36 Trending High Fade Haircuts for Men

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    36 Trending High Fade Haircuts for Men

    As a guy with shorter hair, you might feel a bit limited with your hairstyle options, but we’re here to say think again! If you want a fresh cut that looks both clean and cool we highly suggest looking into the possibility of a high fade. So buckle up, our stylish friends, as we embark on this hair-raising journey.

    What Is A High Fade?

    You might be wondering what exactly is a high fade. Well, your hair fairy godmother is here to help. Put simply, a high fade is a haircut where the hair is tapered or faded from longer lengths on top to shorter lengths on the sides and back of the head. The fade gradually blends the longer hair on top with the shorter hair on the sides, creating a sharp and clean look.

    We figured now that you and the high fade have been formally introduced, you might want to know more about its key personality traits and why everyone loves it. Slide down to the chart below to find out more about your new friend.

    Reasons Why We Love The High Fade Description
    It’s super versatile It can be combined with various hairstyles, such as a pompadour, quiff, or even a buzz cut, to create different looks. The high fade also allows for easy maintenance, as the shorter sides and back require less styling and upkeep compared to longer hair.
    It;s customizable Some individuals opt for a high fade that starts near the temples, while others prefer a lower fade that starts closer to the ears. Additionally, you can choose to have a skin fade, where the hair is tapered down to the skin, or a blended fade, where the transition between the longer and shorter hair is more gradual.
    It’s low maintenance The faded sides reduce the need for regular trims, as the hair grows out more naturally. This can be a time-saving and cost-effective option for those who want a stylish look without frequent visits to the barber.
    Its face shape enhancement quality Depending on the specific style of high fade, it can complement different face shapes. For instance, a high fade can elongate the appearance of a round face.

    High Fade Vs Low Fade

    Now that we know what a high fade is, let’s compare it to its sibling: the low fade.

    You might not care about the low fade, but it’s always good to know what else is out there to be sure you are making the right choice with your hair. The chart below will have all the information you could need to know the differences between the high fade vs low fade.

    High Fade Characteristics Low Fade Characteristics
    • Starts higher on the head, typically above the temples or even closer to the crown.
    • Creates a more dramatic contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides.
    • Favored by those who want to make a bold statement with their hairstyle.
    • Starts lower on the head, usually around the ear or just above it.
    • Creates a more subtle transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides.
    • Chosen by those who prefer a more understated and classic look.

    Aside from their characteristics, there are a few things you should consider when doing either a high fade or low fade, such as:

    1. Hair texture
    2. Natural hair density
    3. Face shape
    4. Lifestyle

    Psst… if neither of these fades are speaking to you we have a few other options you can check out, such as a drop fade, taper fade, and burst fade.

    High Top Fade

    A high fade combined with a voluminous top, results in this super cool-looking do known as a high top fade. The top of the hair is typically styled into a box shape or a flat top giving you an extra inch of height, which we know you guys all wouldn’t mind a little more of.

    High Skin Fade

    Say you’re trying to impress a certain someone, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) then we might have just what ya need! This sleek and sharp high skin fade might just be the attention grasper you’ve been on the hunt for. As the name suggests, this fade is taken to the extreme, resulting in a clean-cut look where the hair gradually fades into bare skin. The high skin fade creates a striking contrast between the longer hair on top and the shaved sides.

    High And Tight Fade

    Some might say you’ve found your perfect match. And if that’s the case, we’d like to guess that your perfect match may just be the high and tight fade. Did we guess right?

    For those who appreciate a no-nonsense kind of hairdo, the high and tight fade is a fantastic option. This haircut features a high fade combined with a shorter length on top. The high and tight fade is often seen as a symbol of discipline and professionalism, making it a popular choice.

    High Bald Fade

    Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Plenty of men go bald, it’s basically a part of being a man at this point, and we won’t love you any less for it! That said, if the receding hairline is receding just a tad too far it might be time to embrace the bald side of life and the high bald fade is here to hold your hand.

    This daring haircut involves shaving the hair down to the skin, creating a seamlessly smooth and clean look. The high bald fade starts high on the head, just like its counterparts, ensuring a sharp transition between the bald sides and the longer hair on top. While it may seem like a bold step, the high bald fade is a statement of self-assurance and modern style.

    High Fade Comb Over

    The high fade comb over is for the hipster coffee connoisseur out there. If you are one of those listen up!

    Just joking, it’s for everyone! This haircut combines a high fade with a stylish comb over, where the longer hair on top is slicked to one side. The high fade adds a clean and sharp element to the style, while the comb-over adds a touch of something interesting, and who doesn’t want to be known as the guy with a haircut that has a touch of something interesting?! We sure do.

