18 Best Low Fade Curly Hair Styles for Men

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    18 Best Low Fade Curly Hair Styles for Men

    Alright, gents, hold onto your hats (or, in this case, your curls) because today we’re exploring the low fade for curly hair. This isn’t your grandpa’s comb-over; it’s a men’s haircut that’s got more swag than a penguin in a tuxedo.

    In this article, we’ll explain what a low fade with curly hair is and showcase 18 of our favorite styles.

    So, grab your combs, and let’s discover why the low fade curly hair is quickly becoming the undisputed king of men’s hairstyles.

    What Is a Low Fade With Curly Hair?

    A low fade is characterized by the gradual tapering of hair on the sides and back, commencing around the earlobe and gradually shortening until it seamlessly blends with the skin. The low fade curly hairstyle imparts a clean, sharp appearance that complements curly hair fantastically.

    But what sets low fade curly hair apart?

    It’s all about the versatility and texture it adds to your hairstyle. Unlike a high fade or mid fade, a low fade allows you to retain more length on the sides and back, enhancing the texture and definition of your curls.

    Here’s a table that summarizes the key differences between low fades and other types of fades:

    Fade Type Hair Length on Sides and Back Texture and Definition for Curls
    Low Fade More length retained Enhanced texture and definition
    High Fade Less hair left on sides/back Less texture for curly hair
    Mid Fade Moderate hair length Moderate texture for curls

    Curly Low Taper Fade

    With this taper fade, the hair is tapered along the lower back and sides, creating a seamless transition from longer to shorter hair. This style provides a clean, polished look while keeping the curls tames with a little styling gel or pomade.

    Zohna Tip

    Combine it with a well-groomed beard for an extra dash of masculinity and rugged charm.

    Low Drop Fade Curly Hair

    Consider the low drop fade if you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your curly hair. This style features a fade that drops lower at the nape of the neck, creating a subtle, modern twist to the haircut.

    Guys with thicker, more voluminous curly hair will love how the low drop fade brings more depth and dimension to their overall look.

    Low Burst Fade Curly Hair

    For gents who crave a bolder, more dramatic look, the low burst fade can work wonders with curly. We love how this burst fade haircut gradually tapers the hair behind your ear to mimic its contour.

    Low Skin Fade Curly Hair

    If you’re a fan of a clean, sleek aesthetic, the low skin fade is the perfect choice for your curly hair. With a low skin fade, the hair is shaved very close to the scalp, creating a seamless blend between the hair and the skin.

    This style accentuates your curly hair by providing a stark contrast between the loose curls and the buzzed sides.

    Zohna Tip

    To maintain the low skin fade, regular trims are necessary to keep the hair looking sharp and well-groomed.

    Low Fade Undercut Curly Hair

    The low fade undercut is a hairstyle that appeals to men with a penchant for pushing style boundaries and embracing a more daring look. This haircut artfully blends the classic low fade with the edgy undercut, resulting in a striking, attention-grabbing, naturally tousled curly appearance.

    Here are a few key features of the low fade undercut curly hair:

    • Combines a classic low fade with an undercut for a unique look.
    • Involves shaving the hair on the back and sides for a pronounced contrast with longer curls on top.
    • Allows for experimentation with various lengths and textures to customize the look to your style.

    Incorporating a low fade undercut below your curls showcases your bold fashion choices and provides limitless opportunities for self-expression.

    Low Fade Curly Hair Black

    Curly hair comes in various shades, and for those with black curly hair, the low fade is a fantastic choice. The low fade curly hairstyle complements black curly hair beautifully by adding:

    • Depth
    • Texture
    • Dimension

    Whether you prefer a subtle taper with an edge-up or a more pronounced fade, this style wonders for enhancing the natural bounce of black curly hair.

    Low Fade Long Curly Hair

    Who says you need to sacrifice length for a trendy low fade curly haircut?

    The low fade can be seamlessly incorporated into long curly hair, creating a stylish, dynamic look.

    With a low fade on the sides and back plus a line-up along the hairline, long curly hair gains structure and definition, making it easier to manage.

    Low Bald Fade Curly Hair

    Low Bald Fade Curly HairInstagram@dj.fadesPIN

    A low bald fade is a fading hairstyle that commences at the skin level and gradually extends in length just above the ear as it progresses toward the crown. This style, popular among men of all ages, typically exhibits closely cropped sides with a comparatively longer top section.

