18 Caramel Hair Color Ideas that Will Melt Your Heart

Updated on December 13, 2023
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    18 Caramel Hair Color Ideas that Will Melt Your Heart

    It’s a sweet and creamy dose of indulgence. Made from vanilla, butter, and a whole lot of sugar, there’s nothing like caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    But what about when you fancy something sweet for your hair? Have your locks been craving something sugary too?

    Caramel hair color looks as gorgeous as the treat tastes delicious. Classic caramel hair is a sun-kissed shade blending blonde and brown color with warm, golden undertones.

    Why are caramel hair color trends so popular? Here are a few reasons:

    • Natural-looking way to enhance your hair color
    • Makes hair look multidimensional
    • Great for those new to coloring hair
    • Blends with all natural hair colors
    • Gives hair a gorgeous glow

    Caramel hair color is a versatile choice, as there are shades which compliment brunettes, redheads, and blondes.

    Blonde Redhead Brunette
    Salted Caramel Honey Caramel Caramel Mocha
    Light Caramel Gingerbread Caramel Caramel Chocolate Brown
    Caramel Blonde Red Caramel Toffee

    If this all sounds delicious, we’ve got a treat for you! Try one of these gorgeous caramel hair color ideas to satisfy your sugar cravings, without the calories!

    Warning! We do not assume responsibility for any desserts consumed out of gluttony while reading this post!

    Caramel Brown Hair Color

    Caramel Brown Hair ColorInstagram@seefuhairPIN

    Perfect to show off a brunette’s sweet side, caramel brown hair color is a medium brown shade with gold and amber undertones. It’s the perfect way to change up brown hair by adding some golden glow!

    Light Caramel Hair Color

    A little on the lighter side, light caramel hair colour is reminiscent of a creamy caramel candy. This light brown color flawlessly blends blonde and brown tones to create an aurous allure, suitable for warm and cool complexions.

    Caramel Blonde Hair Color

    Pass the dessert menu if you’re feeling like a scrumptious caramel Blondie. Caramel blonde hair color is perfect if you want to stay blonde but are craving caramel.

    Honey Caramel Hair Color

    Go get ‘em, honey! Mixing the hues of golden blonde and amber brown, honey hair color is a warm, tawny shade with red undertones. Weave honey tones into a creamy brown base for a multi-dimensional honey caramel hair colour.

    Caramel Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    Rich, decadent, chocolate brown hair color is a medium-dark brown shade with subtle gold and red undertones, mimicking the appearance of semi-sweet cocoa. Caramel chocolate brown hair color accentuates amber and golden undertones more than classic chocolate brown hair. It’s a great choice for dark brunettes seeking the radiance of caramel color.

    Butterscotch Hair Color

    Gimme some brown sugar! If you didn’t know, a butterscotch candy’s key difference from a caramel is brown sugar. It’s the perfect inspiration for trendy and tasty hair color. Butterscotch hair color starts with a light brown base, married into ribbons of golden blonde.

    Dark Caramel Hair Color

    Maintain the poise of dark brown hair, accentuated by aurous copper undertones. Dark caramel hair color takes a walnut brown base and caramelizes it with subtle sun-kissed brown and golden bronze highlights.

    Caramel Mocha Hair Color

    Four pumps mocha, two pumps caramel. Transition a rich cocoa brown base into sandy blonde tips. Caramel mocha balayage is one of the hottest caramel mocha hair color trends. You can also achieve caramel mocha hair color by accentuating deep espresso-colored dark hair with honey and copper highlights.

    Caramel Golden Brown Honey Brown Hair Color

    Can’t choose just one sugary shade? Caramel golden brown honey brown hair color is a gorgeous hybrid of colors, with layers of creamy caramel, buttery blondes, and aurous ambers on brunette hair.

    Caramel Dark Blonde Hair Color

    Dark blonde hair deserves a refreshing makeover with caramel blonde highlights. Caramel dark blonde hair color is a stunning way to brighten mousy hair with golden accents.

    Zohna Tip

    Caramel dark blonde hair is the perfect color for natural blondes who want to give their hair back its light, youthful glow!

    Caramel Hair Color With Blonde Highlights

    Smooth caramel brown meets bright buttery blonde. Caramel hair color with blonde highlights texturizes straight, wavy, and curly hairstyles. Think of the coffee colors of a warm latte blended with creamy french vanilla tones. Mmm!

    Warm Caramel Hair Color

    Enhance classic brunette hair with a golden glow. Warm caramel hair color is an auburn to cappuccino shade of brown with warm copper and amber undertones. This is the perfect look for those who want a simple look – but want to amp it up a notch!

    Gingerbread Caramel Hair Color

    Nutmeg, cinnamon, and of course, ginger. Gingerbread hair color is infused with auburn and copper tones inspired by its key spices. Combing the golden browns of caramel with red ginger undertones, gingerbread caramel hair color is sure to make a scrumptious do and perhaps inspire your next latte too.

    Red Caramel Hair Color

    Caramel copper balayage, rich mahogany with caramel highlights, red caramel curls and swirls. There are so many stunning ways to create red caramel hair color. Transition vibrant mahogany roots into golden caramel blonde for a colour duo that really pops.

    Ombre Caramel Hair Color

    Dark caramel brown melts down into buttery shades of golden blonde. Cappuccino-colored roots trickle into vibrant butterscotch. Ombre caramel hair color is a scrumptious way to layer light and dark shades of caramel hair color.

    Caramel Hazelnut Hair Color

    Caramel Hazelnut Hair ColorInstagram@hairbyevyPIN

    This latte-inspired shade of caramel will make you go nuts! Caramel hazelnut hair color is a rich auburn base complimented by golden, caramel, and reddish undertones. And on this short cut, it makes for a snazzy, sharp look.

