17 Stunning Purple Eyeliner Looks & Products

Updated on January 12, 2024
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    Purple EyelinerPIN

    17 Stunning Purple Eyeliner Looks & Products

    Do you want to make a bold statement? We have just the right thing for you, purple eyeliner!

    Catch the attention of everyone with a beautiful purple eyeliner makeup look. You can do so much with purple eyeliner; we have provided plenty of inspirational designs to get your creative juices flowing.

    How to Choose a Purple Eyeliner

    You can choose your purple eyeliner based on which formula, shade, and style you like best! There are no makeup rules, making it fun and unique. However, some of us want to look the best we can. Therefore, we suggest you choose a purple eyeliner shade that fits your eye color.

    Check out the chart below to find out what purple eyeliner shade best matches your eyes so you can choose the perfect eyeliner shade.

    Purple Eyeliner for Brown Eyes Purple Eyeliner for Blue Eyes Purple Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes Purple Eyeliner for Green Eyes
    • Bright Purple
    • Dark purple
    • Pastel Purple
    • Electric Purple
    • Glitter purple
    • Neon Purple
    • Silver toned purple
    • Electric Purple
    • Pastel purple
    • Deep purple
    • Glitter purple

    How to Wear Purple Eyeliner

    You can wear purple eyeliner in any way you choose, but there are a few key components that will help you get the best wear out of your eyeliner. Check out the tutorial below to discover how to prepare for and wear purple eyeliner.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Purple eyeliner
    2. Purple eyeshadow
    3. Concealer
    4. Translucent powder
    5. Eyeshadow primer

    Step #1

    Start by using your eyeshadow primer. This will help prep and prime your eyelids so your eyeliner stays all day and all night.

    Step #2

    Apply a thin layer of concealer all over the eyelid and blend it out. This will help eliminate the appearance of any veins or redness.

    Step #3

    Apply a thin dusting of translucent powder over the eyelids to help hold the concealer in place so it doesn’t move or crease.

    Step #4

    Now it’s time for the star of the show. You can apply your eyeliner however you want, but we will line the lashline and drag the eyeliner outside the outer corners of our eyes about half an inch for a wing.

    Step #5

    Once the eyeliner is applied, don’t worry if it’s not perfect because using the eyeshadow and brush, smudge out the eyeliner. The shadow will help the eyeliner stay longer, but it also helps to give that smokey-smudged appearance. You can use a bit of that eyeshadow and run it under your lower lash line.

    Best Purple Eyeliner Looks

    There are endless ways to wear purple eyeliner. You can wear it as eyeliner or eyeshadow or use it to draw little designs, like hearts or stars, on your face. Makeup is meant to be had fun with. But if you need inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, we have listed a few of our favorite purple eyeliner looks for you to try!

    Purple Eyeliner Brown Eyes

    Brown eyes and purple eyeliner are a match made in heaven. Choosing a dark purple will compliment the dark browns of your eyes beautifully. We suggest the lighter the brown of your eyes, the lighter the purple eyeliner should be.

    Purple Eyeliner For Green Eyes

    When choosing a purple eyeliner for green eyes, we suggest a moodier purple. A purple that’s a bit darker and more plum will help pull out your eyes’ green coloring, making them pop.

    Dark Purple Eyeliner

    The best look using dark purple eyeliner is a sharp wing. A quick outward flick of the wrist will give you a sharp wing. It will elongate the eyes, making them look cat-eyed and sharp. If you have downturned eyes, this will be a perfect option.

    Gold eyeshadow will complement the purple perfectly, making it stand out even more.

    Light Purple Eyeliner

    Adding a small line of light purple eyeliner under the lower lashline is a unique way to bring attention to your eyes. If you feel fancy, we suggest this sick look for a pool party, summer festival, or every day if you are feeling a bit frisky!

    Simple Purple Eyeliner Look

    Keep things short and simple with this simple purple eyeliner look. A small, quick wing of purple eyeliner will look like you’re trying, but it’s only a few seconds.

    Purple Glitter Eyeliner

    Purple glitter eyeliner is one of those beautiful makeup products that catches everyone’s attention. Your eyes will glisten and shine in the right light, just like you deserve.

    Bright Purple Eyeliner

    Some bright purple eyeliner under the eyes is an easy and simple way to make yourself stand out. We suggest bright purple eyeliner for festivals or summertime parties.

    Hazel Eyes Purple Eyeliner

    For hazel eyes, we suggest a purple eyeliner with a bit more silver and gray tone to it. This will help bring out the gorgeous hazel of your eyes, and why wouldn’t you want to accentuate that?

    Purple Waterline Eyeliner

    Adding a pop of purple eyeliner to the water line will bring your eyes to life. It will give your makeup a unique look, making you confident in your skin.

    Pastel Purple Eyeliner

    Pastel purple eyeliner is one of those shades you rarely see, but when you do, you are reminded of its cool energy and beautiful appearance. We love using pastel purple eyeliner for doing abstract eyeliner designs.

    Deep Purple Eyeliner

    A deep purple eyeliner is so deep it looks almost black. If you like secrets, you’ll love this deep purple eyeliner because only in certain lighting will it look purple.

    Purple Graphic Liner

    Using your purple eyeliner to do more than just draw lines on the face can be fun to express yourself. You can do little designs like hearts and stars. It also allows you to include more purple in other areas of the face to create a cohesive look.

    Metallic Purple Eyeliner

    Metallic purple eyeliner is a sight for sore eyes. We can’t get enough of its glistening sheen and sparkly vibes. What could be more fun than this eyeliner? If you want to take things further, get purple chrome nails to match this metallic vibe!