    Combining this with curly hair creates a coherent look that works exceptionally well for men who want a hairstyle out of the ordinary.

    Low Fade Curly Top

    The low fade curly top does the trick for fellas who want to maintain volume and length on top while keeping the sides and back tidy. It’s a style that provides the best of both worlds by combining longer curls on top with a neat fade all around the head.

    Low Temp Fade Curly Hair

    If you’re a fan of clean lines and precise cuts, the low temp fade is the perfect choice for your curly hair. This style features a fade that gradually tapers around the temples, creating a sharp, well-defined look.

    Here’s why the low temp fade is an excellent option for curly hair:

    1. Clean Lines: It provides clean and sharp lines, enhancing your overall appearance.
    2. Precise Cuts: The gradual tapering around the temples ensures a distinct, well-defined style.
    3. Natural Curls: It accentuates your natural curls, adding a touch of authenticity to your look.

    Welcome the low temp fade to achieve a structured, symmetrical look that complements your curly hair and brings a level of precision to your appearance.

    Low Fade Mullet Curly Hair

    For gentlemen who like to embrace a bold, unconventional style, the low fade mullet is a definite winner. This haircut combines the iconic mullet with a low fade, resulting in a truly unique, eye-catching look.

    Even though this haircut doesn’t extend down the neck like the traditional mullet, the tight curls at the back and top accentuate the hair while bringing out its natural texture.

    Low Curly Fade Mohawk

    If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a statement with your curly hair, the low curly fade mohawk may be your best friend. This style combines the classic mohawk with a low fade, leaving the top naturally curly with a neat line-up razored along the forehead and back of the neck.

    Low Fade Curly Blob

    The low fade curly blob is a trendy, unconventional style perfect for guys who like to embrace their natural hair texture. This style features a fade that starts low on the sides and back, gradually transitioning into a longer length on top that showcases your voluminous curls.

    Low Fade Curly Hair with Beard

    For those looking to elevate the appeal of their curly hair, pairing it with a finely groomed beard is a must-try. This low fade curly hairstyle combination introduces an aspect of robust virility to your overall appearance.

    Low Shadow Fade Curly Hair

    Curly hair can be a canvas for many styles, and one that caters to those who appreciate subtlety and precision is the low shadow fade.

    There are three key aspects of the low shadow fade curly haircut:

    1. Subtle Blending: The fade is expertly blended to create a discreet look.
    2. Seamless Transitions: It ensures an almost imperceptible shift between various hair lengths.
    3. Depth and Dimension: This style brings depth and dimension to your curly hair, resulting in a refined, sophisticated appearance.

    If you’re searching for a hairstyle that embodies modern-day culture, the low shadow fade may be the perfect fit for your curly locks.

    Low Fade Blowout Curly Hair

    Guys, if you like to add volume and texture to your curly hair, the low fade blowout hits the nail on the head. This hairstyle features a fade that gradually blends into longer hair, creating a blown-out effect with more hair on top, which can be styled with a blow dryer and some pomade.

    Low Fade V Cut Curly Hair

    If you want to add a touch of precision to your curly hair, try out the low fade V cut. This variation features a fade that forms a V shape at the nape of the neck, adding a visually interesting element to the haircut.

    Curly Afro Low Fade

    The curly afro low fade is a timeless, iconic style that celebrates the natural texture of your curly hair. With this haircut, the hair is tapered along the sides and back, beautifully complementing the afro.


    • Will a Low Fade Work for All Types of Curly Hair?

      Yes, a low fade can work for all types of curly hair. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, there is a low fade style that will suit your hair texture and personal style.

    • Can I Style My Curly Hair With a Low Fade Haircut?

      Absolutely! A low fade provides a versatile canvas for styling your curly hair. Experiment with different products and techniques to find the perfect look that suits your individual style.

    Curly Hair, Don’t Care

    Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the best low fade curly hair styles for men, it’s time to book that appointment with your barber and embark on a new hair journey.

    Embrace your natural curls and rock a low fade that showcases your individuality and style.

    Remember to experiment, have fun, and celebrate the beauty of your curly hair!