose a challenge, dampening the spirit and confidence of those seeking to harness the full potential of their wavy locks.
    • The Edgar Frizz Solution: Enter the Edgar haircut, a captivating choice that has garnered popularity among wavy-haired individuals. This style boasts an impressive ability to combat frizz, ushering in an era of sleekness and smoothness that harmonizes with the natural flow of your waves.
    • The Essence of Structure: The Edgar haircut’s mastery over frizz lies in its unique approach to providing structure and shape to your waves. This foundational principle forms the bedrock of its anti-frizz enchantment, working tirelessly to transform chaos into controlled elegance.
    • Strategic Layering: A crucial component of the Edgar haircut’s frizz-fighting magic is the art of strategic layering. Skilled hands can meticulously craft layers that align with your natural texture, accentuating the beauty of your wavy hair. By artfully removing excess weight, the layers allow your curls and waves to bounce and sway, unburdened by the shackles of unwanted frizz.

    With the Edgar haircut, you’re not merely combating frizz; you’re orchestrating a symphony of elegance that celebrates the inherent beauty of your wavy hair.

    Classic & Chic: Edgar Haircut Styles for Straight Hair

    The sleek bob stands out as a classic choice among the sought-after Edgar haircut styles for straight hair. With its precision-defined lines, this timeless hairstyle emanates an aura of sharp elegance, resulting in a polished and sophisticated appearance.

    Typically falling just below the chin, the sleek bob frames the face with exquisite beauty.

    Let’s explore two straight-hair Edgar haircut options:

    1. Sleek Bob Perfection: Embrace the timeless allure of the sleek bob, a hallmark of clean lines and refinement that exudes sophistication and charm. The bob’s carefully crafted structure creates a polished, well-defined look, beautifully framing your face.
    2. Layers for Texture: Opt for the layered Edgar haircut if you desire a textured appearance for your straight hair. This style introduces depth and dimension, infusing a soft and romantic essence. Strategically placed layers enhance your facial features, creating a flattering and captivating shape.

    Whether you lean toward the sleek precision of the bob or the textured allure of layered cuts, the Edgar haircut effortlessly complements straight hair, adding character, bounce, and sophistication to your overall look.

    Long & Luscious: Edgar Haircut Styles for Long Hair

    Think the Edgar haircut is only for shorter lengths? Think again!

    This versatile haircut can work its magic on long locks too.

    Zohna Tip

    A balanced and nutrient-rich diet is the foundation of vibrant and lush hair. Include protein, vitamins (especially Biotin), and minerals like zinc and iron to promote hair growth and strength.

    By adding layers and texture, the Edgar haircut gives your long hair a fresh and modern look. Get ready to flaunt your long and luscious locks with confidence!

    Fab & Flirty: Edgar Haircut Styles for Medium Hair

    Medium-length hair is the perfect canvas for experimenting with different styles. And the Edgar haircut is no exception. The Edgar haircut offers endless possibilities for those with medium-length hair, whether you want a:

    1. Playful bob
    2. Trendy shag or wolf cut for men
    3. 70s Edgar with a shaved design

    Get ready to embrace your fabulous and flirty side!

    Tame Your Tresses: Edgar Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

    Thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. While it looks luxurious, it can also be a challenge to manage.

    But fear not, because the Edgar haircut is here to tame your tresses.

    With its strategic layering and texturizing, the Edgar haircut thins out your thick hair and makes styling a breeze. Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to beautiful, manageable locks!

    Zohna Tip

    Avoid heavy or greasy products that can weigh down your hair. Opt for lightweight styling products that provide control without compromising volume.


    • How Do I Maintain My Edgar Haircut?

      The key to maintaining an Edgar haircut is regular trims. Visit your hairstylist every 3-4 weeks to keep your style looking fresh and tidy. Additionally, invest in quality hair products that suit your hair type and style. A good shampoo, conditioner, and styling product can make all the difference.

    • Can Anyone Pull Off an Edgar Cut?

      Absolutely! The Edgar cut is versatile and can be tailored to suit different hair types, face shapes, and personal preferences. Whether you have straight, curly, long, or short hair, there’s an Edgar cut out there for you.

    • How Can I Accessorize My Edgar Cut?

      Accessories are a great way to add a personal touch to your Edgar cut. Try experimenting with headbands, bandanas, beanies, or even colorful hair clips. Let your creativity shine through and have fun with it!

    • How Often Should I Get a Trim With An Edgar Haircut?

      It depends on your hair type and how fast it grows. As a general rule, aim for a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain your desired style.

    • Can I Style My Edgar Haircut Differently for Different Occasions?

      Of course. The beauty of the Edgar haircut is its versatility. You can switch up your styling techniques to create different looks, whether you want a casual everyday style or a glamorous evening look.

    • Will the Edgar Haircut Suit My Face Shape?

      Yes! The Edgar haircut is designed to flatter a variety of face shapes, from oval to square to heart-shaped. Consult with a skilled stylist to determine the best variation of the Edgar haircut for your unique face shape.

    Embrace Self-Expression with the Edgar Haircut

    So there you have it, the world of Edgar haircut styles at your fingertips.

    From fluffy to messy, curly to fade, there’s a style for every personality and occasion.

    So why settle for ordinary when you can rock an extraordinary Edgar cut? Embrace your inner rebel, have fun with your hair, and let your unique style shine through!

    Get ready to turn heads and make a bold statement wherever you go!