    Salted Caramel Hair Color

    Chocolate-covered pretzels. Maple bacon peanut butter bars. Here’s a color that’s deliciously sweet and salty. Salted caramel hair color is achieved by adding a mix of golden brown and ashy blonde highlights or tips to bronze or brown hair.

    Toffee Hair Color

    Gorgeous, multi-dimensional color and long locks – a signature look we can all appreciate. Caramelized dark hair makes for an irresistible toffee hair color. It starts with a walnut brown base infused with buttery blonde and caramel highlights to create the appearance of a toffee swirl taffy.

    Caramel Hair Color Dye

    Are you convinced to go caramel?

    This irresistible hair color is so diverse, there are shades and styles suited for every skin tone and complexion.

    Here are the steps we recommend for choosing caramel hair color:

    1. Figure out your skin tone (cool, warm, or neutral)
    2. Pick a shade or shades which complement your complexion
    3. Select a style (full coverage, highlights, ombre, tips, peekaboos – you get the idea)
    4. Decide on permanent or semi-permanent color
    5. Determine if you need to bleach before the application (a stylist can help with this!)
    6. Book an appointment with your stylist or dare to do it at home!

    The table below has a few suggestions on which caramel hair colors look best with which skintones.

    Fair Medium Tan Dark
    Gingerbread Caramel Caramel Golden Brown Honey Brown Red Caramel Caramel Mocha
    Caramel Blonde Butterscotch Caramel Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate Brown

    Wella Caramel Hair Color

    Wella Colorcharm Permanent Gel Hair Color offers a convenient way to achieve permanent, natural-looking caramel hair color. Its creamy gel formula is easy to apply and takes 30 minutes to color for full-grey coverage and true-to-tone color.

    Other benefits of using Wella caramel hair color include:

    • Gelfuse Technology combines the speed of liquid with the convenience of cream application
    • Conditioning formula leaves hair undamaged
    • Long lasting and fade-resistant
    • Predictable hair color results

    L’Oreal Caramel Hair Color

    Indulge in the colors of the L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference’s Sun-Kissed Caramels Collection. The Superior Preference hair color offers up to eight weeks of fade-resistant color and radiance. Each kit includes a color-optimizing cream, color gel, and a color & shine conditioner with camelina oil.

    The L’Oreal Caramel Hair Color Sun-Kissed Caramels Collection includes:

    • Hi-Lift Natural Brown
    • Hi-Lift Ash Brown
    • Hi-Lift Golden Brown

    Dark and Lovely Hair Color

    10/31/2023 09:11 pm GMT

    For those with coarser hair, the Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant collection offers beautiful shades of blonde and brown to create caramel color. The number-one recommended brand for women of color delivers a formula specifically designed to transform dark, thick hair into light and radiant colors.

    Caramel shades offered by Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant:

    • Honey Blonde 378
    • Golden Bronze 379
    • Sun Kissed Brown 377

    Zohna Tip

    Adding caramel highlights or lowlights to your existing base color is a great way to make thin or flat hair appear thicker and fuller.


    • How to Get Caramel Brown Hair Color?

      Caramel brown hair color is a broad term for all color variations of caramel that incorporate a brunette base. It’s most often described as a warm blend of brown and golden blonde hair.

      Caramel brown hair dye will usually be labeled with one of the following hair color letters:

      Code Color
      W Warm
      G Gold
      N Neutral
      NA Neutral Ash
      NB Neutral Brown
      NN Natural Neutral

      Here are some ways to create that melt-in-your-mouth caramel brown hair color:

      • Ask a stylist for their recommendation on caramel brown hair
      • Purchase an at-home box dye labeled ‘caramel brown’
      • Add golden blonde highlights to brown hair
      • Weave chestnut brown and copper highlights into dark espresso hair
      • Add coffee and bronze lowlights to light blonde hair
    • What Level Is Caramel Hair Color?

      Solid caramel hair color ranges from a level 6 medium brown to a level 8 medium blonde.

      You can learn how to read hair dye level numbers based on a very simple scale:

      • 10 – Lightest Blonde
      • 9 – Very light blonde
      • 8 – Light blonde
      • 7 – Blonde
      • 6 – Dark Blonde
      • 5 – Light brown
      • 4 – Brown
      • 3 – Dark brown
      • 2 – Darkest brown
      • 1 – Black

      Sometimes you’ll see numbers 11 and 12 which are for high-lift platinum blonde. This might include those ultra-light, vanilla creme shades of caramel.

      Caramel hair color can be applied to any hair color from the darkest black to the lightest blonde by adding highlights or lowlights or blending the base into a balayage or ombre.

    • What Color Is Caramel Hair?

      Caramel hair color is a sun-kissed shade combining buttery blondes and amber browns. It is a very versatile hair color because it can include creamy and golden tones for blonde hair, warm honey shades for redheads, or rich amber and auburn hues for brunettes. Caramel hair trends include solid color, highlights, balayage and ombre colors.

    • What Is Caramel Hair Color Balayage?

      Swirl in creamy shades of blonde and golden bronze onto brunette hair for a gorgeous caramel balayage. The balayage color is a hand-painted technique where the colourist ‘sweeps’ lighter shades of color onto a darker base. Starting mid-shaft, the lighter color becomes more prominent as it reaches the tips of the hair. For caramel balayage, we can think of golden brown hair sweeping into buttery blonde for a decant Dulce de Leche caramel color.

    Caramelize Your Hair Color!

    Whether we’ve inspired you to color your hair, or prompted you to visit your local bakery, there’s no doubt that treating yourself to a little caramel is a pretty sweet way to brighten your day. Head over here for chocolate brown hair inspirations!