    High Fade Curly Hair

    Curly hair deserves some extra love, and the high fade is here to deliver that. The high fade with curly hair is a fantastic way to embrace your natural texture while giving things a bit of cleanup. The fade helps to control the volume and give structure to your curls, creating a well-defined and balanced look.

    As a guy, if you embody the stereotypes, you might not know how to take care of your hair but don’t worry Zohna is here to help.

    Here are a few pointers on how you can care for your curls to ensure you have the perfect swirls and twirls to entangle the attention of a suitor:

    1. Use a gentle shampoo
    2. Condition regularly
    3. Detangle with care
    4. Apply a leave-in conditioner
    5. Avoid touching your hair too much

    High Taper Fade Black

    This haircut combines a high fade with a gradual taper, creating a smooth and seamless transition from longer hair to shorter hair. The high taper fade black haircut is a popular choice among men who want to maintain a sharp and clean look while embracing their natural hair texture. Sometimes black hair can be so dark that it appears as if you have no dimension in your strands. That said, a high taper fade is great for adding some extra texture to your strands.

    High Top Fade Dreads

    For those with an adventurous spirit and a love for dreadlocks, the high top fade with dreads is the perfect fusion of two iconic styles. The high fade provides a clean and sharp contrast to the voluminous dreads. With this unique and eye-catching hairstyle, you’ll be showcasing your individuality and creative flair.

    High Fade Buzz Cut


    If you are, like many men seem to be, all about the low maintenance vibe, then this high fade buzz cut might be right up your alley. This no-fuss style combines a high fade with a buzz cut, resulting in a clean-shaven look that requires minimal effort. The high fade adds an element of style to the buzz cut, which at times can look bland.

    Mid High Fade

    If commitment isn’t really your thing, you might also have trouble committing to a high fade. If thats the case, the mid high fade is an option that offers a balance between length and a clean-cut style. This fade starts slightly higher than a traditional mid fade but stops before reaching the top of the head.

    High Fade Undercut

    The high fade undercut is a powerful combination that seamlessly blends two popular haircuts. The high fade starts high on the sides and back, while the top hair is left longer and disconnected from the fade. You can keep things a bit longer on the top, or go for something a bit shorter, the choice is yours!

    High Fade Short Hair

    Short hair doesn’t mean sacrificing style, and the high fade is here to prove it. The high fade with short hair is perfect for men who want a clean and polished look that takes barely any effort to maintain as there’s no styling needed. This haircut keeps the sides and back of the head short, with a sharp fade that blends into the longer hair on top.

    High Fade With Long Hair

    If you’re blessed with long locks and want to keep them while also trying out something different, the high fade with long hair is likely exactly what your heart desires. This haircut combines the best of both worlds, featuring a high fade on the sides and back while keeping the length intact on top. If you wanted to do something even crazier, you could try dying your hair like the image above.

    Military High Fade

    Attention! Drop down and give us 10!

    If you’re looking for a haircut that screams discipline and precision, the military high fade is your go-to style. Inspired by the clean-cut hairstyles commonly seen in the military, this haircut features a high fade with a sharp and defined line separating the longer top hair from the short sides and back. The military high fade is all about simplicity and functionality, giving you a no-nonsense haircut.

    High Fade Black

    For those with black hair, the high fade black haircut is a crowd-pleasing choice that never goes out of style. This haircut combines a high fade with the natural texture and depth of black hair, creating a striking and attention-grabbing look. The high fade black haircut allows you to showcase your unique hair type while maintaining a sharp and polished appearance. With this classic and timeless haircut, you’ll be making a statement wherever you go.

    High Fade Mullet

    Do you dare to rock a haircut that’s equal parts business and party? Look no further than the high fade mullet. This bold and daring style combines the clean-cut high fade on the sides with the fun and playful mullet in the back. The high fade mullet is a statement of confidence, creativity, and individuality, ensuring that all eyes are on you wherever you go.

    High Fade Slick Back

    If you want to keep your hair out of your eyes, but want length at the top of your head, the high fade slick back is exactly what you’re looking for. This classic look features a high fade coupled with a sleek and polished slicked-back hairstyle. The high fade cleans things up while the slicked-back bit makes you look like a dapper young man. Make sure to use the right hair gel for your hair type when slicking back your strands.