    Purple Eyeliner Blue Eyes

    For blue eyes, neon purple eyeliner will be right up your alley. The beautiful blue coloring of your iris’ and the bright neon purple paired together will make one another pop. People will instantly be drawn to your eyes.

    Smoky Purple Eyeliner

    Combining purple eyeshadow and purple eyeliner is the perfect combination for a sexy smoky eyeliner look. The purple will bring attention to your eyes and make you feel as confident as ever.

    Cut Crease Purple Eyeliner

    Take things abstract with a distinctly cut crease. Bringing your purple eyeliner into the crease is a cool way to incorporate color into your eyelids.

    Purple Eyeliner With Purple Gems

    This is the purple eyeliner look for a festival! It’s unique, bold, and fun; what more could you ask for when using purple eyeliner? If you feel intimidated by the gems, don’t be, they are very easy to apply, and we can tell you how!

    What you’ll need:

    1. Gems
    2. Lash glue

    Once you have the two key tools for this look, it’s time to get bedazzling:

    1. Map out where you want your gems to sit. This part is important because moving the gems once you lay them down will be annoying and can mess up the makeup underneath.
    2. Place a small dot of lash glue onto the back of the gem. If you use too much glue, it might spill out the sides when you place it down. The glue will dry clear, but it’s best to avoid that from happening.
    3. Place the gem onto your eyelid and press firmly. Hold it for at least 30 seconds and then release it; it should stay in place.

    Purple Eyeliner Products We Love

    Now that you have looked at the purple eyeliner styles we love, we figured it’s only fair to show you the products you can use to recreate them. Check out our favorite purple eyeliner products below.

    Purple Liquid Eyeliner

    10/30/2023 10:32 pm GMT

    This EPILNX purple liquid eyeliner pen is the perfect eyeliner. You can tackle any style of purple eyeliner you can imagine.

    Dr. Liia Long’s formula has many notable characteristics, such as:

    • Long lasting
    • Waterproof
    • Precision tip
    • Suited for sensitive skin
    • Formulated gluten-free, allergen-free, cruelty-free, nut oil-free, paraben-free, vegan, and casein-free

    Haus Labs Purple Gel Eyeliner

    Whether you are a Lady Gaga lover, you will fall head over heels for this Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner. Many great attributes come with this amazing eyeliner, such as its creamy, waterproof, and long-wearing formula.

    Key product features:

    • Creamy
    • Water-proof
    • Long-wearing
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Smoky

    NYX Purple Eyeliner

    This NYX eyeliner pencil is the perfect purple gel eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is great for makeup looks that are bold and distinct. This gorgeous Fierce Purple shade will 100% help make the eyes pop and work perfectly for any glittery eyeliner look. If this purple shade isn’t doing it for you, no stress because they have many other options like blue eyeliner, white eyeliner, and red eyeliner.

    Key product features:

    • Matte Metallic Finish
    • Intense pigment
    • Smudge-proof
    • Smooth formula
    • Cruelty-free
    • 36 hours of wear

    Purple Eyeliner Pencil

    This purple eyeliner pencil is the only pencil you will ever need. Violet is a beautiful purple shade that will pair perfectly with your gorgeous eyes. This pencil glides on seamlessly and has a smudger at the end to help you achieve a sexy smoky look. This is the perfect eyeliner for creating a puppy eyeliner look.

    Maybelline Purple Eyeliner

    We suggest Maybelline’s TattooStudio Sharpenable Gel Pencil in the shade Rich Amethyst. Maybelline Cosmetics is the OG trustworthy cosmetic brand, so we know you are in good hands with this one.

    Key product formulas:

    • Waterproof
    • It lasts for 36 hours
    • No smudging
    • No fading

    Vegan Purple Eyeliner

    This glide-on gel eyeliner pencil in the color Royal Purple Shimmer is the vegan purple eyeliner formula of your dreams. Plus, not only is it vegan, but it’s gluten-free and hypoallergenic. This product is designed to help you perfectly apply your eyeliner. It’s also water-resistant and smudge-proof. The gel formula makes it glide smoothly, preventing tugging or skipping. Dr. Liia knows what’s up!

    Purple Kohl Eyeliner

    Neutrogena’s smokey pen in Rich Plum will be the perfect dark purple eyeliner. You can create stunning smokey eyes with it or tight line your water line to perfection.

    Key product features include:

    • Formulated with antioxidants
    • Formulated with Vitamin E
    • Water-resistant
    • Smooth gliding

    Carmine Free Purple Eyeliner

    Charlotte Tilbury purple eyeliner in the shade Violet Purple is the ultimate carmine free formula. Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of makeup and someone you can trust for all your beauty needs. This waterproof formula is long-lasting and has a silky application.


    • What Color Eyes Does Purple Eyeliner Go With The Best?

      Purple eyeshadow looks great on any eye color. However, it works nicely with brown and green eyes because it makes them pop.

    • What Eyeshadow Goes Best With Purple Eyeliner?

      We love to see purple and gold eyeshadow paired together. They complement one another beautifully and make each other shine their brightest.

    • Why Does Purple Eyeliner Irritate My Eyes?

      If purple eyeliner irritates your eyes, you are likely allergic to the formula. Finding an eyeliner that works well with your skin will help to eliminate irritation. Try finding one that suits sensitive skin, and always do a patch test to be sure.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, you are excited to try all the amazing things you can do with purple eyeliner! We know it will make you and your eyes look amazing, whichever purple eyeliner style you choose!