    Here are a few key pointers you want to look out for when searching for the right gel for you:

    • Hold Strength: A good hair gel should offer a stronghold that keeps your hairstyle in place throughout the day. The level of hold can vary from light to extra strong, catering to different styles and preferences.
    • Non-Flaking Formula: It should have a non-flaking formula, meaning it doesn’t leave a white residue or flakes in your hair after it dries. This ensures a clean and polished look.
    • Long-Lasting Hold: It should provide a hold that lasts for several hours without requiring constant reapplication. This is especially important for all-day wear or special occasions.
    • No Harsh Chemicals: Look for gels that are free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, as these can strip moisture from the hair and lead to dryness or damage.

    High Fade Crew Cut

    High Fade Crew CutInstagram@odeclipzPIN

    This hairstyle is all about clean lines and a polished look. The high fade on the sides and back creates a sharp contrast, while the short length on top gives you a neat and tidy appearance. The sharp edges of the cut give you a defined look that’s bound to make your facial features pop!

    High Fade With Beard

    Got a beard? Well, great cause you’re in luck then. This combination is a match made in grooming heaven. The high fade provides a stylish backdrop for your beard, making it stand out, and giving you an effortless vibe. Whether you are looking like Santa Claus or like it’s 5 o’clock, it’ll pair great with a high fade.

    High Top Fade Twist

    High Top Fade TwistInstagram@stevon111PIN

    We think it’s time. That’s right, time to try the high top fade twist. This hairstyle combines the height of a high top fade with the texture and definition of twisted hair. The high fade on the sides and back creates a striking contrast against the twisted hair on top, resulting in a perfect hairdo. We can picture it now, and we honestly think you’ve never looked better.

    High Fade Mohawk

    Are you craving a change? Perhaps the rockstar aesthetic? It’s true that this can be a hard aesthetic to pull off without embarrassing yourself, but if you are feeling bold and daring, we are too. This striking hairstyle combines the clean lines and fades of a high fade with the edgy and spiky hair on top. The high fade on the sides and back creates a stark contrast against the voluminous mohawk, making a statement.

    High Temple Fade

    Ready to take your high fade to new heights? Aka the temples! This hairstyle features a fade that gradually tapers towards the temples, creating a unique look. The high temple fade adds a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle, whether you choose a crew cut, pompadour, or even a quiff.

    High Drop Fade Waves

    High Drop Fade WavesInstagram@mosscvtzPIN

    If you’re blessed with waves, why not show them off with a high drop fade? This hairstyle combines the defined waves on top with a high fade that drops down towards the neckline, creating a seamless transition between the two. If we had to choose, this would be our favorite look! The high drop fade adds depth and dimension to your waves, making them the focal point of your hairstyle.

    High Top Fade Braids

    High Top Fade BraidsInstagram@3kb_512PIN

    The high top fade braids hairstyle combines the height of a high top fade with the intricate and stylish braids on top. The high fade creates a clean and sharp look, while the braids add visual interest and texture.

    There are a few different braid options you could try, such as:

    Sponged High Top Fade

    If you’re a fan of natural hair textures, then the sponged high top fade is the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle combines the textured and curly hair on top with a high fade on the sides and back. To achieve the sponged high top fade, simply use a sponge brush to create defined curls or coil your hair for added texture.

    High Fade Pompadour

    The high fade pompadour combines the polished and sleek pompadour on top with a high fade on the sides and back. The sleek sides with the slightly spiky, yet still soft looking, top hairs is the ideal combination. The high fade adds a modern twist to the classic pompadour, making it a perfect choice.

    High Fade Faux Hawk

    Ready to embrace your inner rebel? The high fade faux hawk is the perfect way to add some edge to your look. This hairstyle features a high fade on the sides and back, with a bold and spiky strip of hair running down the center. Sounds pretty cool right?! The high fade creates a striking contrast against the faux hawk, making a statement wherever you go. Whether you prefer a bold and dramatic faux hawk or a more subtle and tousled look, the high fade faux hawk will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

    High Fade Side Part

    If you’re a fan of timeless hairstyles, then the high fade side part is probably the style you’ll choose. This hairstyle combines the sleek side part on top with a high fade on the sides and back. This style is perfect for those with a natural side part and no idea what to do with it.

    High Fade Corte

    Are you ready to channel your inner Latino charm? This hairstyle combines the short and textured hair on top with a high fade on the sides and back, creating a look that you’ll likely love. The high fade adds a modern touch to this traditional Latino hairstyle, making it a perfect choice for guys who want to embrace their heritage while staying on-trend.

    High Fade Afro

    If you’re rocking an afro and want to add a modern twist, the high fade afro is exactly what we’d suggest. This hairstyle combines the voluminous and textured afro on top with a high fade on the sides and back, creating a look that is both bold and stylish. The high fade adds a clean and sharp contrast to the afro, making it the focal point of your hairstyle.

    High Fade Man Bun